Scam Letter(s) from Nina to Gavin (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello, Gavin!!!

I am really so happy receive your letter!!! All the time I
thought: Will I have a letter from Gavin or no? ;)))) Something in my heart said to me that of course you will write to me!!! ;))) My heart was right!!! ;) And belive me: your letter made really great smile on my face!!! Thank you!

And... why you said nothing about yourself? :(( Gavin, I would be really so happy to know you but... But it is impossible without you!!! And I am sincerely hope that you will let me do it and you will tell me in your next letter about yourself! Ok!? ;)) Also, I think you are interesting to know more about me!!! ;))) And I promise to you that with my letter today you will know me much more! ;))) Well ;))) if you remember I am from Ukraine and I live in Sverdlovsk city ;) I live with my sister... Her name is Diana and she is everything what I have!!! Our parents were die some years ago and... And it was hard blow for me!!! I thought I would die... And only boundless love and care of my sister helped me stay alive!

Gavin, also, I would be glad tell you about my work!!!
And... how do you think: What is my work? ;)) I working in a beauty salon as professional hair care ;)) I like my work really so much because I am presenting the beauty to a people and... And what could be better? ;))) Do you agree with me? ;)))

Also, I want to tell you that exactly my grateful customer advised me looking for a soul-mate in another country with help of Translation Company because she met her husband with help of this one!



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