Scam letter(s) from Nicole Bracey to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hi joe. how are you doing .. good morning and how was your night im so happy to wake up to your mail and i will likw to get to know you better a very honest person and as time goes on we will get to know each other better..I am a reliable, responsible, descent, honest, trustworthy, faithful, loyal, caring, passionate and loving lady seeking someone with all these qualities as well whom we can both learn more about each other and get to spend time together.Joe i have been hurt a lot of times before and i have been involved into online dating for a while ever since i have graduated as a Mid wife, but i still haven't been able to find that GREAT MAN yet and i am real lonely and single, so i right now i can tell i am real tired of this loneliness and i really cant cope this again cos I have seem to understand i am getting older everyday and i feel i need someone to love and wake up to see on bed everyday. I need my man to be a very honest and passionate man, someone to Love me forever and never cheat on me.
stay blessed.
Nichole ..
Letter 2
I'm pleased to read from you from you once again,I wish we can talk more writing each other back and forth and learn more about each has work been with you over there and everyone around you. I Almost gave up about the internet sites few weeks ago cos i have been hurt and cheated on a lot of times like i told you before and im sorry to hear about yours too and i have gotten my heart broken by lots of men and i don't want the same to occur to me again. But i Just felt i need to give a chance with someone else and see how far we can go and that was just why i pull a profile up again on the site. Well attached below are copies of my pics for you to see as you ask and will like to see some of yours too.
I don't really have much to say about myself. I am Nichole Bracey 33yrs Old, 5'8 tall and weigh 138lbs, I am from Chicago in Illinois, studied as a Nurse from the University of Illinois College of Nursing, but presently graduated some months back down here in Nigeria as a Mid wife, Do you know what is meant by midwifery??Midwifery is a health care profession where providers give prenatal care to expecting mothers,attend the birth of the infant, and provide postpartum care to the mother and her infant.
So right now i am in Nigeria if that doesn't bother you, But i am hoping to get back to the states in soonest time or wherever my man what me to be with him because i have been trying to get a Job down here as a Nurse but been to no avail and i felt it will be good of me to get back to the states and start a Job as a Nurse and settle down with a reliable and responsible man. Also I need to let you know that Parent is deceased and I was brought up in such a way that we don't have close relation with Families and that has been reasons why i have been living a lonely life ever since, so right now don't have anyone back in the states again as i happened to be the only Kid of my parents and those are reasons why i am looking for a Reliable, Responsible, Descent, Honest, Sincere, Passionate, Loving, Caring, God fearing and Faithful man who is gonna be loyal to me and Love me wholeheartedly and not Just an Online Player.
I need to let you understand that i need something serious, I need a serious relationship and i am just not ready for some Online Games or some internet dating. I believe Internet is just a means of us getting to know a bit about each other and meeting in person will make us know all about each other cos i don't wanna be deceived again you know. It is well known there are lots of Games that are being played on the Internet nowadays, But I sincerely hope you can show some Trust and lets see how far we can go.I will want you to get back to me and tell me more about yourself and I Hope the age difference doesn't bother you cos i believe age is just a number and all that matters is Our Compatibility and that is all. I will like to read from you first and we keep it up from there and see how far we can go...Take care and remain Blessed.
Letter 3
okay i will be waiting to read back from you pretty soon . sleep tight and hope to read from you in the morning
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