Romance scam letter(s) from Basha Musah to Charles (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi Sweetheart,
Thanks for your email and nice to hear from you.Happy Birth Day to you may we grow old to see our grand grand children together in each other arms.Here are some pics for you and i did find out about the cost of the passport and visa as all the necessary things that would be needed for all this processing would cost $900.00 and i want to be in your arms and spend the rest of our life's together as i keep thinking about you each and every single day and can't wait to be on the same bed with you baby..Hope u like my pics for your surprise and i will wait to hear back from you and see how we can work things out to be in each other arms.Stay Bless
Letter 2
Hi Charles,
I guess u are doing fine today.I can't wait to see us together in each other arms.I slept well and dreamed of us being together and can't wait for that wonderful moment with you in my arms,as u will find out what i look like when we are finally together soon.I like gospel music,country music,rock,hip pop,Reggie, all types of music though.I like blue,green and pink color and i eat almost everything.What about you?When am not talking to you i like working around the house and cleaning as am very clean and that is the same way i will keep your home when we finally get together.I like walking or juggling as well as i do excise to keep my self in a good shape.I told you a lot about me and if there is anything you need to know u just ask as i will do the same here.I know you can't do such a thing by phoning Max-Mart and ask to talk to me as i know you will never do such thing.I would want us to be together in each other arms as well or on the same bed and that is why we need to work so we can make this happen as i know you said we should step by step but its been a long time i been with a Man.So you can imagine how i feel about that would want to get to know more about you as well.I need a partner not a judge or someone to tell me what to do. I had a father and he is dead and gone and i do not seek to replace him. I do not need a man to cook and clean if that was my desire I would hire a maid..I believe That household chores should be by a couple. I can cook and do laundry sweep mop and all.I couldn't see some of your pics u sent me but here are some of me and hope you like them.Stay Bless yours Lydia
Letter 3
Hi Charles,
Thanks for your email responds once again and i want you to know that yes my pictures are recent pics.I just completed my nursing schooling but haven't start working as a nurse yet but waiting to meet the right person of my life and when we are together i can start working as a nurse where ever we would be and spend the rest of our life's together as husband and wife.I have blonde hair but can dye anytime but don't do that often.I haven't been to Canada but as i said i would relocate anywhere in this world as soon as i meet the right person and if it happens to be you i wouldn't have any problem relocating to Canada.I have been here with my lovely sweet grandma and i do work together with her sometimes in her super market.I'm neat and clean as that's my usually appearance,I have been single and lonely for the past three years after the break up with my ex boy friend who cheated,broke my heart so badly and after then i decided to be on my own but i have been sick and tired of being lonely as am not getting any younger and i need a special man in my life so i can build my own family as well.Yes its so bad i live so far but if this is really what we both willing or want to do and make it happen we can still make it work.Can't we?As that is why i said we would have to be friends get to know much more about each other and see what the future hold for us.I'm home now relaxing and would love to talk and get to know much more about each other if you don't mind.Yes i do have couple of pictures that i can share with you but i would be good and easy for us if you could download yahoo instant messenger so we can chat share pics and get to know much more about each other as its easy on there.I want to see some pictures of you as well and hope to hear back from you and also let me know if there is anyway we can chat.Hope to hear back from you once again.Stay Bless-Lydia
Letter 4

God just smiled at me when i got up this morning and am sharing the same smile with you by saying good morning to you Charles.How are u doing today as its fine reading from you this morning.Its good to know and learn more about you as i said i want you to know that my heart is at peace because i feel we are perfect for one another and can't wait to make this happen so we can be in each other arms and spend the rest of our life's together.I have been single and lonely and am sick and tired of now that as i need a Man in my life and not just any man but someone i can be and spend the rest of my life with as husband and wife and am okay and happy with you so far.Well, as u know its pertinent to give a detailed introduction before we get started in this affair and moreover I am new to this online dating of a thing , if not for the fact that my close friend found her present fiancee from this site hence after my break-up I decided to come on here to see if I would have same luck and here we are with each other as i know God has something special for us and that is why we are here now.As you know quite well that on here its normal to have myriads of interested men but its my choice to choose just one and that is you Charles,I hope when I get to know u better it will be safe to have u as my choice and spend the rest of our life's together till death do us part,provided u will be capable of handling the kind of mild heart I have that needs tender care.I hope you are the right person for me so we would be able to build a family together and live a happy life together.We have a lot in common and am so happy and excited about that as we will do everything together as one.Yes i know there have been scams going around the world and most on dating site but that also doesn't mean everyone on there is like that as we all know that there are good and bad people around the world and am one of the good ones out there just as i know you are too as i feel it in my heart just as you also feel the same for me.So we should know that God is wonderful and have something special in our life's for us.Thanks for believing and trusting me as i do believe and trust you as well as you are such a honest,caring,loving person and am same here too.I'm happy we find each other cause we have same goals.I agree with everything you said to me Charles,yes i really trust you for know everything you just told me and i want you to know that i can't wait till we are together as i have been lonely for long as i haven't date anyone since my ex cheated on me as i just can't sleep with just anyone so am waiting for the right person and hope that is YOU Charles..Do you want us to be together soon before Xmas so we can live a happy life?Yes i want us to be together in each other arms soon do and go everywhere together.Sorry to hear about your mother,and its good u see your father sometimes.I'm happy knowing more about you and i totally want us to be together,also you are most welcome with the pictures as sometimes i like surprising my partner so that's okay.I will wait to see some photos of you as well,I know you will be sleeping by now as u wrote this letter when i was also to hear back from you and chat online and see how best we can work things out to be in each other arms.Stay Bless yours-Lydia
Letter 5
Hi Charles,
Thanks for your responds and yes we have 7 hour difference between us.I'm doing fine and didn't sleep well either as i was thinking about you even though we just met but its how i feel and its feels great.Do u have the same feelings as i do?I would like to get to know more about you as am interested in this and how is going so far so i did cancel my membership on the Chemistry so i can stay focus on you.Are u interested in me so far and are you willing to cancel your membership on the dating site for me so we can get to know much more about each other and make this work for us..I have been cheated on before and i don't want this to happen to me again in my life.As i hurt cheaters and liars.I'm honest,truthful,faithful and God hearing who want same in my partner.So let me know if you can cancel yours for me too?I will be online so we can chat more on there and see where it lead us too okay,below is some pics of me and hope you like them.Hope to hear back from you soon.Have a great day-Lydia
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