Letter(s) from Evgenia Trosheua to John (UK)

Letter 1

Hi! I liked your profile very much and I took a decision to write to you. My name is Nadezhda. This is my first experience of dating on the internet. I studied English at school and then in the University, but I think that my knowledge in this field is not perfect enough. I believe, you will understand what I was going to say.
If something is unclear, don’t be afraid to ask about it.
I live in Russia in Ulyanovsk. My photo is attached to the message, I believe you will like my photo. Email your picture to me, please!
I want to tell you something about my lifestyle. I am 28 years old, I was born on the 4th of May. I am 165 cm tall and weight 51 kg. I am very attentive to my appearance. I go to fitness, it helps me to keep fit. It’s very important for me.
I guess it will be interesting for you to hear about my job. I work as a shop assistant in a perfume shop. I sell perfume and beauty products to customers. I have a higher education in the field of Marketing and Advertising Business. I adore my job. I like to interact with people and I like my colleagues in our store.
I live in a flat together with my sister. A rather big number of Russians live in apartments. My Mom and Dad live separately from us in a country house, they enjoy the silence and fresh air. Our family is very united. I love my parents. They brought me up very well. I am grateful to my Mom and Dad for everything they have done for me. Please, tell me about your family.
I am dreaming of a boyfriend. I want to have stable relationships and to have a good and strong family where the relationships are based on love, understanding, respect, friendship and trust. It’s very important for me. I would like to meet a person who will be happy with me and will support me in difficult moments. I have never communicated with people from knowledge countries. It will be very interesting for me to hear some information about you, your family and your life. Tell me about the city you live in, please.
What are the sights there? Theaters, exhibitions, museums? I like attractions.
It’s time to finish writing my letter. I hope you will react to my message seriously. I believe it was interesting for you to know about me a few things. I look forward to your letter. Have a nice day! Reply me at my email address. gentlewarmisland@yahoo.com
Sincerely yours, Nadezhda

Letter 2

Hello John, I am very glad that you have answered me. Thank you very much that you found time to write a letter to me. You have made today my day especially happy, you have decorated it with this letter. I want to say, that I am a cheerful girl. Usually I dont hesitate by dialogue with people, but now I am excited. I hardly can get hands on keys of the keyboard. My heart is beaten more rapidly! First of all, I worry that you will have a problem in understanding of my English language. I studied the English language at school, and then at university. Probably my English, differs from yours colloquial one.
Can you understand what I speak ? If something will be not clear for you, do not hesitate to ask about it. I do not want, that there will be the essential barrier of language between us. I live in Russia, I live in city Ulyanovsk!!!!. Many kilometers divide us, but I hope, that it will not be a problem for our communication. I want to tell to you, that I dont like the Russian men and there is for a reason for it if for you it is interesting, I can tell to you in the following letter. I have solved to look for the love outside Russia, I do not know why. I have addressed to agency of acquaintances, which is to be in our city. I filled in various questionnaires, answered some questions, and they sad me that in the first day will be uneasy to find men who fully match me. Not one man on could interest me because all men think of sex, I so do not want. I wish to find serious relations and love. Therefore I with hope in a shower, write to you.
Also I hope that we will be better to learn each other. I shall send the photo to you today. John, I was photographed concerning my house.
Where I live. As my cat. A name of a cat "Timosha". My cat always waits for me from work. I very much love my cat. I hope you like my photo. Please, send to me your photos too! Now, probably I should tell you about myself. I am 28 old year, my Birthday is on May, 4, 1985. I am 165, my weight is 51 kg, You better judge my appearance on my photo. I care about my appearance very much, I attend courses of aerobics and fitness, it helps me to keep my body and elegance top-level. It is very important for me because I am a girl and I must be beautiful. I think to you it will be interesting to learn about my work. I work The seller-adviser in perfumery shop. I sell to people perfume and cosmetics. I have the higher Formation on a speciality "Marketing and Advertising". I very much love my work. I like it because it helps me to communicate with different people and we have a rallied group of workers. In our group the success of one employee depends on the previous success of other employees. Our friendship and unity are connected just with it. Work allows me to express myself and my individuality. My work helps me to be well-being. I live to work and I work to live. Tomorrow I will send you my photos from my work. I hope that it will be interesting to you to look where I work. I live an independent life, and I liked, I do not like to need something. I live with my sister in two room apartment. The majority of the population in Russia lives in apartments. My parents live separately from us in a country house, they like silence and fresh air. Our family lives friendly. I love and respect my parents, because they have presented me the most valuable thing that I have - my life. Also, parents raised me, brought me up very well, and give me good education. I am grateful to my parents for everything, that they have made for me. John, please tell me about your family. John, I also want to tell you, that my purposes are very serious. I want to find the man of my love. I want to have serious relationship and have a good family in which relations will be formed upon love, mutual understanding, respect, friendship and trust. These traits are very important for me.
I want to find the man, who will be happy together with me and will support me in despair. Please, tell me about yours ambitions in your live. It is interesting to me to know about it. I am really interested in communicating with you. I had never had communicated with a man from in another country. I shall be glad to hear about you, about your family, your life. It is also interesting for me where you work. John, please tell me, does the city where you live have places which are worth to see - theatres, exhibitions, museums? I like to visit such a kind of establishments in our city. In last weekend I have visited a planetarium with my friends. It was great, we had possibility to observe the star sky, also we observed planets. I liked it very much.
Ok, John, I have to finish my the letter. I hope, you take my letter seriously. I want you take my letter with gravity and responsibility.
I hope, it was interesting for you to know about me, and I hope it takes not much time for you to read my letter. Please, write to me. I wait with impatience for your letter. Have a nice day!

Letter 3

Hello my friend John. I am glad to receive today your letter! How are you doings today? I know, that many people use the Internet to earn money with the help of a deceit. It is wrong, as the usual women then, can not find the love and happiness in the Internet, as many men were deceived and do not trust now women. I am very glad that those messages you sent not to me, I too heard that in Russia there is such swindle, but it is a problem of our state and I do not want about it to speak. John, . Your letter that i received today made me happier.
The best part of my day is when I receive your letters. Your letters become for me more and more desired. I like to receive your letters and to know more about you. Now it is too early to speak what our relations will result in, probably, we will understand, that we are different people, probably, we will be friends. Do you think of it?
But I want to tell you, that I do not want to hasten, because I already was mistaken in the life and now I want to be more attentively. I trust you, and I want you trust me too. I also want that you did not doubt me, I do not deceive people on the Internet, many girls from Russia try to entice money from foreign citizens. But I do not like to deceive people. I the fair person and my parents have brought up me in very strict rules and I am grateful for it to my parents. Trust - a policy of any relations. It is my vital motto, I was learned it from my mum. I am a sincere girl, and i have nothing to hide from you. I can answer any your question, also I would like to ask you to answer my questions because it is interesting for me to know more about you. It is still unusual for me to have a dialogue with you. I am excited when I write the letters to you, but each time, I feel more and more confidently. Tell me, do you have interest to me?
You can ask me, and I shall tell you about everything, that it is interesting for you! John, today I have a usual day at work, now I have free time, and I write to you a letter. I had already told you, that I work as the seller in perfumery shop.. Today in our shop has arrived a lot of goods and I should place correctly goods on a show-window and to paste new price lists on production. Also I should offer all buyers the new goods. I will have to think up advertisment for it. Some ideas have already appeared In my head. I want to make, something, that will be unusual. My work is quite fascinating, I like it. John, tell me please how has passed your day? How is your work?
Dear John, also it is interesting for me, what do you prefer to eat? I heard, that in your country McDonald's food is widely spread, do you like such food? In our city there is also McDonald's, I want to tell you sincerely, that I do not try to eat there. I like to eat healthy food you know, I prepare to eat very well! I like to cook, in most cases I prepare dishes of Russian cuisine . We raise products on the garden of my parents. Parents have a garden, where we raise vegetables, such as potato, onions, tomatoes, carrots. Cultivation of vegetables demands a much work and efforts. We do not buy them because we think that, it is not necessary to spend money on that we can make ourselves. Do you agree with me? Have you ever tried traditional Russian cuisine? I wish to send today you a photo when I went to parents in a country house with my girlfriend. To help to clean vegetables and to take a breath of fresh wood air. Sometimes we go to have dinner to a restaurant or a cafe. I like sushi. Have you ever eaten sushi? I like the Mexican and French Cuisine too. I try to eat correctly and to have healthy food, it is very important for me. Much depends on food but the most important is vital activity. There are a lot of vitamins in healthy food which are so necessary for an organism of each person. To my mind it is important to tell, that I have no harmful habits. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks. I think harmful habits ruin health. I care about health, it is very important for me because the health of my future children depends on my health. I do not want my children will suffer because of me. I think, that a girl should not have harmful habits, it can be understood if a man smokes, but a girl should not smoke. Ok, your life is also very interesting for me. We are from two various cultures, but I think, that we should find common language. Tell me please about your hobbies, and what you like to do at leisure time. I like to play billiards and bowling. I play billiards with my friends at leisure time. Tell, how You concern to such entertainments. John, I do not like to visit bars of discos, and in general I cannot be in the noisy companies for a long time . It is more pleasant for me to be in the company of close friends. It is interesting to me, what music do you prefer to listen to? I choose music in dependence with my mood. I like to listen to classical instrumental music, also I like to listen to Pop music. Classical instrumental music always cheers me up, I am sure, that it will always have a great respect. People at any age and any generation like to listen to it. Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart are composers, who have world glory and property. Dear John, it is interesting for me if you sometimes play golf? I know just nothing about this kind of sports, and I do not know at all, in what the essence of this game consists. Can you tell me about this kind of sports? Please, do not think, that I ask many questions, simply I am interested in you. I have a big interest to you and to your life.
Wow!!! Now I have a friend in other country, it is cool! You are a good man and while communicating with you I feel, which I have never felt. Please, treat me seriously. OK? Probably you are the man of my dream? I shall be always frankly with you. I promise you that. Well, I have already slightly tired by printing. Probably I shall end this letter. Write to me soon!!! Send your pictures! I shall wait for your letter! Sincerely yours, Nadezhda!