Scam letter(s) from Marilyn Anna Lane to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hello and How are You doing today? I am Very Happy I am hearing from you today as well..I ddont need Your Number for anything okay I wanted to know if you will still write to me ok....I I am Not forcing you to do anything okay I have been On match Just yesterday and I met you..You were My first man and Now I dont know what You think...I am Very sad about How things are Going..I have been Hurt before that was why A friend of Mine inroduced me to the site and Now I met You trying to see How things will go You are also saying different thing why? If you have a problem with that Please You have the liberty to go okay because I am Not forcing you to be with me okay..I am the Picture You see and I am willing to proove it to You on Cam okay....I am okay if you are Not giving out your number okay I am okay with the email....I said I am from Mixed race of Usa and Ghana My mom is from Usa and that is Addison Wisconsin and My dad is from Ghana..My dad Moved into the Usa for a job and then met My mom there they Came down to Ghana and did everything neccessary and then stayed here..I am the first Born and I was giving birth in Ghana and then stayed here in Ghana for some time and then Moved to Addison because My mom wanted me to go out and see her mom that was My grandMom okay...and other people in the family...I came to Ghana when I heard My dad had an accident in a plane on his way to I came here with My mom and My My younger brother okay...I am Now schooling in Ghana now of which I will graduate in one and half month you are right...I lived in wisconsin for about 25 years and also I schooled in Edgewood college wisconsin...I continued My education here in Last 4 years and because of the death of My dad because I came and due to certain intances we have to remain here for sometime and that was why I continued My education here okay...I am Not an American citizen because I was not born there ok...I am a ghanaian citizen because I was born here in Ghana But I have stayed in Usa before...I am from Mixed race because My dad is Ghanaian and My mom is from Usa...I want you to Just forget about My profile On match because My friend is Having Kids so she forgoted and wrote that there I am Not having kids okay I will Be happy to read My mail and see what Happens Hope to hear from You soon.....I am Not also forcing you to give out Your Number okay I want to Let you know that I am real and I am ever ready to proove that here with You okay...
Letter 2
Oh okay and I am also Great hearing from You I know How you feel But I want you to know that I have been hurt before and I dont that to Happen to me again and that was why I was On match to seek My soul mate who I will spend the rest of My life with and see what the future holds ok...I am seeking for a best man and a good man who is willing to love me and Take me as I am ok...well I know How You feel so I will Be happy if we can see what the future holds ok..I am Belinda okay because My mom is from Usa and My dad is from Ghana that is why I am Belinda Apau...I Loved your profile and that was why I read it and Took You on My Im and You were My first man I talked to On match....I Liked your loos because Love does not matter in anything Like looks okay so I am okay with that....I want a good man who will Love me and Take me as I am ok...I am being Honest with You that is why I am being Nervous when You try not to trust me ok...I am also speaking and Telling you the truth okay I dont want any Games here that was why I was on match ok so If you dont Mind Can we get to know More about each other and see what the future holds?
Letter 3
Hello and How are You doing today? I am also Happy hearing this from You and I could not also believe you...because I am speechless now for reading Your mail..I think we are Just in the common Line of which we should Just give our self a chance and see what the future holds okay..,I was washing when I saw your mail and I will be happy if we can get to know more of us and see what the future holds...I Like your Picture and You look so wonderful .I am Not here for Money and also I am Not here for cars okay..I was on match to seek for My soul mate who I will spend the rest Of my life with and a serious and responsible man who will Love me and Take me as I am ..I want to Let you know that My family is Not willing to come to the USA any More But it is me who wants a man there to spend the rest of My life with for the rest of My life because the men here are Not responsible they Use the women here And dump them and that was why I was On match okay and If I have found a man who is ready for me I will Not betray him and also I will Never play with his heart because I am willing to Love and to be loved....I want to Tell You that I am the woman in the Photos so I hate it when You think It is Just a virtual because I have also believed you with You word so I don't want to be hurt...I am willing to prove you that I am the woman In the Photos when ever You ready to come on Im so You will see My cam ok...I am the woman and I want to Let You know that It never a dream okay It is real and You have to Trust the heart and follow what the heart tells You okay...I want to Tell You that I am sorry for what happened to You with Your ex because I have also been into this mess before okay so I think we all have to take the risk and the chance and see what the future holds ok...You are Not also being traditional because here there are also traditional rules okay..I am really sorry for what Happened to You But I want to Tell You that I am Not here to play Games And also I am Not here to played with and to be fooled okay I want a man who will Love me And Take me as I am okay...,I am Not going to change because I am who I am okay..I am Not some body okay...I want to be with a man who will Love me okay...I want to Hear the Voice of the man I am chatting with okay so I think You should do something about your Phone okay...I am looking for real man who is loving and caring and ready for a family .I need a man who is ready to love me 100% just as much as I am ready to give him my love.I am from a good background, I am a very good Christian and I am born into a Christian family, I am very faithful and honest and under no circumstance will I be unfaithful to my partner or anyone and to add to this I am a choir at the church and I sing very well, I am well brought up and I know what I am required of as a wife.In my culture, I am to love, care ,and respect my husband, I must make sure I do everything possible to make him happy as well as please him even if I have to leave my own way to do so. My roles as a wife are to be carried out by me accordingly Be happy because I am happy. I like you when you say hi in the morning. I like when you call in the evening and tell me where you are and when you'll be at home. I feel nervous if I do not know where you are and I am here waiting for you. I like when there is complicity between us. I do not necessarily like when you do things I am jealous about, such as preparing the table or cooking dinner. But if you do it, take care of everything, to make me feel completely relaxed about it.
I hope to meet a real man. From my point of view, he is loving and caring person and it is usually interesting for me to communicate with him. He has to be serious and family-oriented man.
I would like to meet a kind, strong, intelligent, cheerful, caring and loving man. I dream to meet my second half. I know that you are exists somewhere. I dream to have a real family, where we care, trust and truly love each other
I dream to see an active, intelligent and honest man by my side. I imagine my second half having a good sense of humor and high moral standards. I want him to be faithful and caring.
Hope to hear from You again because You will always here from me okay
Letter 4
Hello and How are You doing today Mr Bill!!! This is the Only Uncle of Belinda Apau Talking at this Point of the time and Hope you are Happy hearing me....I did not want to create a different email address and then email You But rather Use Belinda's to do that and then You will get that easier and Hope that is Ok By you?
Actually I know You have been through mess with Belinda since You started chatting on Hotmail and I am Happy You have reached this far..well Belinda Informed me long time that You are willing and ready to read this mail about our traditional stuufs okay But I told Myself that No man is foolish to do this when he has Not seen the real Person Until she told me You have seen Yourself on Cam and Now You are willing so I said No I have the details to email You so You will read that and then see what You can do about that...I know Now that You have seen that there is some one called Belinda who exist in Ghana here and You willing to be with Her then I dont Think It is neccessary to come all the way from Usa to Ghana to do the marriage stuffs because she can do that here and everything will be emailed to you and You will see everything going on okay and Hope You are okay with that?
I am really Happy for Both of You if only You love each other..I know Belinda is dieing for you because I am in the same House with Her and she is doing everything for you!!! she forced me today if I say that I mean she remembered me today that I have something to email to her Only Husband and then I am doing that Now...I want you to know that to be born as a man is trouble because You will face the world and You have to take everything now and then Get her to you if only You love her..This is the first step in that and Hope You will read that and see what You can do about that!!! We are all supporting Both of you because she is My niece and You are Now coming to be part of the family so I think it is a great thing to do because that will be very excited.....
So the Traditional marriage is the one which follows and You can read that and then Talk to Belinda over that when Chating and what you dont Understand You can ask Her and she will do everything to make you Understand .....Belinda has told me More about You and I like the way You are if that is How you really are...She has done enough to be yours!!!!
Traditional Marriage Ceremony is a 3 days traditional marriage held to signify that one is ready for commitment..It ensures that the community becomes aware of the woes and feelings that each other has for one another and therefore as custom requires or demands ..there must be a traditional marriage for any woman in the community before the wedding ceremony itself occurs..Even though we are in a community where superstition and beliefs are respected the Kingdom of the Almighty God is also respected.In order not to violate the Traditional norms and customs of a particular community the Chiefs and priests of the community where the woman is are allowed to go on a 3 days ceremony to perform their rites to ensure the woman into the correct mood of commitment.Anyway,the church is also honored and given the Sabbath day to use to ask for God's guidance and protection unto the woman as she is entering into a commitment.It occurs as a right to send a girl into Puberty and all those women who get the chance to pass through the traditional marriage are given due respect and can be invited into the seat of Elders of the community as It serves as purity to make the individual clean.Anyway as I am also a member of the Board of Elders of the community and wants the best for my Niece I will want to advise to pass through the Traditional marriage.Also .there is an announcement to the whole community and make clear to the notice that the woman who is going through the traditional marriage can't be dated by anyone and must be respected in the society..To avoid bringing of Disgrace and Shame unto the community any woman who does not pass through that stage and gives birth is regardless in the society and sometimes banished from the society depending on how serious the offense on the Gods are..It also serves as the place where the Family members,loved ones and friends can go ahead and give their final verdict and give blessings to the one.Since I guess you too are planning to be together one day,I might not have the chance to witness your wedding ceremony as I am growing older day by day.I will want to have the opportunity to give her my last blessings and make known what her late Father had in store for her before He got killed in the accident.I am therefore asking you whether you want her to go through the process and I want you to know that is the norms and customs of the society so I dont have the power or mandate to go against it so all I can tell is that you join hands and go through the Traditional Marriage.Since you want to do it I will like to ask when do you want the traditional Marriage ceremony to take place as this month the Chiefs, and priests are kind of free and also the church has not announced any marriage yet so we could hurry up and fix a date for it..I am thinking if you can agree to let it start Next week Friday if we are still alive by the grace of the Almighty God.I give you both my blessings and wish you a very happy and prosperous marriage with lovely and wonderful Life..God be with you and guide you in anything that you want to do.I will talk to the chief and let them know about the Marriage and also get all items that will be necessary for the Traditional marriage and then I will let Belinda or I myself will let them get known to you.
I mean I will be Happy also to know Your Mind and when I should go and get you the Items needed for the marriage and then see what we all can do about that okay..Hope You understand that Hope to hear from You again in a positive manner..enjoy your day and love with my niece..Take good care her and dont break her heart for me because she is the Only girl I have Gotten Now and I dont play with My treasure..................
Your Dear....... Opoku Kennedy..Her
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