Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Belova to Jan (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Hello Jan, i am very glad that now we can communicate with each other.
I'll start with what I am looking for man for serious relationship. I met you, and would like to start a friendship with you, and if all goes well, maybe build a serious relationship. I am here for serious relationship! I've had problems with the registration, and so I had to specify a different country when registering my profile. I hope that you will not be angry that I actually live in Russia in the city of Arzamas. This is a small town. My intent here, just serious and I would like to correspondence with you to explore each other, and then possible to to meet and to create a happy family. I've heard a lot about that acquaintance on the Internet, becomes every day is very popular around the world and maybe why I decided to go on the dating site for meeting new people. I love working, I also have family values and I want to have a better life with good man, whom I love and who will love me. I think that Russian women are good enough wives for their husbands. I am a woman who appreciates love, devotion and honesty! I'm not spoiled by easy and carefree life. I do not want to stay a lifetime, and be lonely. I want to love and be loved. I have achieved much in life, and I always go through to achieve my goals. I have in this life everything except family and true love. It is love that I'm looking for now, I think that between us there must be only the truth and sincerity, and the only way we can build a strong and friendly relationship. As they say, age and distance is no problem for the love and I support this expression. If you want to know me better, email me and I'll tell you the next time more information about me. In addition, I will try to send you a new pictures in each letter. OK, now I must finish my letter. I would like to know your interests, entertainment? What is your character? What qualities do you like in women? Please tell me about it. I will wait for your letters. Your friend Irina!
Letter 2
Hello Jan! Wow! You answered me, I'm actually very nice. I felt that you write me a letter. I think you want to learn a little more about me. As you already know my name is Irina and me 29 years. My height 172 cm (5'7). My weight 55 kg (120 pounds). I was born on August 18, 1984 in the city of Arzamas. I will try to tell you more about the place where I was born, lived and worked in the following letters. I think you might be interested! I want to tell you a little about my profession and where I work. I work for a small company. Our company sells wholesale clothing for children. I work as a sales manager. I have been working for more than two years and my work I really like!
Please tell me about your work, I will also be very interested to know where you work, and what do you do? I have never been married, but I want to get married. I love children, but I do not have them because I have not found the man with whom could build a happy family. I realized that it is impossible to live life alone! I am an adult woman and should be thinking about starting a family. Perhaps you're wondering what I'm looking for in a man? The most important - friendship and mutual understanding. I do not like to argue and quarrel. I want to meet a man who will be fair and who knows how to court a woman who can give me warmth and love. I want to find a man who would become my love. In a committed relationship is important to me - love, trust and understanding, but without trust, the other two things do not matter. I want to have a normal and peaceful life. This is just a few reasons why I'm still lonely, but I think it's better to be alone than be with someone and be miserable. I'm writing you a letter from an Internet cafe, because I do not have a personal computer. I would like to chat with you via Yahoo or MSN messenger, but unfortunately at the moment it is not possible! It is possible that in the future I will buy a computer to make it easier to communicate with each other. Please do not worry about it! In Russia, actually a lot of problems. People became very angry and closed, which is why I decided to find a man outside of Russia and if I have to leave Russia, I'll do it... I will not have a problem about this.
That's all I wanted to say to you today. Please try to send me as much as possible your pictures! Take care of yourself and try to contact me as soon as possible. Irina!
Letter 3
Hello Jan! I am very grateful to you for the picture, you look great!
How are you today? I hope that you will be glad to see my letter! I already informed you earlier that I do not have a computer, and for this reason, I need an internet cafe to write you a letter. I apologize if I'm not so quick answer to your letters. I hope you can understand me and be patient. Previous pictures near bus were adopted on the work of my friend. She worked as a tour guide in our city. I want to ask you a question, what prompted you to write me? Interest?
Curiosity or something else? I drew attention to you, because you also like me looking for a good person. Perhaps you have a question: "Why Russian women seek husbands from other countries." I think that for many reasons, first and foremost - the level of economic development in Russia. I want to get married, but not in Russia! I want to live in another country and have a happy family. Our country is not rich, and very difficult to find a good job. In Russia, men can not earn enough money to support a family. They are very lazy. They begin to use alcohol and often divorce. Of course, in Russia there are good men, but they are already married and if they get a lot of money, they would also begin to spend all costs alcohol or other women. In my country there are more women than men and thus men treat women meanly, although women are more physically and psychologically. Women here, run a household, raise children and have a permanent job at the same time. I have a lot of good friends, but now I found you, Jan! I am very happy about it. I tried to find love and happiness here but I feel the lies and deception. We have a saying in Russia: the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie, and I completely agree with that. I think you are an honest man. I'm right? I want to find an honest, loving and caring man for a family. Jan, I am very serious. I am very pleasant to our dialogue. For me not so important, difference in age.
I hope that for you, it's also not a problem! Now I want to talk about my hobby. My hobby is - English. I studied English for a long time when I was in school. In Russia, the course includes several foreign languages, is English, German or French. I joined a group of English and are still happy that I did it. After school, I continued to study English in college. Yes, I graduated from college. I am glad that we have no language barrier. Now I would like to finish my letter. I'll look forward to your response ... Also, I want to ask you: Do you like traveling? How often do you travel? In the next post I'll tell you a little more about my family. I think you would be interested to know about it! Irina!
Letter 4

Hello Jan! Thank you for being able to find the time to answer me. In this letter, I want attach some pictures with my family. I hope that you will love these pictures. Tell me more detail about your family and with whom you live? You have many relatives? What is your relationship with them? How often do you visit each other, how often you are going? I have a wonderful family and I are very good and warm relationships with them. I live in my parents' house. I an only child.
I really am very sorry that I have no sister or brother! My mom name is Elena, she - a very sensual and kind woman. She previously worked as a children's doctor, but now she does not work. My dad name is Alexander. He is strict, but fair man. He now works as a carpenter. In the company where he works, is engaged in designing furniture. Now this is a very common activity here, since the region consists mainly of forests and so many trees, processing companies and companies producing furniture. My parents live together for 35 years! I think it's pretty big figure. I love my parents and help them in every way, and they are also trying to help me. I have never had a man with whom I could share my ideas, but now I found you and I am very happy to do so. I want you to know that I do not judge people from where they are or what their skin color. I really wanted to leave Russia, but I do not know when? No one expects me to another country. Jan, please understand me correctly, I am very pleased that you want to meet me, but do not you think it is too early to talk about the meeting? I certainly would be happy to meet and spend a few weeks or even more with you but I think that first we must get to know each other better.
I promise that the time will come and we will talk about the meeting and maybe I'll come to you. I do not want to hurry events at the moment. Your letters - is a unique thing for me now! Your letters - part of my life now. I am very frank with you, and do not want to lose you. Forgive me for my frankness if I offended you with something, or has caused any inconvenience. I still hope that you can fully understand my English? I do not think I speak very well English, but it's not too bad! I think you understand me and what I'm talking to you! Please write to me often, even if I can not answer you at once, in any case, I will answer you! Tell me a little about your family!
OK? I'll wait for your letter. I hope that this good letter for you.
Sincerely, Irina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jan! I am very glad that you continue to send me your pictures. My hobbies and interests are wide. I do a variety of things for fun and relaxation. I enjoy going to the gym, jogging, picnics at the beach or at the gardens/forest, hiking, gardening, cooking new dishes, watching a good movie on a rainy day, and reading a good book over a warm fire in winter. Dear, I want to let you know right away that I do not want to play games with you and I'm not one of those people who play with people's feelings .. I hope you also do not play in any games with me, because my intention is really serious and I am very frank with you. In this letter I would like to tell you more about my town where I grew up, live and work. I already informed you earlier that I live in central Russia in the small town of Arzamas, but I want you to know about my city more, OK? I think you'll be interested to know more about this! I'll even send you some pictures of my city. You can also send me some pictures of your town, if you will have the opportunity. I'll be very glad of it! Dear, I do not know if you know it or not, but the population of my town is about 107 thousand people and is located 112 km south of Nizhny Novgorod. My city is located near the Volga River. This river is very big and beautiful! Perhaps you've heard of it? Arzamas has many attractions, parks and many beautiful places where you can relax or have fun. It is a pity that you do not live in my city, otherwise I would have invited you to the movies or a restaurant where we could talk and get to know each other. I think that we'd be good together! I'm right? In my town there are many parks where you can meet so many pairs of lovers. They hold hands, kiss and hug. I really enjoy looking at them, it's very romantic. I also dream to find love. I really wish that my town is far away from you, but I think it's not a problem. I hope, dear Jan, for you is also not a problem that I live far away from you. I want you to know that for me it does not matter that you live far away from me. I have traveled to Russia and even Europe and I have a passport. I was in Turkey, Belgium, Egypt, Tallinn and several other beautiful places and therefore you should not worry about that between us large distance. I hope that if our relationship will grow, you can learn more about the Russian and very mysterious woman. I think you would be interested to know about it. Please forgive me, but now my time is coming to an end and so I must finish my letter. I'll look forward to your answer. Your Irina.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jan! Thank you for your pictures. Your city looks amazing and lovely. I hope one day I will get to see it. I want to tell you how was my day, if you do not mind. My day today began well enough. I am as usual, was preparing breakfast. Last night I was doing laundry. I have a good washing machine. This is an automatic washing machine and it helps me a lot. I love to stay home and do household chores. Today we have a lot of sun! Weather here in Russia very good!
I am an optimist and I try to find the best in things! Have you thought about me? Last night I thought of you. I had a lot of work, but nonetheless, I thought of you! I hope that you also thought of me!
I want to tell you some things about myself. I do not drink alcohol a lot. I do not smoke as well. A woman should have a natural beauty! I take care of my body. I also do sports. I visit Fitnes-Club. I like to visit pool also. Well, I want to tell you that I am very interested in your life. Please tell me as much as possible, OK? We are all human beings and I understand you as a person, but we are from different cultures and some things I probably do not know. I would love to hear from you about it! Your letters help me better represent your life.
Jan, I would like to ask you about your hobbies. What did you particularly like to do? You like to watch TV? You like to go for a walk to the shops? You play a musical instrument? I know that one way or another, you should have a hobby! You love music? I love listening to different types of music! It probably depends on my mood. I have many disks at home! I also love going to the movies. As soon as a new movie comes out, then we with girlfriends buy tickets and go to the movies! Theatre? I have not been to the theater and I think it's art!
I went to the theater probably 2 years ago. Unfortunately, our daily lives, we have a lot of work and the different cases and are therefore not always possible to find enough time to go and take a fun. Do you agree with me? We people already adult and to us are peculiar many other cares. I hope that my letters do not tire you and you wonder about what I write. I just want to show you my life and tell you who I am. I can sometimes be very curious and so do not be surprised! OK?
Please write to me every day, even two words, I need to know that you're OK! Well, I must go now. I'll be thinking of you. I must now go to the supermarket and buy food. Write to me soon. Remember that I am serious in my words. Your Irina!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jan! I am very glad that you took the time to answer me.
I was waiting for your letters. I am really very pleased that you start talking about the meeting, for me it really means a lot. In the middle, or perhaps at the end of next month I will have a vacation. I think that maybe we could meet during my vacation, since I will be a lot of free time! I promise you that we will come back to this conversation. Let's not rush things. Now I'm in an internet cafe with my friend. Her name is Anastasiya, she is my best friend who supports me in difficult times, helps resolve various issues and problems.
Dear, you have such a friend? In this letter I will send you a picture of my best friend, I think that she, you will like. She is really a very nice person! Dear, now I am very lonely in my life and there is no such person whom I could love and would make him happy. In private life I have now void. I've never been married, my last boyfriend was almost my age, we have been with him for almost two years, but he was a crook, he deceived me though pretended, that everything is in order, which is always with me. I really was naive and thought he loved me, but it turned out that he's just a fool (excuse the expression), he frequently deceived me he was a liar, and his friends were more important than our shared future. For it was not important our relationship and I had to say goodbye to him and I do not how many do not regret it. Now I'm looking for more serious and sincere really "adult man for serious relationship." I hope you understand what I mean. Among my friends and colleagues, I can not single out someone for a serious relationship. In the beginning it seems that you meet with the good and the right person, but then it turns out that you're wrong! This is probably why I went to a dating service. Probably here I can find someone who will love me, appreciate and understand. For me, no matter his financial situation and the work he does. I hope to find a man who values relationships and who can take care of the woman. I'll be ready to give him everything, and it seems to me that the main advantage of a woman is: loyalty, honesty, caring and understanding. Dear, that's all I wanted to say to you today. Please forgive me, but my time is coming to an end. Email me your ideas about all this. I'll look forward to your letters. Your Irina!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jan! Thank you for being able to find the time to answer me and send new pictures. In this letter I also want to attach some pictures that were taken on my work. I hope you will enjoy these pictures. Today I finished work a bit earlier and when I arrive home, I'll cook dinner. I think I am not told you earlier that I very love to cook. I would like to ask you a few questions if you do not mind.
What dishes do you like and what kind of cuisine do you prefer? What do you like to eat? dessert, meat, fish? Please tell me this. I think I should know! I am very good cook different kinds of dishes. I was taught to cook, my mother, my grandmother and my father. I love to prepare different food. Dear, if I had not worked as a manager, I probably would have been a chef :-)). Cooking - is the foundation of health. Do you agree with me? I do know a lot of recipes. I love the delicious and healthy food. Yes, the food must be healthy. I love potatoes and a variety of dishes from this vegetable. When I get home I go to the kitchen and start cooking something delicious for me and my family. I love the moments when my friends come to me. I always try to surprise them with my culinary charms. My friends appreciate my skills in cooking and I hope that someday, you will also appreciate my cooking abilities. Also, I really like the stove and make various salads. Dear, do you love salads? Vegetables? Fruit? I love almost all vegetables and fruit, especially peaches, apples, pears, pineapples and bananas. I am confident that you love Pizza! I love to eat at home, and I'm not like to go to restaurants fast supply. I care about my health. I try to eat only natural products. I do not drink alcohol a lot. I also do not smoke, but I have nothing against smokers! A woman should have a natural beauty, and I take care of my body. Please forgive me, but my Time is running out. Please do not forget to answer my questions. I really would be very interested to know about all this! The next message I will send you a few more pictures and perhaps pictures of my friends. I look forward to your posts! My kisses for you, your Irina
Letter 9
Hello my dear Jan! You again today Made my day very good! I went to an Internet cafe with a special feeling and I waited your letter! How are you? I am fine! How did your family and friends? My parents were in order and I also all excellent! How is your weather? The weather here is changeable! I love the warm and sunny weather. Dear, what time of year do you like? You like warm or cold weather? Please let me know about it. I want to tell you how my day went yesterday. Yesterday my friend invited me to relax. We met with her and decided to go bowling.
We went to the Bowling Club "Crystal" This club is very popular in our city. My friend had a great time, but I was very bored and sad, because I thought of you and you were not with me, I'm sorry, I do not live in your town, otherwise I would invite you to the movies! I might even come to you, and we went for a walk! Good idea? But... we live in different cities! Maybe you want to visit sometime Russia? What do you think? I would love to visit your country! I often think about your message and understand that you are serious about me, and frankly, I am very pleased. I also treat you very seriously, and I hope you understand it from my letters. I would like to inform you that I am not one of those people who play games. I hope that you also do not play with me, because it would cause me much pain! Also, I would like to inform you that I could not write such things if I did not trust you. I am very glad that I have a man like you Jan! Dear, if our relationship will also grow, perhaps we could meet with you, because very soon I will have a lot of free time because of the holiday that I should get very soon! I hope for you is good news! Unfortunately now my time is coming to an end and so I must finish my letter. Please try to write me as often as possible. Your letters make my day very bright and emotional. Your, Irina!
Letter 10
Hello, my dear Jan! I am very grateful that you took the time to answer me and send new pictures. I loved them, thank you! I think that our relations have been a ray of light, and we became closer to each other. Do you agree with me? I'm talking about you and about our relationship with my parents and now my whole family knows about you.
To be honest my parents were very interested and they asked so many questions about you. Mum asked how old you are, and my father asked if you have a child. I had to answer all their questions, and we discussed you last night. I told my parents that you are very good and decent man. After dinner, we talked about you only with my mother. You probably can only guess that the mother and daughter can have their own secrets, and nobody understands better than his own mother's daughter? My mother warned me that I should not hurry to join with you in a relationship and I very well understand this. I told her that you are a good and decent man. My father is also a very good man, and perhaps someday you'll be able to get acquainted with my father. He is very care about our family. My parents very want to get acquainted with you. I told them that I have very serious intentions towards you.
My parents always want only good things for me, especially in personal relationships. I think I did not tell you earlier that my dad loves to fish, and he even taught me this, but I had no patience for this. My father told me that he would very much like to invite you to go fishing. He also told me that he would prepare the bait for you. Dear, do you like fishing? You're talking to friends or relatives about me?
If so, what they think of me? I think it is important to us, if we can spend more time with each other, and thus, we can strengthen our relationship and know each other better. What do you think about this?
Maybe next month we will be able to meet each other! Please do not misunderstand me Jan, I can not invite you to her, because I live in the apartment of the parents. Our house is very small and cramped, and you will not be comfortable with us. I think we have to meet elsewhere. For me, will not be difficult to take a little vacation for our meeting. I would love to meet you. I have already tired of the letters! Dear, we can make full opinion on us, and learn a lot, in particular, to share with each other with new impressions and discuss them. Please inform me your opinion about all this. I apologize, but now I must go. I'll wait for your letters. Your Irina!
Letter 11
Hello my dear Jan! You were looking forward to my letter? I hastened as soon as possible to write to you. I am very glad that I get letters from you, and I'm also glad that you support my idea about our meeting. I think that in following messages, we need to discuss this issue in more detail and to clarify the time and place of our meeting.
I have already informed you in previous letter that for I have no problem take a vacation from work. I already took care of it and therefore you should not worry! I spoke with your boss about my vacation. I explained to him our situation. My boss is a good person and he listened attentively and asked me some questions. For example, how long me will not be? He also asked me my plans for the future. My boss respects me as a person and as a colleague the work. He knows that I can always entrust the important task. The boss agrees with me that I should build my private life and he does not will prevent this, and he let me leave at any time, and for any period. He also told me that if I go back to Russia, and our relationship will not develop he always give me a job in his company. I was so happy about that! So, my parents and my boss is not against our meeting. Now I'm calm about it.
It seems that things are going to meet us and I am very pleased that everything is just so. I think this is a good beginning to our serious relationship. In addition, I myself feel that I am doing the right thing. I have a lot of feelings to you. I want to be with the time between us grew up feeling of love. I am very serious about you and trust you. I also think it's great luck to meet a good man Internet. I beg to tell me your ideas about our meeting, OK? I will also tell you my ideas about this in my next letter. Now I must finish my letter.
I'll wait for your letters and ideas about our meeting.
Your Irina!
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jan! How are you? I'm fine! Today, I have a wonderful day and good mood. I hope you also fine. I would like to inform you that I could not sleep because I thought a lot about you and about our meeting. I am very glad that you also want to meet me. I really would like to see your country and your lifestyle. For me, it will be very interesting to know! I think we're going to have a happy time together. We are now very good friends and I must say that our friendship can grow into love. What do you think about this? You really are very important to me. You are the more to me than just a friend! I hope you understand it. I really want to be between us were only warm feelings and a serious relationship. I also want to be between us was trust, honesty, understanding and love. For me it is very important! I really can not wait to see you and I hope that you have the same feelings for me. Dear, I am very interested in a question and I hope that you will answer me honestly and sincerely. Do you maintain a relationship with other girls? I really should know this, because I relate to you very seriously. I want you to know, I'm not interested in other men, and I only keep in touch with you! You gave me a lot of positive emotions Jan, And I am very grateful to you for it. I think, my dear, we need to arrange a meeting so that there were no problems and difficulties for you and me. I think you agree with me. I have already informed you that for me not to make difficulties to take leave from work. Probably, you have a very intense schedule? Then we can organize our meeting somewhere near you, or even in your city. What do you think about this? I hope for you it will be convenient, and my arrival will not cause problems and hassle for you. I hope that we will choose this option for our meeting, because for me it is very convenient. I really would like to see you and your friends. Can you show me your city and favorite places. Let me know if it's convenient for you and I will start preparing for my trip. Please write me soon! I'll wait for your letters to think about you and about our meeting. My kisses to you. Your, Irina!
Letter 13
Hello, my dear Jan! I am glad to see again your letter in my mailbox.
I am grateful that you took the time to write me! I hope you are all well! I'm doing great. Dear, I'm also very much want meet with you, but before come, I need to know some things. Please do not get me wrong, but I really need to know about it. I would like to know if I come to you, where you will place me? At home or in the hotel? I really need to know this. I could stay in your house while you're at work and then in the evening we could be together and we would be a lot of talking to each other! Dear, I will not interfere with your work! I want the opposite, to inspire you. I would kiss and hug you every day when you leave and come home! Would you kiss me? We could also go for a walk! I want you to know that I do not want you to spend a lot of money on me. Money is very hard to get nowadays, and so we could be just be home and I would cook dinner for you! I've already told you that I am very good cook. I can also help you to work for the house and can do the order! If necessary, for you, I can go to work.
Unfortunately I do not know how long I can stay with you, because it depends on you and on your decision. One week or two, or maybe even longer? I think we will solve this issue during our meeting, OK? I am seriously considering our relationship with you, and I really want to have a meeting with you. Write me your thoughts about our meeting in the next letter and do not forget to answer my question. I will not be upset if I have to be placed at the hotel. Now I must go. My kisses and hugs for you. Yours Irina!
Letter 14
Hello my dear Jan! I am very glad to see your letter in my mailbox.
I'm also glad to know that you are ready to meet me in your house. I am very grateful to you that you trust me. I think it is very important. Jan, In a previous letter, I wanted to know how seriously do you feel about me. Please forgive me my dear, but you must understand that for me it was very important you are ready to take me into your house or not! If we had met in a hotel or somewhere else, maybe I thought that you're not serious about me and want to meet with me just for fun. My friend told me that many people get acquainted through the Internet just for sex, but in the profiles they write that seek a serious relationship. Earlier, I never got acquainted on the Internet, so I was a bit surprised and disturbed by this. Now, I believe in you and is calm about it. I understand that you also want to meet me, and you expect when I arrive to you. I am very pleased that everything is happening just so. I think this is a good beginning to our serious relationship. I have a lot of feelings for you. I am very serious about you and trust you. It is possible that you are the man I was looking for so long. You are kind and gentle. You are loyal and honest man. I am confident that you are a man of your word, and you can be a good partner for me in life. I think that everything will be fine. In the coming days I will try to contact the travel agency. I need to figure out all the necessary information and rules for visiting your country. Unfortunately now my time is coming to an end.
Please write me soon. Your letters mean a lot to me. I'll wait for your letters and think of you. My kisses to you. Your, Irina!
Letter 15
Hello my dear Jan! Thank you for your letter I want you to know that I really want to see you, your country and way of life. I want to see it through my eyes and I think that together we will have a happy time. Do not you think so? We are now very good friends, and I think maybe even more than friends. You are really very important to me. Are you one of those people who I find sincerity, understanding and trust. I hope that you also trust me, because without trust you can not build a relationship. I think you agree with me! OK, I have some news for you, but I do not know if they will be good for you or not! In any case, I must tell you about it. I had a conversation with a representative of a travel agency. He told me to, I was able to come to you, I must have a visa. Unfortunately, the visa is now quite difficult to obtain, but the travel agent may be able to help us. He told me that he will do everything possible so that I had no problems. The representative of the travel agency did not discuss it all, and therefore I must in the coming days to go to the main office to learn all the details. I've been there before, and I know where he is. I will need to go to the city center. By the way, this is one of the most trusted agencies in our city, and I think they will be able to explain everything and help me. Later I will try to tell you about how I can get a visa more detail. My dear, I hope that we will not have a problem with that. I am very worried about this, but I'm also very seriously intends to meet with you, and so I will not stop any difficulties. I really would like you to write me every day, and inspired me, OK? Your letters really mean a lot to me. Please forgive me, but now my time has come to an end and I must go. I'll wait for your letters to think about you and about our meeting. My kisses to you. Your, Irina!
Letter 16
Hello my dear Jan! Today I had a very difficult and hard day. I am very tired, but despite this I found the strength to respond to you.
Dear, I have good news for you. Today after work I went to the main office, travel agency and I had a conversation with a travel agent. We told about many things and very many discussed with him. I explained that I want to visit your country and the first question to ask me:
Have you been in there before? I said NO! Also me asked: Do you have a passport? I said that I have a passport! Unfortunately, my passport was expired, and now I need to renew it, it will require a small amount of time, but you should not worry about it! They also asked my marital status, my earnings if I have children, and many other issues.
I answered every question. I said that I visited Europe before, and they told me that in this case I will not have a problem with a visit to your country. They told me about the politics of European countries and in particular to your country. Each government cares about the people who arrive in their country. They choose from candidates for a visa, and do not give a visa to anyone. Yes, it's really a pity... It is very important financial stability. Also, social status and purpose of entry into the country. I need to do some more photos and documents and carry them to the agency to fill in questionnaires, and to sign a contract and decide on the payment. Dear, I think we will have no problems with the visa, because the travel agency will do its utmost to help me with this. I am very happy that soon we will be together. I look forward to the day of our meeting. I hope that you will be pleased by this news. Please forgive me, but I must finish my letter.
I am very tired today and I must go home. I'll wait for your letters.
I kiss you, your Irina!
Letter 17
Hello my dear Jan! My parents and friends tell you HELLO! My mom has asked me how things are going with the meeting. She is very worried about my journey, but I told my parents that there is no cause for concern. My parents have always wanted and want for me, only good, especially in personal relationships. I told my mom that everything will be okay, and maybe soon I will be able to come to you! I'm looking forward to the day when I can tell you "Hi" - in person. I think I'll remember this day forever. Dear, today I had a very busy day and I am very tired, but I must share with you my news. Today I was in a travel agency and signed a contract. Under this contract, my agency will prepare all necessary documents for me, including visas and tickets. In my town there is an airport, but it is not flies to foreign countries, and therefore I have to go to Moscow. I will fly to you from Moscow, there a few airports. My travel agent has to make the route my journey. Dear, I want you to tell me your the nearest airport, which is located near you. This information is required as soon as possible so that my agent was able to develop my route and get to know the total cost of my trip. Please do not forget to tell me, OK? Today I paid the money that was needed to process my visa and other necessary documents. Unfortunately, the amount that I had to pay was more than I expected. I thought that the visa will cost me about 50 or 75 dollars, but I was wrong, because due to problems with obtaining a visa, it cost me $ 200. Jan, I do not know, but maybe I need your help to pay for another part of the cost of my trip. At the moment I have a small amount of money. My parents also loaned me a small sum of money, but I think that this entire amount will be not enough, to cover the second part of the money, which includes the cost of tickets, insurance, and other necessary documents for my trip to you. Dear, it will become clear only when my agent will make the route of my journey. I have to pay the second portion of the money in accordance with the contract before receiving a visa. I will get a visa in Moscow, before my flights, at the Embassy of your country. My agent sent all my documents and application forms there. Jan, If I need your help, I will report this to you, OK? I really hope this is not a problem for you, and I can not worry about it. I also hope very much that I'm not going to need your help because I was very uncomfortable and I'm not used to ask for help from someone. I'll tell you all the news and plans for our meeting in the next letter. By the way, I already have a gift for you. This is a souvenir! My parents will also be sent through me, you a gift. OK, tomorrow I can tell you more about our meeting. Now I must go. I'm really tired today. Please do not forget to tell me the nearest airport, which is close to you.
I'll wait for your letters. My kisses to you. Your Irina!
Letter 18
Hello my dear Jan! You can not imagine how glad I am to see your letter in my mailbox. I hastened as soon as possible to write to you.
I could not wait for that moment when I will be near a computer to respond to you. What is your weather today? I was wondering when I'll come to you, what kind of weather we will have? OK, we'll talk about that later. Yes, I understand that you would like to talk to me on the phone and hear my voice. I also think it is a good idea because that way we can discuss many things, but I do not think it's possible, because my phone can not send or receive international calls. In any case, if I get a chance to call to you, I'll let you know, OK? Dear, I want you to know that I do not need your invitation or sponsorship letter, because I will come to you on a tourist visa, but I need to have a return ticket, because without it I can not fly to you. I think this is due to the problems of emigration to your country. In any case, I ask you not to worry because everything will be fine! Dear, you can not imagine how uncomfortable and embarrassing to me because I have to ask for help from you. I've always considered myself an independent, and always thought that I can solve my problems alone.
Unfortunately at this time, I was not able to consider and evaluate all the circumstances, and perhaps why I did not manage to pay my travel. Earlier I could without too much trouble to travel on their own, because everything was much cheaper and easier, but since then things have changed. I'm glad I have you Jan! I believe and know that you will not leave me in difficult moments. Before we met, I imagined myself quite independent and strong, but now I feel like a weak woman who needs support and assistance. I am very pleased that I have such a strong and kind man! OK, now I want talk with you about my trip. I gave my agent the information that you gave me, and he counted the remaining amount of money that I have to pay. This is the sum of 795 dollars. Yes, I understand that this is quite a lot, but this amount includes tickets, insurance, road to the airport and other incidental expenses, and so I think it is quite reasonable. Luckily I have some money left after the first part of the payment. This is the sum of 350 dollars. Now I need a few days to pay 445 U.S. dollars to my agency.
Dear, this is all that I need, so that I could come to you. I very much hope that you are not angry with me because it is unplanned expenses for you, but I also think it is fair, because I also spend a lot of my money, my parents' money, time and effort. Do you agree with me? Unfortunately now my time is coming to an end. I'll wait for your letters and think of you about our upcoming meeting. I would like to know what you think about all this. I hope you're happy that very soon we will be able to meet each other. Now I must go. I'll wait for your letter tomorrow. My kisses for you. Your Irina!
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