Scam letter(s) from Jessica Michael to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Good Evening Darling Jimmy,

Its really nice to hear from you, How are you doing today & how has your afternoon been?? I hope you're fine and having a smooth evening? I'm Naomi Pyne, 37 years young…lol, single and never been married. Born in United Kingdom & currently live in an apartment around Boston, Massachusetts but i grew up in England and that's because my parent passed on when i was 7, So i was raised by my aunt and she's based in the UK, I'm currently in Philippines, which is where i run my business from. I'm Self employed and I'm into import and export of fabrics such as the Ad-ire lace, Real dutch Wax and so on..

I would describe myself as confident, very easy to get along with, honest, warm hearted, and considerate of others feelings. I like to laugh and have fun. I'm well mannered, well traveled and haven't dated in a while. Everybody seems to want “no games” or “no drama” but to me drama is a part of life period not just a walk on the beach, However, both can be good if two people are willing to share, help and play it fair, I'm not into selling myself on social media but I promise you if we don't connect as mates you will definitely gain a friend. I love my job but it requires me to do a lot of traveling ..It's quite yielding and fun but also stressful ..However,i've been thinking of going into the antique business or preferably open up my own child day care center as i have always wanted to do something do something that involved taking care of kids . I love who i have grow up to become, My childhood might not be the best any child would ask for but grew up very happy. I graduated from Brunel University in Uxbridge, West London. I respect good values and hard work, I enjoy late night talks and believes waking up in the middle of the night and knowing you can roll over and hug someone during a thunderstorm is the best!!!!Do you agree with me???I enjoy touching fingertips, Sitting on a park bench and just staring at the water. I appreciate a full moon and eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer night..I enjoy dining out but would really enjoy to have an intimate dinner for two at home. I enjoy going to the movies,and also listening to good music…I possess an unquenchable thirst for knowledge too… I have an independent personality, I'm an hard working lady who puts in a lot of hours into work but I think it's time to work less and start enjoying the good things life has to offer,BALANCE is the key,I believe having a partner will bring everything more in to balance. I actually enjoy communicating within a relationship,I’m not afraid of commitment and I can engage in an intelligent conversation.
Well i hope you are physically have an outgoing personality and hopefully you are someone that wants a wife ?? I mean a man that looks at the woman in he's life as the person he wants to escape with rather than from… I'm a one man lady,I stay faithful,loyal and devoted to my man, Men have often proven to be wolves in sheep's clothing and I've gone through quite a pitiable ordeal in the hands of men. My crave is not for a man with a fleet of cars, an escalade, a posh, or some exotic collection of cars but for a man thats is ready to build a happy home. I'm looking for a warm, thoughtful, loyal, caring, reliable, understanding and romantic man to share my life with as I'm easy going and down to earth.
I would like us to learn more about each other and of course become good friends that may develop into a serious, reliable relationship as I'm ready to settle down with the right man. I'm happy with myself but would like to share my many ups and very little downs with someone and also one that will confide in me on everything..

In today's world there are growing number of people who work extremely long hours or work weekends, people travel for work more now than ever, and there are a ton of people who are not into the traditional club/bar dating scene. Does this mean that these people should be punished in the romance department? In my opinion absolutely not! It means that the world and the people in it are finding new ways to meet each other and meeting online is one of the best ways to meet and talk to people in a short time, I'm very new to this so i hope with this message i have been able to give you an insight of whom I'm and why i joined the online dating and the type of i want to be with, Before i return to the State, I would like us to use this medium to learn more about each other. I have attached with this message more pictures of myself and i would like to see more pictures of you if you have any to share.

I look forward to hearing from you as i really would like to know more about you. Do have a splendid Evening.

Take care of yourself,

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