Scam letter(s) from Marina to Juan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Juan!

I am so glad that you wrote to me. Thanks for showing your interest in me. After reading your letter, you have made me very curious about your personality. I am really happy to get to know such an interesting and nice person like you are. As for me it is not the least of the factors, that our communication is becoming more interesting and private with every new letter, am I right? As we are far away from each other and can't see each other's eyes, then we have just to feel each other, can you? I know that this way is not the easiest one, but we should try to built our happiness and don't loose this chance. I think that everything is in our hands. What do you think? For that we should be open, sincerely and honest with each other.

Yes, I have my phone number, but it does not accept the Internet. But I can give you my phone number and you will be able to call me, ok? It is possible to find a way for having a video chat, but before I also want to know you better and to see some of your photos, ok?

I would like to start from the most important fact of my life, do you think you can guess it? You already know from my previous letter that I have only my mummy and granny. I always care of them as much as I can. They are everything for me and I am so thankful for everything they have done for me. Now I feel that I need to built my own family, my own world, where I will be happy and satisfied with my beloved man.
I need to feel care, support and understanding, which I am ready to give back to my future beloved. I want to have a complete, friendly and happy family. It is my dream, my second dream. And my first dream is to speak English well. Now you know two dreams of me. And I will be glad if you will share with me your dreams too, can you?

Perhaps, you want to know more about my job. As you know I am a business agent in the company of women's underwear. It is a very creative and interesting job. I think that every woman likes nice and **** underwear. I adore it :). And what about you? Would you be happy to see your woman in a **** underwear every night? Which color of underwear does excite you? Please, do not be shy to talk to me about your desires. I told you in my previous letter that it is very important in relations. I also want you to know that I try to paint.
Of course I am not professional in this field. I have only two works of me. And I can only brag of them now :))). When I have time I like to take my brush and put on the paper all my feeling and thoughts. My two works were paint from my imagination. Unfortunately, I do not have time for this hobby even if I enjoy it. And what about you? What do you like to do for relaxation?

Dear, if you don't mind I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
If you do not feel comfortable to answers them, I will understand.

Can you tell me, please, what can turn you off in a woman? Would you feel comfortable to share with me some of your small secrets? I find some mysteriousness in it :))).

Dear, I think that it is time to finish my letter or you will have one million questions form me :))). I hope to hear from you very soon. I wish you to have a very nice day, full of only positive emotions.

Kisses and hugs from Marina.
Letter 2
Hi Juan ! I am really glad to meet you and of course I will be happy to know you better. That is why I am here and I am writing to you now. I will not be pushy and I will not bother you with a lot of questions today. I understand clearly that to know each other better will take time and we should do it step by step. Do you agree with me? I am an optimistic and positive girl. I have a healthy outlook on life. And such kind of communication is a very good change to know each other better. I truly believe that our meeting is a very good fortuity, which will bring us only positive emotions and we will make friends quickly. I hope that you share my thoughts about it :). When you gave me your mail address on dating site, I decided to write to you immediately. I never put off till tomorrow what you can do today :). It is my nature. I do not know if it is good or bad, but I am like that :). What am I looking for here? I am looking for interesting, caring and many sided person who is ready for serious relations, who is ready to share his interests and hobbies with a future life partner, who simply wants to be happy. Perhaps, is it you?
I like people with a sense of humor, because laugh and humor makes life happier. To my mind, both partners should look in one way. I always try to see only positive sides in a person. I do not like impolite and aggressive people. It puts me off in them. I hope that we will find a lot on common, but again just time will give us the answers on all the questions which we have now. Now, you know a bit about my personality. Of course I still have a lot to tell you about myself and my life. If you are serious and want to know me better then I am here and will wait your reply. I do not want to bother you more with my letter. I want you to know that I am very interesting in you, like in a man and like in a person.
I will wait your letter with impatience and hope to get it very soon. My friendly kisses and hugs. Marina.
Letter 3
Hi my dearest Juan!

I am smiling now. Do you know why? I found your letter in my mail-box :). My mood is great :). It is so touching that you found time for me.
Being a very sensitive person it is very important for me to feel the person with who I communicate. I am so excited that I feel free and open myself with you. Don't you think this is very important factor in our story?

The weekend is here and I will be glad to know your plans for it, do you have some? I am very curious to know about it. Thanks for giving me the answers on my questions. It will help me to understand you better. I want you to know that I will try to arrange Skype for us and we will have it as soon as possible, but let me to see your photos.
Why do you hide them form me? My phone number is + 380665435211.

How are you doing today? How was your day? Was it busy and hard for you? Are you tired? How is your mood? Today I would like to tell you more interesting things about myself, which will help you to have a general picture about myself and my life.
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