Letter(s) from Lubov to William (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello William.
I am very glad to receive your letter today. Thanks for your new letter.
How are you? As your mood? I very much hope that at you all is good.
At me today all is good. At me fine mood...
Today my day has begun with a tasty breakfast. I ate porridge with milk.
Drank tea with fruitcakes. That you ate for a breakfast today...??
How many days in a week you work? I hope that my questions do not frighten you...
I want to know as much as possible about you William.
You are interesting to me as the man and I want to continue our dialogue.
I already wrote to you that I like to travel or spend time on the nature.
During the holiday I was in Egypt city Hurghada and by the black sea in Sochi two times.
I respect traditions of other countries. What traditions are in your country?
I want to visit your country in the future. I want to visit beautiful cities of your country.
Your country is very interesting to me and I want to know about your country on more.
What population of your city? What sights are??
I think that you too like to travel...?? In what countries you were?
I have remarkable girlfriends Marina and Inna with which I am on friendly terms since the childhood.
My friends always to support me a difficult minute and help me in all.
Always it is necessary to have the good friend or the girlfriend.
Because friends always will help a difficult minute.
I hope that at you too is good and reliable friends...
I want to ask you, when you birthday...?? My birthday 20.12.1980.
Now I finish the letter. I wish you pleasant evening.
I send you photos:
My photos with Sochi and Hurghada.
Photos with the girlfriends.
All my photos are done by my girlfriend Marina. Marina the good photographer.
I with impatience will wait your letter.
Yours Lyuba.

p.s. http://youtu.be/co6WMzDOh1o