Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Orekhovo to George (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon!!! how your mood today?
I looked through your structure and you very liked me,
I wish to get acquainted with you and better to learn each other.
I mean that we can see private language and I foretaste, that our dialogue will grow into a more big attitude.
In my next mail I shall send you of more photograph and I shall tell to you more about myself, and now I shall wait your letter.
Sincerely yours Ekaterina, Take care
Letter 2
Hello George !
I am glad that you became interested in me and wrote to me. I am very glad to see your answer. I knew that you will write to me. I had any strange feeling. =)
I have the computer on work. Therefore I can write to you every day. It not problem. It is important, that you wanted it also strongly as it is wanted by me. You write to me from the house? Or? You can the answer to me on my letter so often?
I get acquainted for the first time through Internet. I at first did not think of it. But decided to try. I have no any experience of conversation on the Internet. Therefore do not take offense, if I do something not so.
So, it is a little about me. My name Ekaterina my acquaintances and friends me call Katya. I was born and I live in the Settlement Toryal. Now I am 27 years old. My birthday on October 18. I do not drink and I do not smoke. I never was married and I have no children. But I believe that I can find the serious and sincere man with whom I can construct the serious relations. I have a quiet character, I do not like to be nervous. Nerves are not restored :).
I hope that we can recognize a lot of each other and our communication will be pleasant for both of us. I hope for sincerity of your intentions on the relation to me. I look for the serious relations therefore I hope for reciprocity and understanding. I have many questions to you because I want to learn much you. It is interesting to me to learn much about your life, work and entertainments.
I would like to hear your voice. But on last week, my phone broke and since then I all wait, when it will repair. But you can leave to me your phone number if you want. As soon as I will have a possibility I will call you. ok?
Tell to me. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What should it be able to do? I very much would want to learn. It is important for me.
I forgot to tell that my growth of 165 sm, weight of 63 kg. It can for you is important:).
I put some photos in my letter. I made for you a photo at a playground.
In my following letter I will send you my video
I hope that you will like it and you send me your photos.
I wait for your answer.
Your new girlfriend of Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello George!
Thanks for your letter. How your day? I waited for your letter. It is a pity only that I cannot use msn or skype because the director very much swears about it. He considers that in working hours people should be engaged in work, and private life to build after work. At me happens a little free time from work, but I will try to write to you often. You can not doubt it:).
When I looked your profile on a dating site, I understood at once that you are really serious person. And at you serious intentions in search of the girl. I like quiet, serious, fair men. Also I do not want to play love and the teenage relations. Flirtation and friendship me does not interest. I do not want to waste time on long correspondence. Romanticism is for youth. The reality and sincerity in the relations is necessary to me only. I did not know, whether you will want to get acquainted with me because of distance between our countries. But you very much were pleasant to me. I want to recognize you. I hope that you will understand me. I met some men here, but all of them deceived me or offended. Here in Russia many men awfully treat women. I write to you because I hope that you are in a different way brought up, and you not such, as men in Russia. Certainly, still early to decide that for us with you waits in the future. It do not solve in letters, I so think. Everything will be clear, when we will be closer each other...
I understand that it is very interesting to you to learn more about me. As I already spoke to you, I was born and I live to the settlement Torjyal, it to be in 780 km from Moscow. You know Moscow, or? It is difficult to find on the card where I to live, because it is the small settlement. This very beautiful place.
That concerning my work. I work as the tutor in kindergarten. My mother worked as the teacher at school therefore I decided to follow in the footsteps of my mother. I very much love children. Therefore I very much like my work. And I would like to have the children. And you have children? You would like to have children? I got a good education. I ended usual high school and then to graduate from pedagogical university. But now I understood that career did not bring me happiness. Career became the reason on which I still have no husband, there are no children. I decided to change my outlooks on life because the family is more important. I believe that made the right decision.
And where you studied? And where you now work? It is really interesting to me to learn about you. Therefore write to me.
Write to me to you my video and a photo which I made for you will be pleasant? As I will wait for your video promise me that you will make for me video.
I will wait. Your new girlfriend of Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello George!
I received your letter. How are you? George how your mood? I want to learn, how passes your day.
Today to me my friends came. If to speak honest, girlfriends noticed that my behavior from our last meeting, somehow changed. I became more cheerful and happy. I had to tell them, in what a secret of this happiness. I said to them that got acquainted with you on the Internet. I hope, what you not against? They asked me, whether frightens me that you live for thousands kilometers from me. My friends excited, how you are in earnest about me or not, because of distance between our countries. I told it that you are the serious and decent man. They were glad and wished us only good luck and love.
Therefore now I want to tell and you that I am not afraid of distance between us. This distance some hours of flight by the plane. I hope that you also understand it. Therefore I do not think that it will be a problem for us if we really want the firm relations. I will repeat the firm relations because only such relations are necessary to me. I hope, what you will agree with me??? I want, that you were honest with me. If something not to be pleasant to you in me, better to say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance. I do not want, that we had secrets from each other.
Why you do not send me video and a photo?
I want to report to you about how I grew and who brought up me.
I live one, separately from my parents. I am an only child in a family. I have no brothers, and sisters. I try to visit parents almost each weekend and during free time from work. Since the childhood my mother brought up from me the decent person and now I am very grateful to it. Name of my mother of Nastya. Mother teaches me to everything that she is able. I am able to do washing and to look after clothes, to repair it, to cook tasty food. Mother says that she taught me to the best. And I am very grateful to it for it. I have no fathers it died when I was small. Parents taught me to respect kindness, honesty in people. Also to be pleasant to me purity and a cosiness in the house. I well know how to cook food. George, I would like to learn about your family. What can you tell me?
I ask you that you answered my questions. Ask me, and I also will tell more about me. What it is still interesting to you to know about me? I send you my photos and a photo of my mother on which I made a photo for you and a photo of my mother with girlfriends, my mother on a photo on the middle.
George, I hope that I will receive soon your letter and a photo. You will send me them? I will wait.
About respect your Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello George!
Thanks for your letter. You know, communication with you for me becomes valid very important. I do not know, but sometimes it turns out so that you can understand me better, than my friends. I feel that I can tell to you important things for me and you well think to it. Thank you that you also seriously treat me.
For what to you my surname? I very much want to see your photo. And your surname as?
Today I went down the street and looked that surrounds me. Earlier I much that did not notice. Ed you represent? I go down the street where I went not the first year and I notice a lot of the new. At all I do not know how to describe it. After I got acquainted with you, it seems to me that in my life there were changes. And only good changes. And how are you? As you feel? You had a successful day? What is the new?
George, how you like to have a rest? During what period you take vacation from work? I try to take every year my vacation from work. Last year we with girlfriends went by the sea. Then I saw for the first time the sea, it was not forgotten impression for me. This year I could not take my vacation from work in the summer because could not find in time to me replacement by work. Therefore this year I am expected by holiday:). And to be pleasant to you the summer or winter? What period of time you think better for holiday from work? It is very interesting to me, you can give me idea how to spend my holidays this year...
Today girlfriends invited me at cinema. But today I was late released after work, and did not manage to go with them. Though I very much love cinema. George, and you love cinema? what genre? I like romantic comedies. And you? And to go to theater to you it is pleasant? And to dance? I like to dance. In the childhood I went to dancing school.
Forgive, if not always I answer all your questions. You do not think that I ignore them or I do not understand. English for me it not a problem. Because at school and then at university I studied English. I can freely speak on English. Therefore I have no problems to understand you. I always try to answer all your questions. But as I write you from work at me limited quantity of time. Sometimes, I can not manage to answer all questions. And if I do not answer something important for you. You simply remind me. Well?
I do not know, when you will receive my letter. In the morning? Or in the evening? But I will hope that my letter always brings you good mood!
Tomorrow, I learn it:).
Your Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello George!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. How are you? I Hope that everything is good.
Today to me for work my friend of Irina came. We are on friendly terms with it since the childhood. This is my best friend. I told it about our acquaintance. I think, you not against? She very much rejoiced for me. Because it is already married and already has the small son. It has soon a birthday and she came to invite me. She asked me to bake a pie on its birthday. Irina very much are pleasant my pies. My friends say that I have a talent to cook tasty food. George, you would like to try a pie which to do we with mother? With strawberry or another? I am sure that it would be pleasant to you. They very tasty. My mother learned me to cook food, I know many various recipes, probably I will tell you about them sometime. Tell me about your preferences in food? I will treat you on our the first meeting. I think that I can cook food at your desire. George, what it to be pleasant to you from food? It is very interesting to me:).
I not so like my surname therefore I do not want to tell my surname.
I want to explain to you why earlier I could not find the man for marriage. The main reason is work which takes away a lot of time. But I cannot tell that I was deprived of man's attention. I had meetings with men, but all this was not serious. These men were afraid of the serious relations or simply were not ready to it. Also many men have addiction to drink many alcohol and to these to fill in own shortcomings. The serious relations with such man never the good can be. In my life there were no many men. With one I to be on friendly terms at school, but it left, when I was 14 years old to other city and I more it did not see. Then we started to go on dances, and I met another. It was more senior for two years. But then was gone. It appeared that he married the rich girl, at which the rich father. And it was very sick to me to learn it. It appeared that money is necessary for it only. At university I got acquainted with the guy. He suggested to meet. But in the evening I learned that he the fan only to drink alcohol and to walk with girls. And I did not meet more it. You drink alcohol? George, only speak, the truth. I hope, what you do not abuse with it??? Because I only on a holiday dare to drink a glass of good white wine. I not against if the man drinks alcohol. But it should be a little and very seldom because I do not want to quarrel because of alcohol. I want, that my husband was always happy and in good mood, without alcohol. And I will try to do everything for this purpose. I am ready to kiss, embrace him constantly. If only it did it happy. I want, that we enjoyed every day love, passion and tenderness of each other.
George, I thought what not to meet to me more good man who will understand me and not only to see beauty and to want only ***. Also met you. And my life changed. In it there was what did not suffice long time.
I will wait for your letter tomorrow.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello my dear George!!!!!!!
Now I sit in front of the computer on work and I write you the letter because thought of you. More precisely I thought more of us with you!
It is pleasant to me that you try to answer all my questions and attentively read my letters. I see that I am interesting to you. George, I am glad that we found each other. ours with you acquaintance pleasure for me. You are handsome and sociable the man. You write me remarkable letters! I want to hope that our relations do not stop only on correspondence. This my opinion and I want to be sincere with you.
Orekhovo, my surname.
I am glad that from one million people on the Internet, we could find each other. It seems to me that it is destiny. I cannot call it in a different way! Now, when I wake up in the morning, my head is occupied with thoughts on you! When I go to sleep, my head is occupied only with thoughts on you. You forced me to return to reality. Earlier I gave all the time to work. But now at me other thoughts. Thoughts on you. This happiness for me. I constantly think, whether everything at you is good. As you spent day. That you do. Correspondence with you gives me great pleasure. It is very pleasant, when the man understands my feelings. Therefore I am not afraid to trust you my feelings. I do not know why, but I trust you. I had no such feelings to the man for a long time. But you deserve my trust. I am sure that trust, this main thing for strong and happy marriage. I want, that we had no secrets from each other! You agree? We with you look for the serious relations which can lead subsequently to marriage! Therefore we should be very frank! We should trust each other!
I hoped that my mobile phone can repair after breakage. Today I wanted to give you my telephone number. So we with you could call and write the SMS each other. But this morning I learned that now I should buy new phone for me. Because my phone is not subject to repair. It is necessary to wait now for my salary to buy phone. Thus, I can tell you my telephone number at once when I will have again phone. ok?
I think of how our first meeting after virtual acquaintance as it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet will take place much. I cannot while to myself to present our first meeting, but I am not afraid of it. And you are afraid of our first meeting? You thought, already about it? It is interesting to me...
I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your sincere Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello George!!!!!!!!
How passes your day? What do you do? When you woke up? I would give much waking up today in your embraces. I want to look in your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss. George, what will be our first kiss? How you think? I think that it will be very sweet and passionate kiss. I can feel your love and tenderness. I very much want to try this kiss right now. I am sure that it will be unforgettable. George, I do not know why, but after acquaintance to you I feel well. I have many forces. Constant desire something to do. I am simply happy...
Today I spent the whole day at my friend of Irina. I already said to you earlier that it has today birthday. She asked me, as ours with you the relations much. That we plan to do further with our relations. The serious relations at us or just friends on correspondence. If the serious relations when we plan our meeting. Anybody from my friends cannot still believe in love on the Internet. And can simply envy, to that that we found each other and we were not prevented even by distance between our countries. I told it that at us everything is serious. If there will be an opportunity for a meeting, we by all means will use of. If to speak honest, I do not love, when discuss my private life. Therefore I try to make decisions independently, especially such important.
I want, that you knew that I do not look for the rich man as it is done by many women now! Me the wealth and expensive gifts does not interest. The most important for me that my future husband could provide with all necessary a family! And the rest I think, the woman should do. She should be able to feed a family, it is necessary to clean clothes, to clear the house. But many women do not want to do it. They, I prefer to have the servant. But unless to cook food for a family, it is bad? Unless to tide up the house, it is bad? To see off the husband for work with a tasty breakfast in the morning, and to meet with a tasty dinner in the evening! Here this real family happiness! And I want it! Certainly, I understand that our relations just virtual. But I think that we is already close to the real serious relations. It is only following stage of our relations. Distance between us not a hindrance. I do not see this distance between us.
George parents say that I very much changed recently. They are surprised to my happiness. At least my mother many to ask about you. I think that you were pleasant to it... Because I tell about you much. I from mother have no secrets. I want to thank you that you are near me. It does me happy. Thanks to you, George. When I read your sincere letters, at me good mood during the day. I would like to dream only of us with you.
With impatience I wait for your answer tomorrow.
Yours faithfully, Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hello my dear George!!!
George, I am glad to your letter. How are you? I Hope that your day passed well...
Today all day I thought of recent conversation with Irina. It can in something and correctly thinks. I speak about our relations. It can and other people, our relations really see, as soon as a little flirtation. But it at all so. We with you understand it. You agree? And I want to prove them it. George, I hope that you understand that we cannot write each other infinitely long. There will come such moment soon that we will know everything about the friend the friend in letters. But not to see each other. And then the question remains only behind our meeting face to face. You agree with me? What do you think of it? How it will occur? What will we do? I very much would like to learn your opinion. I think of it constantly.
I ask you it because I have to you a joyful news. It simply godsend. In a different way I cannot call it. In 3-4 weeks I will have month of holiday on work. I thought that it will be the best time for our meeting. This year to meet you, for me it is the unique chance. You know that I have a dense working plan. The destiny gives us this chance that we used this chance. If in some days you need to go on work. I can meet you after work, and to make a dinner in the evening. What do you think of it? I simply want to have touches to you. I think that the whole month together can show us that we could not see for many months of correspondence. It will be our first meeting. And it is very important! We can understand reality of our feelings. We should solve, we will live together one happy family!!! And I do not come back home. Or I should return back home. I very much want, that we were happy together. Therefore I will be glad for happy continuation after our meeting.
I very much wait for your answer! I hope to receive reciprocity on my offer! I cannot so more. I want to feel you, to touch you. For me it is the most terrible torture knowing that you are at me. But during too time it is far from me. You are very good person and it is really pleasant to me to communicate with you. You became those the person who brings pleasure to me every day. And it only that I receive your letters! You represent that could be if we were near now?.:)
I want, that you well thought of it...
I want to be with you!!!!
Your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 10
Hi my dear George!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand my feelings. Also I am glad to learn your feelings. Your letter as always warms my heart. I do not know how to describe that occurs. I already spoke to you about it. Yesterday we again spoke with mother concerning you. I told it that I cannot live without you. I want you to see. Mother thinks that I should go to you, instead of suffer here one. My best friend of Maria, also supports my decision to be with you. Today I learned exact dates of my holiday on work.
Holiday will begin with (AAOA - N ION?AOII A 3 IAAAEE) and 30 days will proceed.
Therefore I have some of very important questions to you: - You can meet me these days? Because I do not know, how to me to change dates of my holiday from work, even for some days. You know, what at me a busy operating schedule. Therefore it is better to solve everything now. I hope that you can do something that our meeting took place. - To what airport I should arrive? What international airport close to you? That to you was closer and more conveniently to meet me? And also it is important to me to learn: - For what period of time I can remain with you? I understand that it will be forever better to remain together:). I would be glad, but let speak seriously. We with you not teenagers, and adult people. We will try not to accept hasty decisions to our first meeting, and also the most important for us and for our future. Well?
Therefore I hope that you will be in earnest with understanding and in relation to my questions because it is important for our first meeting.
I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 11
George, I am glad to read your letter again. It is really pleasant for me. Every day it seems to me that all of us are closer and closer. When we start to speak about details of our meeting I understand that it not a dream... And from it to me it becomes pleasant and good...
Thank you that answered all my questions, now I have full information from which I can go to travel agency. I think that in the next few days I can find time to go to learn that is necessary for a trip. I only forgot to ask you in the last letter: - We with you will live in your house? I will have a separate room? Or I should remain in hotel? It is important, because if you cannot accept me at you at home, for any reasons. That I will need to reserve a hotel accommodation in advance. Therefore I will wait for your answer before going to travel agency.

George, I think that you not against if I ask you still some questions which are also interesting to me. Well? - What first of all to me are necessary for collecting from things in a trip? - What you when I will arrive will have weather? - You already spoke to somebody from the friends about me? Also that I arrive to you? How they treated it? Tomorrow I will wait for your letter.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hello my dear George!!!!!!!
It is fine that things go so well for us. I said to you before that it seems to me that we are closer and closer with you every day. I think of it constantly.
Therefore now I want to ask you very important question. Probably, it is the most important question in your life. And I want, that you gave me the final answer to my question. Last answer. Yes or no.
I hope that you understand all importance and gravity of our first meeting.
So... You are really ready to what I will arrive to you? You are ready to ours with you meetings?
It is very important for me. For me it too very serious choice. I know that for a trip to you, I should spend a lot of time and forces. Yes, I am ready to it. George, and you are ready???
I think that you understand that our meeting - the FIRST, but also VERY IMPORTANT for our future relations. It just now in letters, we want to love each other. Actually, everything can change. But only not for me. I do not change my decisions. Now for me the main this your decision. You understand? Therefore for me it is necessary, that you gave me now the final answer. And if suddenly before my departure you tell to me, NO. I will very strongly take offense at you. I hope that you understand it... Now I have only one dream. In this dream, I go down from the plane and I see you. I see flowers in your hands, these are white roses. I approach to you, and you give a bunch of flowers to me. And here I already in your embraces. We merge in passion of one kiss. We go to yours home. I do for us a romantic dinner. On a table there is an easy food. The light music plays. We are overflowed by emotions, and we silently we look at each other. Then we dance, and dance slowly transfers us to a bedroom. We appear in a bed and we start to undress each other slowly. Our love, our passion, does us uniform. It is so fine!!!
I want to be only with you. I promise you that I will make everything for this purpose. Nothing will stop me...
I have to you a small request, you could give me your full data (your full name and the full address)? I give it to my mother. My mother worries concerning my trip a little. Because knows you only on a photo and my stories. Therefore wants to learn full information where I go and to whom. Thus, she will strongly not worry, if I give it it. You know, how parents for the children, though they already and adults worry. I do not want, that mother worried. let knows that you at me the decent man. George, my friends and mother ask, what they can present to you? You would like to receive what gift from them?
As soon as I learn everything necessary information for a trip, I will tell at once you. Ok?
Only yours forever Ekaterina
Letter 13
George, I do not know, with what to begin. I promised you that I will arrive, and that all our dreams become reality. Yes, I want to be with you, and I want to embody all our dreams in reality.
But how to make it now... Forgive, I do not know...
As I also spoke to you, today I went to travel agency. And all learned about my possible trip to you, and what package of documents is required to me.
On the one hand I am madly glad that everything appeared, it is not so difficult as I assumed...
On the other hand I am very upset...
On all my expenses for a trip (all necessary documents + the insurance + tickets in both parties) is required to me 1270 euro. I counted it at an exchange rate of currencies of the Central Bank of Russia. Also transferred to euro. Separately each document and tickets aboard the plane to cost not expensively. But when everything gathers to total amount, it is already large sum.
Certainly, I assumed that a trip to cost much. But when I learned, on how many is expensive! I also was shocked. I in any way did not expect to hear such prices. I thought that it not the truth. I even went to other travel agencies there to ask the prices for a trip. But to me told the same prices with a difference at 20-30 euro. I decided everything to check on the Internet, and there too most without changes. The difference only in the prices for tickets, but it changes every day as I learned. I appeared the self-confident silly woman... When I thought that I can do everything without problems...
Forgive me that I gave us false hope of a fast meeting. Probably my gift which I wanted to make to myself to birthday, did not turn out...
I send you this letter, and I will wait the answer. If my expenses for you also are expensively. I it understand that, can not doubt. After all sometimes it is necessary to refuse to itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In any case we will be good friends.
I do not want, and it is a shame to me to ask the help you. But in this situation I am really powerless. I understand that it is a shame for me. I do not want to lose chance for our meeting. But anything to do for our meeting, I now cannot.
My salary makes only 230 euro in a month. Probably, now you understand that for me it is simply impossible to pay for this trip independently.
I now went home. And at all I do not know that I now would like more. that tomorrow came rather. or on the contrary, did not come.
I wait for your answer.
I hope that to the fast.
Yours and only yours forever Ekaterina
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