Scam letter(s) from Elena Kovrygina to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Frank, How are you today? I want you to know that I am a simple girl who wants to find true love.
Many people say that I have not grown up, that I am like a little girl! Yes, maybe I'm not grown up, maybe so.
But I know that no one can't love so devotedly as children. I am both the woman and the girl in one person! I will love my man and take care of him as a woman. However, I can amuse, please and inspire him as a little girl!Also I can be cheeky and playful. I look through your profile and I think that you are very interesting man.I want to communicate with you and who knows what it can lead us to.If you are interested in communication with me too please tell me about you and your interests. Or may be something about yourself that you want. I'll be happy to receive your letter. I am looking forward to hear from you! Elena
Letter 2
Hello Frank, Thank you for your attention to me. I am very glad that you wrote.I think that with each letter we will open a new sides of each other.How are you today?Hope that your day like and my very joyful and sunny!Thank you for your photos, I like them very much!Also thank you for the short story about yourself! As you asked I will tell you about myself. My full name is Elena Kovrygina, I'm from a small town called Lutugino.It is situated in Eastern Ukraine.I was born on November 27. As my mom told me it was a very sunny day. So this is reflected in my character. I am a very sunny, positive and sweet.So I chose a profession that can please me.
I work as a technologist at the candy factory called " AVK". I enjoy my profession because it brings a lot of pleasure to children.When I see in shop like a small kid asks his mother to buy a candy of my production I feel myself like a happiest person in the world:)And you like sweets?I can't drive car. And unfortunately I don't have international passport, but I think that nowadays this problem can be resolved.About phone, of course I will give my number to you and I will be very happy to hear your voice, but I can't do this now because before it I need to know you better. I want to tell you that in my childhood my mom took me to school of music and I fell in love with a sound of piano. I think that it is amazing musical instrument.Now of course I have less and less play the piano, but the sound is still fascinates me! Maybe one day I'll play you something :)
And what kind of music do you prefer to listen? So I told you a little about me! I am looking forward for your letter. Elena
Letter 3
Hello dear Frank, I am pleased to receive a letter again and a couple of new photos from you ) )) I want to tell that you very attractive man and I really wonder why are you lonely? ((( you have a very good and deep eyes it seems to me that it is possible to fall in them) I'm sorry for not having answer because it was very busy at work. I am very surprised that you think that I live in Russia you probably do not carefully read my profile but I'm from Ukraine , but the Russian border is not very far away from us but I'm from Ukraine. Halloween is not very well-known holiday is not as New Year or Christmas , but all the same I think young people is going to have costume parties . Although in the news this year showed that Russia really forbidden to celebrate the holiday Halloween . Although I do not understand why. I am very upset to find out that you were ill , I hope that now you feel much better! ? how was your weekend ? Have you coped with your Projects ?what were its connected with? I really love my job and I love what I do. And yes so many factories are trying to save money on materials, they use dyes and powders, but I prefer to use natural ingredients , so they are beneficial to our customers) By the way, I like the taste of cherry, too) We have it in common) And I love to listen to music, only all of course depends on the mood but I like different styles of music. Unfortunately, I don't know English at all, but I listen to English speaking singers) Of course, I do not understand what they are singing about, but I like the sound of English speech) I use translation agency. Hope that it is not scare you. At school I was always diligent and hardworking student, so I think that if everything works out between us, I will learn English with dedication.
After all, there is nothing better than to chat with someone in the same language. I'm not talking only about the linguistic side of this expression, but also about understanding between people. I hope you understand what I mean:) I want to meet a man who I will ready give my heart and who I will meet from work and cook dinner to my man, I want to meet him at the door after his tough exhausting working day,want to surround him with care and home heat.I think that the woman -is a fire in the hearth, it's hot in bed, and scent in the kitchen.What kind of woman are you looking for? Sent to you 1000000 air kiss for you Waiting this moment when I give you real kiss) Really looking forward to your next letter! Yours Elena
Letter 4

Hello my honey Frank, Thank for you letter and photos you very handsome man)))I am happy we have contact with each other It is so nice to hear from you once again!You know, your letters a ray of sunshine in bad weather! In Ukraine so bad weather now , it rains all the time. And here I am today walking down the street and saw yellow foliage detached from the branches and fall into down a puddle.
And all this greyness brings me so sad, but when I saw your letter I feel myself so happy! And the whole world has acquired the paint. You have no idea how you paint my life:) And how is your day? Are you miss me?I wish to be now with you too!!!
I would like to dine with you in the restaurant, talk by candlelight.
I would have held your hand and listened to every word. We would be talking and laughing. And then we'd go for a walk through the city. Do you like to walk?And how do you imagine our first date? I am looking for a man who can be a real Knight with me, who can make me to believe in a real man again . Who is strong to let em put my head on his shoulder and be sure that he will not leave me. My man should be passionate and kind , he should realize that I am just an alive woman , but I am his Queen , that I love him and will be with him till the last breath. My dream man is tender and loving , he knows how to treat me. I dream about a man who will make everything to fade in the comparison to my love to him. Is it you? I am looking forward for your letter! Thanks for you contact telephone I save this information)))
A million kisses for you! And of course hugs! Yours Elena
Letter 5
Dear sir Frank, Our company greets You!We want to tell you that as you know Your lady miss Elena used our services in order to communicate with you and today she is come to us and inform that she is not able to pay for our translation services any more. But she wants you to know that she is very serious about You and also she is very interested in continuing the communication with You. She asked to write to You for help. She does not want to lose touch with You very much. As we know you are the only man she is corresponded to.She thought that being a gentleman and a very decent person You may want to help her with the payment of our services.If You are interested in continuing the communication with Miss Elena, we can help you with that.You are able to to open an account at our company.We are always happy to help our clients and provide the best conditions. We have several ways to open an account in our company. So, if You are interested in this offer, contact us , please, for the further information. Best Regards
The UkrGorTrans Company
And Director Elina Ditkovskay
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