Letter(s) from Natalia Ulanova to Craig (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Craig !

I would like to begin correspondence with you!
Probably we can have good relations!

So, I at all do not know from what to me to start...
I think to you it will be interesting to find out little bit more information on me. My name is Natasha, I live in Russia, in small city which name Zvenigovo.
Distance between Zvenigovo and Moscow = 850 kms.
Near to Zvenigovo there is a large city of Kazan.
To me of 26 years.
I was born on July, 17, 1978.
I of 170 sm of growth and my weight of 54 kg.
I have ended university. Where I studied foreign languages, and basically I studied the English language.
As this language use all over the world. And I think that it very much to be useful to me! And now I work, as the seller of compact discs.
So, that it is possible to tell about my hobbies, I like to walk in park with my girlfriends.
I like to read books and I like to go to cinema!
I like to listen to music.

I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and never used any narcotic substances. It happens that I can drink easy alcoholic drinks, but it happens only during holidays and in the company of my girlfriends.
I never was married and I have no children.
I do not know why but I could not find the pleasant person for dialogue of an opposite floor, I was possible has not met the person necessary to me in Russia.
I heard on TV about that much that Russian girls leave for other countries and leave there in marriage!
And I too have decided to try to find the love in Internet!
I hope that with the help of correspondence I find second half.
If you have any questions that ask me, I with pleasure shall answer it!
I shall wait for your letter.



Letter 2

Hello dear Craig !!
I am very glad to receive your letter again.
I am a real person.
I done not disturbed with our distinction in the age of! For me it not a primary factor!
I think, that the person should be good, with sense of humour, and understanding! And age not the main thing!
In this letter I shall tell to you a little more about me directly.
I love employment by sports. They help to support health and a figure that is not unimportant for any woman.
And you love sports? And if you go in for sports that what?
In the free time I usually sit at home and I read books.
My loved genre is Novels and adventures.
In days off usually we with girlfriends go at cinema or simply to walk.
There are such days when I very much get tired at work and I do not go anywhere. Except for it when I have free minute I like to embroider.
To this I was learned by my mum.
As at me at home not a small collection of musical disks.
I very much like to listen to music and to dance.
I like our Russian executors.
I listen Classic music.
I think that you interests my character.
I very kind and quiet person. I was very difficult for angering.
Frequently my friends are surprised as àt me it turns out to remain such quiet. In people I like honesty and straightforwardness.
It is not pleasant to me when people tell lies. Lie it very much not high quality. I want to inform you that my loved color dark red.
Except for that I very love animals.
Especially domestic. But now at me anybody is not present.
I want to take home a small kitten.
You love cats? I adore them.

I want to tell to you, that I never was in other country, except for Russia...
But I always wanted to visit other country or to go to any travel!
I hope that my dream sometime to be carried out!

I hope that now you may know me better.
I to you too have some questions.
You love children?
What you like in the woman? What your understanding of family?
What it is pleasant to you in people and what is not pleasant?
What your purpose friendship or you search loved which becomes to you the wife?
I ask you because I search for serious relations with the purpose of creation of high-grade family.
What your loved color?

On it I shall finish the letter.
I shall wait your answer soon.
Yours Natasha !

P.S. Send photos please.


Letter 3

Hello my dear Craig !
It was pleasant for me to receive your next letter today.
How are you? At me all today is good I have remarkable mood.
Probably it because I have found your letter today.

I want to tell in this letter slightly about that that like to eat and prepare You know that I very much like to prepare!!!
Also should brag that at me it very well turns out.
To all I was learned by my mum she at me too the good cook.
I prepare almost for all. These are various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things. In the best way at me it turns out our national Borsh
You heard about it?
I very much like to prepare for pies!
Usually I prepare for them with a strawberry and with a bilberry!
You love pies? If yes that with what?
I prefer our Russian kitchen more.
As from the Italian kitchen I love a pizza. Most of all from Russian kitchen I love pel'menis. Dear I want to ask when your birthday?
My birthday On July, 17
I should tell that to me very pleasantly to read your letters.
I any more do not want to have anything with Russian men.
I suffered because of them very much. And any more I do not want it.
They think only of themselves and do not know that it is necessary for the woman to be happy. In my life one was only man with which we for a long time have left.
All over again he seemed to me that kind and attentive.
I have trusted in him and he deceived me all time.
he has changed to me with other girl. And I have not forgiven it to him.
It is difficult for me to speak about it but I think that we should not hide something from each other?
Tell to me your history?
On it I will finish this letter..
I hope for your fast answer.
Yours faithfully Natasha!

P.S.: I like your photo!


Letter 4

Hello my dear Craig !

Today it was very pleasant for me to find your letter today.
At me all is good. I hope you too stay in good mood.
Today at me difficult day at work was.
And I am very tired but when have seen your letter weariness as a hand have taken off.
Today I shall be all evening of a house I shall read slightly.
And then I shall look the TV set.
Certainly, I think, that we can have good family relations.
But for this purpose we should find out even more each other, and probably in the future to meet. Below I want to inform you slightly about my city.

My city very small, in Russia is a lot of such cities.
At us lives approximately 23000 persons.
My city is located approximately in 1000 km to a southeast from Moscow.
To him 296 years. It is the small information on my city.
I hope now you have some representation about him.

I want to ask you that you now feel under to me?
It is important for me and our relations.
At me to you very much a warm feeling. You the good person and you like me.
I feel that we the relation will have good continuation.
And how you feel?

Dear perhaps I shall finish on it the letter.
I with impatience wait your answer.
Yours faithfully Natasha!


Letter 5

Hi my dear Craig!
How are you?
I am very pleased to receive your answer.
It is very pleasant, that our acquaintance is advanced.
I like to read your letters. They bring to me a lot of pleasure.
I very much would like, that we had our love together. I am glad that have found such person as you.

Today I shall tell to you about my childhood.
I shall begin with my youth. I tried many different hobbies.
When I went to school I was engaged in addition (thanks to my parents) much.
I visited lessons of dances, I sang in school chorus.
And also I always drew the wall newspaper at our school. Also from the childhood I go to swimming pool.
I do not regret about a downtime because it has not passed without advantage.
My parents very correctly brought up me and wanted, that I have grown the educated girl.
As one of my favorite hobbies - to cook various new dishes.
All like my meal. I hope, that you soon estimate it.
In leisure when in street bad weather I take the big interest in the TV SET and reading of books. As I have already told I love the various literature. But basically it is love novels.
In the summer I love various travels. As I like to spend summer in a village at the grandmother. Very good nature and air is very clean.
I can speak about my hobby very long. Tell to me about your childhood and a hobby.
It is very interesting to me.
Bye my interesting.
I wait with impatience of your letter.
Your Natasha.

P.S.: Thanks for rose!

Letter 6

Hi my dear Craig.
I want to inform to you, that I very much waited for your letter.
Your letter is filled with honesty and kindness.

You very good and attractive person!!! It is a pity, that we are far apart now. I think that I might be the good wife to the husband. Each woman searches for the person who will love and respect her.
I want the good relation to myself. I want the person who becomes the good father to my children.
Also I want the man which yours faithfully concerns to me, and will love me.
I search for serious relations with the man, who may understand me and who will be understood by me.
The relation between the person and the woman very important. The man should address with the woman well, with love and respect.
He should be with her beside in bad and good times and care of her.
The person should give the woman all love and care. He should make so that his woman was the happiest on Earth.
Also woman should do the same for man. To support him always, to be with him beside when he needs.
And I think, that the love is very important for relations between man and woman. - that type of relations which I search for it.
My ideas are close to yours?
Inform please, for what relations search you?
You should know, that I live not in the best country. I want, that my children had the best life, than I.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our relations.
I think, that you, that the person who is necessary for me.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours.


P.S.: My lovely, I do not have house of phone.
But I probably can call itself to you from service between national negotiations. Write to me the number, and I shall try to call to you.

Letter 7

Hi my dear Craig !
I am very pleased, that has received your new letter.
Your letter is very very very interesting to me!!! I with pleasure shall answer your letter.

I want to tell to you more about my character and my soul. I think, that you should know my internal world.
I want to tell to you about myself maximal, I do not search for the ideal person (beautiful, rich, clever), I think that such people do not happen.
I search for the man, which will divide with me the love, of the man with which I can have happy family!!!
The majority of the men in Russia do not approach for a marriage, because they use a plenty of alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
I am very glad, that has found you.
You very kind intimately fond the man. You are similar to the man of my dream!!!
I consider myself as the very romantic woman. I think, that I can completely trust you.
I can discuss with you in friendly chat various themes. I can speak with you about the problems.
I want to find in you the supporter, friend and husband.
By the kindness and tenderness I can make your life perfect.
From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and deceit of some people.
I very much would like, that all people on ground were happy.
I receive a lot of pleasures from dialogue with the friends and interesting people.
I as love to carry out a lot of time of a house, I love an internal cosiness, I love calmness. At this time I listen to music, silent slow music, which brings a lot of calmnesses and consent.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses.
But nobody give me them already for a long time.
I dream that in such beautiful season I shall have the my love and go with him till a street with a red roses in hands and kiss with him long long.
It is all will be so beautifully and romantically, I already for a long time not test such feelings and I want to feel it very much !
I hope, that you have the pleasant moments in the life, when read my letter.
I very much would like to learn you more.
I with impatience wait for your answer.

Yours Natasha.

P.S.: My lovely, write to me number of phone, I can find money to call you.
It will be much more difficult to find to me the person with phone, and to wait for your bell. Necessarily write to me number of your phone.


Letter 8

Hello my love Craig!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
At us weather today simply magic, because today at us in city very warmly, And consequently such weather very much is pleasant to me.
I very much love warm weather because I like warm weather.
At us in city brightly the sun today shines, the warm wind blows.
And consequently it is very pleasant for me to feel a touch of a warm wind On my person and on my body.
You are not present near to me, but I so would like to feel a touch Your hands on my person.
I very much want, that ironed my hair, touched my hair, Caressed my body, kissed my lips.
I very much would want, that we were with you together, my love!!!
You would like it?
I think, that my dreams will be carried out only at our meeting with you, my love. What you think in this occasion?
I always think of our forthcoming meeting with you, my love.
I think that our meeting will be, as in a fairy tale.
You think as well as I whether or not?
I sometimes so would like you to embrace, kiss, touch your breast.
But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!!
I think that have found such person who is necessary for me.
Which me will understand, think always of me.
And this person - you!!!
I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you, my love!!!
I always asked when our meeting with you will be a reality.
And now I ask you, my love!
What you think of our meeting with you?
When our meeting becomes a reality?
Mine mum asked me that I transferred you
Big and ardent greetings, and also the most strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere And passionate air kisses, and also my the hottest and ardent Embraces from my loving heart.
You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from My loving heart?
I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces.
Sometimes your kisses, both your passionate and strong embraces at night dream me, But when I wake up you was not present near to me.
To me it becomes very sad!!!
I so want to be with you, my love!!!
You would like it, my charm?
And now my time has approached to the end, and it is time to me to leave, But I leave with ideas on you, my love!!!
Remember, that I love you!!!
Yours Natasha!!!

P.S.: I shall try to call to you today on a phone number which you to me have given today.

Letter 9

Hello Craig!
My lovely, I am simply happy.
I am glad, that you too want to meet me.
I am sure, that our meeting will be remarkable and fine event in my and your life.
And we shall be happy to walk together on coast of the river under light of the moon.
It so is romantic, that all our life with you will be as in a fairy tale.
Me very are pleasant to a photo which you has sent me, where you together with children.
I want to tell to you that at you remarkable children.
Please send the regards to them from me.
I hope, that I like them.
My dear why you think, that I cannot visit you.
At me now holiday and I could arrive to you for our first and unforgettable meeting.
It seems to me, that there will be no problems with official registration of papers.
Time of "Iron Curtain" already for a long time has passed, and if you the diligent citizen of Russia any problems with official registration of papers to arise should not.
I today or tomorrow shall go to travel agency in the morning and I find out, what documents are required to me also what problems can arise with their registration.
Then I shall necessarily write all to you or even I shall call, that all about it to tell on better.
I hope, that at you all is good.
Your Natasha.

Letter 10

Hello Craig!
My dear, do not frighten me, you still absolutely young.
I think, that we with you should meet and live for a long time and happily.
Mine Craig, keep up itself and be attentive, when you go on a motorcycle.

My lovely, I like men who shave a head, and I think, that the person should have such hairdress which is pleasant to him.

Excuse, that I have not written to you the letter yesterday.
The matter is that I went to travel agency in the morning.
And has then gone to Internet - cafe as always to write to you the letter.
But when I have come there to me have told, that they today do not work, because there is no electric power.
It was simply awful.
I hope, that you will not be upset.
You do not become angry???
I very much wanted to write, but could not.
And, that concerning travel agency.
I very much want to meet you but when to me in travel agency have told, how many it will cost that I was simply in a shock.
That to me to save up money to such trip it is required to me approximately years 10.

You asked to write to you, than I am engaged within day.
And so I wake up in 6-30 o'clock in the morning, and I go for work to shop (as you already know I work as the seller of compact discs).
On work I not so strongly get tired, but sometimes when I work in the days off I very much get tired.
From 12-00 till at me a lunch break, and I go home to eat.
Then I again come back to work.
The shop works till 17-00, and I go home or if good weather I walk on coast of the river.
And when I have free time that I go to Internet - cafe to write to you the letter.
And in the evening usually we with mum prepare I peep, and to us sometimes there come visitors.
In the days off I very much like to have a sleep little bit more.


Letter 11

Hello Craig!
My lovely, please write to me letters as always in English.
I very well know the English language, and I can understand without the translator, that you write or speak by phone.
You want to arrive to Russia?
Good news!
I am glad, that we shall meet you.
But if I am fair not too to this is glad.
You do not think, that I do not want you to see.
I want you to see!
But I thought our meeting will be not in Russia.
Craig I thought our meeting will be in more beautiful place.
It will be fine if I to you shall come.
I can take holiday on work.
I very much would like to arrive to you on a visit.
I want to tell to you, that I started searches of the favourite person in the Internet because I do not want to live in Russia.
I want to leave from here!
Well, what you think lovely Craig how you look at it?
I wait for your answer.
Kiss you Natasha!!!


Letter 12

Hi my dear Craig !
I am very pleased to receive your warm intimate letter.

You very much very much like me.
The large thank for your attention. I very much would like to have with you the serious relations and to be the sensitive partner of life for you. In our letters we should continue to learn each other better. With each your new letter I shall learn, that you very interesting the man. I enjoy by correspondence with you. I think, that we should write each other as it is possible more often. As far as the opportunity allows to us. Nothing does the man and woman closer, than to carry out a lot of time together and more to communicate.
I very much love to dream and to think of my future. I very much frequently present our house. To me I very much would be desirable to have in my apartment or house an old fireplace and plenty flowers. as would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles.
What you think of it? What house would dream to have you?
It would be very interesting to me to know your dream.
Certainly I shall create comfort in my house. Recently I have finished rates of the designer. I think, that at me it very well will turn out. I shall feel by the very happy woman, if my husband will be my friend reliable, quiet careful both strong, generous and clever.
You love to visit the friends? Or to be going in the good noisy and cheerful company?
You like days off? You love to have a rest?
I very much love days off. Per free days I very much love to carry out time on kitchen.
I very much like to prepare. I would like to prepare for you something unusual. I want to know, that you love to use in food. You love sweet? I very much love sweet, but I watch the figure and I limit myself in the use of sweet food.
As I am engaged in sports to contain myself in the good form.
You care of the health?
I want further to carry out time together and to learn each other better.
Each your following letter I expect impatiently.
Do not leave me during long time.
I shall wait your answer tomorrow.
Sincerely yours Natasha.


Letter 13

Hello my dear Craig .
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
I want to tell, that at you simply huge house, at us in Russia very rich people have such houses only.
There probably it is a lot of place inside and many rooms???
I very much like your house.
Probably it is necessary to be tidied up a little inside and to change conditions and it will be simply fine.
I am very grateful to you for attention and interest to me.
It is very a pity, that we while are far apart. We are divided by thousand kilometers and large ocean.
But I think, that we can overcome all barrier with the help of language of love.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no the force near to such strong, clever and careful man as you . My dear, I shall remember day of our romantic meeting all life.
I very much want to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamed, how we sit at a fireplace. The candles burn by soft, pleasant light. The fire wood slightly cracks in a fireplace. We look against each other and all our ideas on love. My mum always learned me to be independent.
I very love the clever and strong people, which have the point of view of representation concerning life.
I try to surround myself with the honour and sincere people, having one rare feature which the kindness refers to as.
The love for me means freedom. Freedom of a choice of the favourite man.
I should freely choose that the man, which I should give all sincere kindness, all feelings. I think, that the creation of family should be based on love. If the marriage is created not on love, it will not be long and happy.
The love is a gift which is done for the sake of the loved person.
If the soul of the man is remarkable, his weak parties remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on new.
I wanted shall have love for which I is ready to give life. I would like to have such understanding and affinity, for the sake of which I would be ready to give back all.
What you think of all it? What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
Our vital ways have met. Let them to burn as a bright star of our amazing love.
I shall wait your answer. I hope for the destiny.

Your Natasha. mailto:natasha-ulanova@yandex.ru

Letter 14

Hello my dear Craig !
How are you? Thank for your letter.
This big happiness to receive news from you.
I hope, that you today have good day.

I constantly think of you...
I have found true love and romanticism in relations with you. I think that you which that man I searched. Which that person I searched in the life.
I think we are very close to our happiness. You think also?
I know you not long time, but you seem to me the most fair, kind and sincere person.
My mum always speaks me, that I should be fair with people and I never deceive nobody. I always inform mine mum on our successful relations. She is very pleased for us.
She is pleased, that I shall not be one, and I shall have family.
I want to share with you our happiness.
I want know that may to make you happy?
Please give me chance to love and be loved.
I shall wait very much for the answer to my letter.

I think of you each second.

Your Natasha!!


Letter 15

Hello my dear Craig!
I am very glad, that you think about our the first a meeting.
I already very much for a long time began to think of it.
I very much would like to meet you.
I think, that I would like to arrive itself to you.
How you think, I can arrive to you?
What do you think of it?
I with impatience shall look forward to hearing.
Your Natasha.


Letter 16

Hello my dear Craig!
I went in travel agency.
And all has found out about my possible trip to you, and what package of documents is required to me.
On the one hand I am madly glad, that all appeared, not so it is difficult as I assumed.
On the other hand I am a little upset.
On all my charges, without air tickets it is required to me $ 480.
I have counted it at the rate of a currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia.
Also has transferred in dollars.
I, certainly, assumed, that all costs expensive, but what so expensive!
I do not know where to me to take so much money!
And I even was upset a little.
And now I shall send you it latters, and I shall wait the answer.
If my charges for you will be expensive, I, certainly, all I shall understand, do not doubt. I only also think as of our first meeting.
And at all I do not know, that I would like more, that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come.
My dear, I want you to warn that probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I cannot write to you.
Because I yesterday have met my girlfriend on university and (Saturday and Sunday) we shall go to these days off on lake Jalchik and still we shall note my birthday.
I shall miss very much on you but I shall necessarily write to Monday to you.

Letter 17

Hello my dear Craig!
I am very glad to each your letter and I am very glad that our relations very well develop. I every day dream of you and about our meeting.
I think, that it is very good sign.
I would not like to see you in the person.
When I was in travel agency that to me have told, that I can receive the visa in 7-10 days after I shall pay money for the visa.
But I do not have money.
I want as it is possible áûñòðå6å to appear near to you and to kiss you, my lovely Craig.
I hope, that you want it also strongly as well as I!
Your Natasha.

Letter 18

Hello Craig!
I am glad that to you interestingly all about me.
We with girlfriends had very well a rest.
We have left on lake in the evening for Friday.
In 8 pm we were at coast of lake.
3 girls put tent, and all others have gone to search for fire wood for a fire.
And soon tent have put and have made a fire, and have started to prepare for sausages on a fire, etc.
It was fine carry out nights on coast of lake.
About us in radius of kilometer was nobody.
We have very well spent.
I missed on you.
My lovely, I cannot wait for our meeting, I want to see you right now.
At least right now I should begin registration of the visa because its registration can borrow almost month, and by this time you can put into yourself the order.
I think, that it is excellent ideas and what exactly so to us with you should be made.
And what you think of it?
I shall look forward!
Your Natasha.

Letter 19

Hello my dear Craig!
I am very glad to each your letter.
On July, 17, I have very well carried out all the day long.
In the morning we marked my birthday with family and relatives.
And in the evening we with girlfriends have gone to restaurant and have a little communicated.
There there were mine school girlfriends and girlfriends from university.
We have very well spent, it was a pity that you not beside.
Yes, my lovely, I understand, that too it is difficult for you to find such huge sum of money at once.
Also I think, that we with you can wait a little.
I hope, that you understand, that now the main thing to us with you to find money for the visa to begin its registration, and already then to speak about all the rest.
On registration of the visa and documents as I already spoke you, it is required to me 480 $. When we with you can receive this money?
I think, that if we with you shall meet in a month it will be excellent!
What do you think of it?
I shall wait for your letter.
Your Natasha!

Letter 20

Hello my dear Craig!
I am very glad that we shall meet you.
It is a pity, that it will take place not soon but all the same I am glad.
I am ready, to wait so much for time, and I hope, that this time will quickly pass.
My lovely, I hope, that you too will understand me.
The matter is that I work much, but my wages not big.
I receive approximately 150-160 $ in a month, and I pay for using of 1 hour of the Internet 3 $, I hope, that you understand that I cannot write to you every day.
I think much, about you and about us.
It seems to me, that we shall be very happy together.
Your Natasha.