Scam letter(s) from Sandra Curtins to Peter (Poland)

Letter 1
Thank you for the message,i was surprised after reading your email. i didn't believe that we could contact each other so fast and know more about each other,i guess you must have looked at my profile and i guess i don't have much on there for you to read about me but i am going to tell you what i can about me,it ll be much preferable that you ask what exactly you want to know,I am Sandra,i am new to Internet dating and i think its better,knowing that we can keep communicate here until it gets to meeting in person,i am a caring,honest and God fearing lady,the truth is that i love working for natural things a lot even though i am a fashion designer by profession,My Dad is used to be a Diary farmer when he was alive and we used to work on the farm together and we live together in Montreal even though i was younger and there is a few to what i could do on the farm,I grew up this way and it was fun until i had to go to the fashion school ,although i love what i am doing work.I lost my dad in 2007 and i had to carry on the farm and the farm left me no time to practice my designing professions,that help on the farm on the farm so it will be much easier for me to practice my profession which is fashion designing which lead me to move down to Toronto i have been living in Toronto now for over 10 years now and i'm willing to relocate if i find true love and feeling.someone i can trust and give my heart too ,i also do some paintings,drawings and colour designs.I ll like you to know that i prefer a honesty in my man than any other thing,although i haven't had enough opportunities in keeping relationships,i ll say this is the second time i am ever going to think of having a man,as i have been hurt in the past especially when i was growing up as a teenager,and i learn from people a lot so i don't make any more mistakes in my life,i ll really love to know more about you,what you do for work and fun and what exactly are you looking for in a woman,i hope to hear back from you soon.
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