Scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to Leo (USA)

Letter 1
All am looking for on here is a mature man,, who is very caring and loving that will guide and protect me ,, someone that will be everything for me ,,who will be all i need ,, who i will go to bed with and wake up in his arm ,, someone that will love me for me and who we will make our self one ,, i know this is a real *** site and am ready to give everything for my man and always satisfy him ,, am a very submissive woman but nots bad or something am me and i know what am looking for ,, am not seeking a man ,, am looking for my real dream man that we will make our self one ,, and hopefully anything to comes after that,, once i have my man i will give every thing of me to him and he take control of me ,, i will dress how I like and I will dress to satisfy him ,, i know my duties as a good woman and i will always do that ,, once i have the right one i know things will be ok by us ,, because i will do all I can to make him happy and be satisfied always,, am very ready for all the challenges but you have to be the type that will give love because this is all i need from you ,, your love and your care ,, and also i don't mind age or looks ,, that is just a number to me ,, what I look forward to is the love that we share and my focus is the future and the fruits that we will bear ,, please check me out very well and if you are here for the real thing please get at me ,, and if you are here for game please am not your type because am not looking for a night or months am looking for a long term or lifetime ,,please am not seeking a bad man and seeking real man and my dream **** man ,, Thanks Amy
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Name: Oksana Aheeva
Age: 30
Name: Ekaterina Pavlova
Age: 21
Name: Angela Beckey
Age: 45
Name: Nika Dorofeya
Age: 29
Name: Elizaveta
Age: 35
Name: Ekaterina Basalaeva
Age: 28
Name: Carol Cicatko
Age: 35
Name: Natalia
Age: 27
Name: Marina
Age: 25
Name: Miroslava Kopylova
Age: 23
Name: Irina Smakodyakavka
Age: 29
Name: Laura Craigs
Age: 26
Name: Elena Sadreeva
Age: 37
Name: Lubov Zinchenko
Age: 28
Name: Elizabeth Sam
Age: 36