Scam Letter(s) from Irina Kapaeva to Kamal (Egypt)

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Letter 1

Hi Kamal! ;-)

Thanks for expressing the interest in me, I am interested in you to.
So we have the interaction of interest! I am glad that we live in twenty first century - the century of progress and technologies. It gives us possibility to communicate and get know each other better without waiting for ages until the letter will be delivered and while the answer will be delivered to you. Fortunately both of us is able to communication in such a comfortable and fast way nowadays.

We do not know each other yet but I hope that we will fix it soon ;-)
Sorry if my letter is not so interesting for you - I can only guess what are you interested in me :-)... I had never had good experience in writing letters so this is like an experiment for me :-). I want to tell you some of my thoughts and why did I actually joined the dating site. (By the way I am interested why you joined it to? ;-)).

I am looking for just a man. Not some super-hero-man :-) You may think that I could easily find some partner here in Ukraine But why I do not do this? The answer is simple - I think it's impossible to find the one whom I would really like here. I am down-to-earth girl but men here think that they are kings and every girl must serve them (like Cinderella server her stepmother in famous fairy tail). That's not the kind of relations that I want.

Who wants to be alone? Do you want to be alone? Sure not! Same as me.
I hate being lonely... So much songs in the world are about the loneliness... Some of them are very beautiful but most of them are very sad.

I am a girl with a happy heart. And my heart need someone to share this happiness with...

Right now I feel something very positive inside of my soul. I think that I am little nervous awaiting your reply ;-)

Tell me more about yourself and Please ask me anything you would like to know about me - I will be happy to get know each other better and see if our relations may be succeeded ;-)

And please inform me if you got this letter, so I will know if you successfully got it.


Letter 2

Hi dear Kamal!

How are you doing? Hope your are in good health and in a good mood ;-)

As we are going to know each other better (Right? :-) ) - I want to tell you more about myself and would be glad to know more about you, because I am very interested to get know you better. My birthday is celebrated at the 8th of October, I was born in 1984.

What about my photos - almost all of them are made by my friend Milena with whom I spent almost all my childhood. We were the best friend and still are in very good relations with her despite we see each other very rarely. When we grew up - she saw herself as a photographer and nowadays she works all-over Ukraine, specializing in photographing nature, mostly landscapes. But she likes to take photos of people too and I am a model for her when she visits her hometown.

I am very happy that you have nice friends who are married to Ukrainian woman. It may push us to success in relations between me and you ;-) This proves my opinion about Ukrainian men - women just run away from them abroad! :-)))

Kamal, maybe you have something interesting to tell me about your family? As for my family - unfortunately I even do not remember my father because he died in 1986 (when I was just 2 years old). His death was connected with Chernobyl incident. He worked as a firefighter. That's all that I know about him. I do not have any brothers or sisters. I live with my mother Lyuda in a two-room apartment. She works as a nurse in a government hospital. It would be better if she worked in a private-clinic but they do not need workers of her age. They need young-aged girls, like me... But I do not see myself in medicine. As you may know already - my job is CD disc's seller. I can not say that I enjoy doing it but nowadays it's good to have any job. In future I would change this job for some more "interesting" job. Never thought of being a housewife.)

Whom did you want to become when was a kid, Kamal? Every boy here dreamt to become an astronaut because Yuri Gagarin was the first man to fly to space. And most of the girls wanted to become doctors and singers (Honestly saying I wanted to become a singer too :-)). Oh I remember that funny time when 10 girls, aged from 7 to 10 y.o. spending free time outdoors singing different songs :-)) Have you heard any of Russian or Ukrainian songs? Do you like some, that you want me to sing for you? ;-)

Unfortunately I do not speak English at all... Maybe few words like "Hello" "Hi" Thank you" that I learned while tried to learn English at home. But I failed. Still hope to learn English as it is so important nowadays.

Kisses from Irina

Letter 3

Hello my wonderful Kamal!

It is still so interesting for me to exchange letters in such an easy and comfortable way. Do you feel the same? What would humanity do without Internet? And what would we do without it? At least we would not even know about each other's existence - and what would we do without this wonderful letters that we exchange? I get interested in you more and more with each new letter because I feel that we match each other very good ;-)

So with 1,70 meters in height and 51 kilos I have rather usual appearance of a cute Ukrainian girl :-) I do not think that I am super-beautiful... I always try to stay fit and have no clue why lots of girls do not want get their bodies slim and beautiful... I do not like eating much and I enjoy different kinds of sports. I like good weather - I like when it's warm, the sun is shining and light wind makes you feel cool. Nice time to have a picnic. Do you like picnics Kamal? Also I like outdoor activities like playing volleyball, badminton, walking in parks and near the river (or near the lake which we have in our town). My eyes are green-colored. Do you like green eyes? :)

I told you that I live in Antratsit town. It is between Lugansk and Donetsk cities :-)

My heart and my soul are the main two parts of me that I am proud of.
Sometimes I think that I am too kind :-))) But I like this strain of my character. I love kids very much. Little people can't leave me half-hearted. Do you plan to give life to a new human in future? ;-)

Kamal, I believe in love. And believe that when two people really love each other - they are able to overcome any issues that may separate them. Yeah, I am a romantic person ;-))



Letter 4

Hi my lovely Kamal!

You make me feel good. Just after a few letters I understand that you are definitely nice man! You became very important person for me! You seem so reliable and interesting person. I am very happy that I met you and that you answered me. Every word that you write me is like a compliment. I feel your inner beauty, your kindness and your care! You are amazingly wonderful man Kamal!

I see that our are going further and I am very happy about this fact.
I've never expected that my Internet searches for my beloved will have so quick progress. I feel that you have the missing half of my heart.
My heart beats in tune with yours. With every second of my loneliness I feel that I am more attracted to you and feel like I want to meet with you and spend the rest of my days in your company! Kamal I would do my best to be your best partner, friend, lover... You awoke the fantastic strain inside of me. I think it's strain of love that I feel with my soul!

We are humans - it is naturally for us to fall in love! Love - is eternal yearning lover to the beloved. Why did not not we know each other before? And why don't we live close to each other? Lots of kilometers are separating us but they are not able to separate our feelings. Love does not have age or distance limits! Yeah, I feel that we match each other perfectly!

Kamal my sweetheart, yeah, you are right. Translation services are costly and I spent all my saving on it already :-( :-( :-( The prices are: 5 USD for every translated letter; 3 USD for printed or scanned photo; 10 USD for a 10 minutes phone call with the help of interpreter; 45 USD per 10 minutes with a web-cam thought skype; 235 USD per 1 month of unlimited contact (with unlimited number of letters and photos) and 375 USD for 2 months of unlimited contact. I will be happy for any help from you because I can not live without your letter now! I think you can you Moneygram or Western Union. My full name is Irina Kapaeva, Live in Ukraine, Lugansk region, town Antratsit. Of course it would be much better to have unlimited correspondence with you but I will be happy even if you can recharge our account for 50$.



Letter 5

Kamal my dear!

How are you my dear? Oh honey... So fast... so fast plans. I'm even little embarrassed now. You have some of your own plans and do not want even to consult with me. To get know my thoughts. And even when I tell you what I think is better - anyway you do everything like you want. It's like one-sided relations. I love you and show you my love - but you do not love me and just tell me what to do or not to do and decide personally for both of us :-( :-( But anyway I am not type of girl who surrender quickly and then regret of what they've done the rest of her lifes. I really want to meet with you and may gladly come to Donetsk. I've got to know that the taxi with a conditioner from here to Donetsk will cost 270$. The cheaper way to get there is by train only (or by foot) but it will be too hard to find tickets for the August already because Donetsk is situated not far from the Azov Sea and it is the vacation season now...

So have you done the operation my honey?? How do you feel now? Hope my photo will make you feel better ;-) :-*

Your Irina



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