Romance scam letter(s) from Julia to Art (Indonesia)
Letter 1
Hello dear!
How is everything with you? Hope you are in a good mood! I am so excited that I got an opportunity to write you my letter! To be honest I am pretty shy person and it's really hard for me sometimes to start communication, but this time everything is different! I have some really good feelings towards you and would love to know if it will work out for us!
Actually I am new in this on-line communication, so I do not really know how it works :), but I do believe, this is a place where I can find the right man to create happy family built on trust, respect, mutual care and, of course, love! And I guess it will be nice to introduce myself ;) So my name is Julia and I live in a very picturesque place called Ukraine, I hope you heard something about my country? ;) I am 27 years old. My friends describe me as a very friendly and passionate person and I can say about myself that I am very honest and straight forward and I am never hiding anything and always able to say truth right to the eyes! To let you know a little more about me I have added some photos.
I have neither time nor desire to waste my time for senseless corresponding. I am here to find my one and only beloved man, no more no less! I have good friends, family and colleagues at work. My life is filled with lots of events and adventures. But all these are nothing without my special, beloved man! My personality is easy to be with, joyful and optimistic. I have a big heart filled with love and I am ready to give this love to my right man. This is my genuine desire to become the best imaginable wife, friend and lover. Let's get acquainted closer and see, how it works between us. I have a feeling, this is our chance! I am waiting for your response where I would love to find some more information about you, as when is your birthday?
What is your occupation? I will be happy to read about your city and country and wait you will share some of your interests with me. And of course I will be glad to see some of your photos, to know that you are a real man and not a ghost. :) Don't forget please that I will be waiting for your letter with huge impatience.
sincerely Julia
Letter 2
Hello dear Art!
Hope my letter caught you in a good mood! I am very excited to receive your letter! :) It means that I was able to draw your attention and you are interested to know more about me. I hope it is a great start for our further communication and mutual understanding! :) I want to thank you for your amazing photos. I can say that you look very strong and attractive on them and I am wondering how is that possible that so awesome man is still single! Are woman in your country all blind? :)
Also thank you for your daughter's photos, she is really cute and I hope you have very good communication and bonds with her!
You know dear I strongly believe that there is nothing that can prevent two people to be together if they willing to! I think nothing like age difference, nationality, race or religion difference can't prevent two loving hearts to beat as one. I think that love is so powerful feeling and it can overcome any obstacle! I hope you agree with me? What do you think about it?
My dear thank you for sharing some facts about you with me, I really appreciate it and I am feeling it will help in our future communication, but of course I want to know much more about you, I am really interested in knowing you! So I would love to ask you some questions, I am sure you don't mind! :) I would love to know about your family. Do you have siblings? Tell me about your parents. Do you live alone? I hope in your next letter I will read about your interests and hobbies! Also I would love to know why did you decide to look for your lady on Internet. I hope we will find a lot in common.
and of course should you have any questions feel free to ask. I will gladly answer them. I am honest woman and have nothing to hide!
I've told you some things about myself before, but I think you wouldn't mind me to open even more facts. :) So as you know my name is Julia. I am 27 years old, my birthday is April 15th 1986 and I live in Ukraine. My town called Kremennaya and it's located right in the middle of forest in the east of my country. It's the most picturesque place that I have ever seen! Can you imagine a crystal clear lake surrounded with age-old forests? And you know Art I am really curious to know how your place look like. Could you tell me about it?
Actually I love my town with all my heart, but unfortunately there are not many places where I can work :( I didn't tell you before that I work as a fitness instructor. So I am compelled to work in the nearest town called Rubezhnoe, it is a bit bigger place and it has more opportunities for my occupation. My work gives me a lot of joy when I see the way people are getting more confidence in their bodies and get stronger and healthier, even thought it's not so well paid as I wish ;) of course money is important for supporting our lives, but never can be a reason of happiness! Do you agree with me in this? One of photos that I've added is from my work. And what do you enjoy in your work?
Also I am very grateful to my job that it makes me to keep my shape. I want my man will always be pleased and I am taking very good care of my body just to please my man in a way that only I can do!;) I can make him feel like he is the only one in this world, because my man will be the only one for me and deserve something special!! But I understand it's too soon for us to talk about it! :)
Talking about pleasures in my life there is one thing that gives me a lot of joy. I adore cooking! Maybe you will not believe that modern lady will devote herself to kitchen, making a cozy house, and naturally I can't tell you about other women, but I consider a cozy atmosphere at home to be important. Don't you think that I am boasting? :)) I love to find new tastes and create something new! But unfortunately I don't have that special person in my life who I can cook for. Maybe you will become that one? ;) I hope you will teach me how to cook something from your native food and we will be able create something fantastic together! How do you think? By the way what is your favorite meal? About my other interests, they are actually pretty usual things. I like to dance and be close to nature. I love to sing and often me and my friends are visiting karaoke bar nearby. Maybe I am not a best singer in the world, but I like singing a lot! :) My life is pretty good over here. But life is not complete when you don't have that one and only person whom you can share everything with!
My dear Art I think it's enough for now. I should allow you to tell me about your life. I am sending you some more of my photos and I will be happy to see more of your photos! I would love to hear what you think about what I wrote here, I am sure it will make me to get to know you better! I anticipate it will be a great communication and hope to find out more about you! I will be expecting your letter with huge impatience! Have a lovely day!
Letter 3
Hello again to you my dear Art!
I am really excited to receive your reply today, because it means that you are really interested in our communication and something really interesting is supposed to happen! :) How have you been doing since our last contact? Hope everything is fine! But I am sure things are great because you are so awesome man and it couldn't be in other way with you! My dearest Art, I hope you don't mind me calling you this way. :) So my dearest man, I am really happy that we have so much in common and I feel that our communication becomes really exciting for me! I would even say that I am getting used to your letters and waiting for them with utter anticipation! Every your line is making me feel so special and put a huge smile on my face! I am so happy to met you on my way and I am feeling that great adventure is waiting for us on our way to happiness! About my religion I was baptized as an orthodox Christian.
I am really happy you have so friendly family and I hope you are having very strong bonds between all of you. I am sure you are taking very good care of each other! It's really important to have people who will accept you no matter who you are and no matter what you did, who will show you some support and care. I guess family is exactly those people. How do you think am I right? And by the way how often do you see them? Maybe you have some family traditions?
As for your age, this doesn't bother me at all. It's true, we have a certain age difference but it doesn't look like a big problem for me.
You are at the best age for a man, I think. This is exactly the age of man's "blossom" if you understand what I mean. On the other hand, you are serious, mature, wise and life experienced. You already know what you need in life unlike lots of young guys. I do believe, if you are young in heart, your physical age is just a number in your ID.
I have shared some facts about me before and now there is something I want you to know me. I want to tell you about my family, unfortunately I don't have big family. I have just my parents and older sister, actually we live very close to each other with her. I was born in one small village in the western Ukraine and my parents still live there, they have a little farm and they are pretty happy with it. My sister, her name is Dasha and she went to get the higher education to the eastern part of country when I was 14 and I followed her when I graduated school in three years. That's why we are so far from parents. Unfortunately I don't have an opportunity to see my parents often and I miss them so much! Actually they are together last 35 years and they are my example of happy marriage! What does happy relations mean for you? And what can be an example of perfect match in a couple by your opinion?
My dear Art I am feeling so comfortable with you and I like it so much! And have already told you some things of my life, so I felt I can tell you about one thing in my life that I am ashamed of. Despite I was studying in school and college and was a very good student :) I still have a gap in my education and it's foreign languages. I have always felt hunger to knowledge, but didn't have a chance to learn English well, so now I am using services of translation company to write you. And actually there is one more reason why I asked for assistance. I'm so far from all those Internet stuff and even never had a computer, so I simply don't know how it works. :) And it feels for me as if I am from 19th century and too old fashioned. :) But you should now that I have very serious intentions to learn language to be closer to you! And I will do it no matter what especially now when I have you in my life and this communication brings me so much joy and pleasure!
Oh, my dear Art, I can see my letter became so long and I do not want to make you tired of reading it. :) I have to give you an opportunity to share with me your thoughts about what I said and I will be eagerly waiting for your response. Have a lovely time over there!
Letter 4

Hello Art my special man!
I feel so happy receiving your news! Your letters are always making my days and to tell you the truth I have really missed you since our last contact! It feels for me as if we're becoming closer and closer to each other with every letter and we have found so many things in common! I hope I am not too rushing events! :) Of course there are a lot to find out about each other, but I am feeling that it will be a great adventure for us! I have a lack of words to express in the full how happy I am that we have found each other here! Some time has passed and I found that you have occupied a very special place in my heart.
I am even more happy to know that you want to know me much better, but unfortunately I can't talk to you on phone now, because I do not have a phone at the moment. it has been stolen few days ago and I need some time to get another one. But for now you can write down my number +380957924018 and when I will get a phone you can call me. And i told you in my last letter I do not have access to Internet and don't have a computer or other device from where I can chat with you, i don't even use all those chat programs.
I didn't tell you this before but beside my main job I am a volunteer in a animal shelter. I am helping to take care of pets that were lost or thrown away by their owners. So today I had a very nice day, three of our wards dogs have found new families and it's always so touching moment for me when any of our dogs or cats finding new home. Today there was a family with a little boy, about 5 or 6 years and parents allowed him to pick any dog he wants. And there were a few puppies that mom left and we were taking care of them, so he have chosen the weakest from them and he said that others are stronger and they don't need that much love as this one weak puppy. Oh, it's even made eyes get wet! :)
Today my dear Art on my way back home from shelter, I have been thinking about one thing that I want to share with you and that doesn't leave me since we have met. I have a certain life experience and I know the most important for a woman is love and peace of mind!
My previous relations didn't work out and made to face a serious issue. I got disappointed with Ukrainian men, even though I met just few :) but those few were enough to confirm that I can't have true love and deep connection with any of them and I didn't want to have any relations with anyone from here. I realized, the best would be to look for a man abroad. But on the other hand, if I find the right man abroad it will be a very serious step to change my life totally. I like my life over here very much, but it's possible I will need to relocate. But it doesn't really matter where you live, what is really important is whom to live with. I was thinking for a long and finally I came to the decision. The real love and strong relations with the right man are worth to make any changes in life! Now I am sure, I am ready to follow the right man anywhere, even to the Moon! And what about you? Are you ready to change your life and relocate for sake of your happiness and love? And maybe it will sound strange for you, but I am feeling myself really lucky since I've met you Art! Believe me or not but I feel something outstanding in your manner of expressing yourself! My inner voice never misleads me and it tells you are that man I am looking for! And I hope you will join me on this way to happiness and life full of pleasure and love! I would love to know your opinion about what I said. :) Do you think we can be a good couple?
I hope my dear Art, one day this will happen and you will join me for the life adventures. I hope from your next letter I will find some more about your daily life and maybe you have things in your life that you can be proud of? I wish you to have a lovely day! Keep smiling thinking of me and write me again when you have a chance. My kisses and hugs to you
yours Julia
Letter 5
Hi my precious Art!
I hope it's an awesome day for you! As for me it's such a great and sunny day! I am talking not about the weather, I am talking about feelings you gave me with your letters! You gave me sunshine! You are the Sun itself! I'm missing your letters so much and you became very special and dear person to me! I hope you don't mind my frankness, but it's the way you made me feel about you! You are my biggest joy and pleasure now!
My darling Art, there is a thing I want to share now! I want to be open with you no matter what! As I told you before I am using services of a translation company. I told you I prepaid this services in the beginning to avoid any misunderstanding between us and also I don't have a computer and have lack of access to Internet, and now this amount of money I loaded has run out. One letter cost $5 to translate.
Frankly speaking I spent all of my savings for this lettering, I thought that happiness is much more important than any money in the world! And I still believe in it! :) Unfortunately my financial condition can't allow me to load the account now. :( I earn just about 130$ per month and I have to pay my bills, I wanted to borrow some money from my sister, but her salary is delayed so she can't help me.
:( I haven't sleep last night thinking of what to do and decided to share this with you, I know you are a very understanding man!
My dearest Art, I know you can say that I don't need services of this company, I have to assure you that I was considering many options and I concluded this way is the best for us. I will explain to you why. At first I have asked my translator to translate my letter to English and back to Russian using on-line translator, and the result impressed me a lot! 80 % of words have lost their sense. I heard that Russian is difficult for translation, and now I've seen it with my own eyes! Actually it was pretty funny to read it. :) And even using on-line translator I still have to find a way for connecting you via Internet without having a computer, so I still need to pay for connection and computer services somewhere. Second, I thought that maybe someone of my friends could help me with translation, but I have found that I don't have any friend who speaks English even a little better than me, it's actually not common in Ukraine to speak foreign languages. Of course, we can put our correspondence on pause till the situation will be solved, but I do not know how long it will take maybe weeks or months, and if we will stop it now we won't be able to put our relations on next level. You know Art to make our meeting possible and have strong bonds with each other we should have a deep and proper communication. I am sure you agree! So that's why this way of corresponding is the best for us! And I have to tell you that last thing I want now is to lose you and our contact, which makes my life brighter and gives me so much joy!
Art I want to keep our contact and I am desperately trying to find the way to solve this issue and keep in touch with you!!! Honey I am sorry for this my request, but I want to ask you if you can help us to keep our contact in nearest weeks just to give me time to solve this issue! You could pay for few letters, just to not lose each other! My translator says that some of her clients from abroad help their ladies with money for the translations and keep the contact till they will meet personally. If not I will understand and accept your decision, but I truly belive in our bright future together and hope you will help us! Please contact the manager if you have any questions.They have different options for the correspondence and they will provide you with all necessary information! And I promise you I will learn your language soon!
My darling Art, I will be expecting news from you and I am sure that best is yet to come for us! Keep smiling thinking of me!
Always yours Julia
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