Letter(s) from Marina Izmailova to Alex (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Alex. How are you today? How your mood? Than you are occupied you these days?
I hope, that at you all is good also this my letter will lift to you mood the same as your letters lift my mood. At me as all is normal. Weather as pleases, every day all is warmer, the sun heats and soon at all there will be no snow. Today since morning when I have woken up and have thought, that in a lunch break necessarily I shall go in the Internet of cafe and I shall write to you the letter. I was so am glad, when have seen in the letter box. It has even more increased my mood and has given me a positive charge for all day. Today the usual working day, and at me and to write such celebratory mood because I have opportunity to read your letter to you. I hope that my letters as positively influence you.
Alex, I want to tell you, that I am ready to continue my education. I have told you in the last letter, that if I want to start study with an autumn, I already should go in city of Kazan what to be prepared for entrance examinations which will be in June and July. I should go to Kazan rent the apartment and employ tutors. As I can visit special rates of preparation. You understand my dear, it is all costs money. I can not to allow pay to myself it. I at all can not tell precisely, how many it will cost. For the beginning money are necessary for me even what to go to Kazan and will be equipped there. Then I precisely can find out cost of preparatory courses and cost of tutors. You may the help to me in it? If so I shall begin to prepare for trip to Kazan. I need some days what to settle questions at work. You speak, that now you may not write to me frequently because you are strongly occupied at work. I hope to receive the answer from you soon. Because as soon as I shall receive the answer from you and if you are ready the help me I at once shall begin to prepare for trip.
I send you in this letter of a photo. Likely it is a photo will cause you a smile. I am not similar to myself on it a photo . It is a photo it was made when I Studied at university. At us passed competition of young photos of models. I have decided to try myself as a photo of model. It is a photo causes in me memoirs on cheerful student's life.
I as hope to receive from you the answer.

Hugs and Kisses

Letter 2

Hi my dear Alex. How are you today? How your mood?
At me all is good. I frequently think of you, I dream of day of our meeting. I have some news which I want to inform you. I am sorry for a delay of the letter to you. I might not write to you because I went to Kazan. Some days back I have received wages and have taken a little target because has decided to visit to Kazan and to find out the information about training at university. I have passed interview where has found out everything, that me interested. I have received your letters in which you advised me to find out about it through the Internet. But I think, on much better that I have visited and have found out about all.
I have found out, that I should hand over 5 examinations at receipt: mathematics, russian, biology, chemistry, anatomy.
For what was prepared to examination I can to visit special preparatory courses.
These rates for 2 months. These rates will help me to be prepared for entrance examinations. How I shall visit these rates, I should pay 16 thousand 200 roubles.
I hope to you the currency rouble is familiar and you can estimate it in your monetary currency.
Further I want to inform you, that to me may not give a hostel on that time while I shall visit these rates and to hand over entrance examinations. A hostel probably will give, when I shall act and I shall study. So it is necessary to me to rent an apartment. I have called under announcements about to rent apartments and have found out, that it will be 8 thousand roubles per one month.
That I have found out for this time. I was in Kazan 1 day. Today I have arrived back to Almetyevsk and at once have gone to the Internet of cafe what to inform you it. I am very tired from trip and I can not write to you today much. I hope you may understand everything, that I have written to you in the letter. I come in the Internet of cafe tomorrow. I hope that you write to me up to tomorrow. If you have any questions ask me. I shall look forward to hearing from you.


Letter 3

Hello Alex. We are not familiar with you. My name Olga. I cousin Marina. You corresponded with her long time. I hope you remember her. You likely were surprised with that she has sharply ceased to write to you. Probably Marina spoke you about me, probably is not present. I want to explain to you why she does not write to you. On how many I know, she late at night has gone to the Internet of cafe what to write to you the letter. When she went along the street one, she was attacked by any gangsters. At her wanted to select a handbag, she resisted and in consequence of it has received a hard blow on a head. Parents have become agitated when she has not come home and since morning have begun to search for her. Her have found in city hospital with a trauma of a head. She has received a brain concussion and consequently laid in hospital. I have found out about it and as visited her. I visitedto her some times, we spoke with her and she has told to me about you. She as asked me to write to you the letter. But I have given up to her because she went on the amendment and soon her should discharge from hospital. I have told her, that when she to recover, she can write to you. But recently her condition has worsened. Doctors precisely may not tell that with her, but every day to her become everyone worse. I know, that you had big plans with her, you wanted her to continue the help her education and then to meet her. Therefore I have decided to write to you and to tell that occurs. If you want, may write to me. I to you shall tell about how at her affairs are.

Letter 4

Hello Alex. It is written again to you Olga, by cousin Marina. I today was at Marina in hospital. Unfortunately I can not inform you of any news yet. A condition at her on former bad. You asked me to inform you a phone number, that you might talk to Marina. Unfortunately the condition at her so bad, that she may not speak at all. Doctors still speak, that she needs difficult operation. This operation can be made only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. It is operation costs very much expensive. Parents and relatives Marina, including I, try to find money for operation. Unfortunately time has not enough, this operation is necessary for making as soon as possible. But we try and hope we soon can find necessary money what to transport Marina to Moscow and urgently to make ???????. While all news which I can inform you. It is a pity to me, that I have not pleased you, you likely strongly experience for Marina. But nevertheless do not lose hope, all probably will be fast well and you can continue with her correspondence.

Letter 5

Hello Alex. How are you?
I am sorry that did not write to you since May, 15. I thought, that I shall write to you if there will be any news. But while all still. Heavy and doctors speak Marina's condition that she urgently needs paid operation which can be made only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. We try to find money to operation. Probably parents Marina will issue to court in bank what to pay surgical operation . It is last hope, on which we OAO?EOU?AAI. It is a pity to me, that I can not inform you something good. I think, it will be better, if you will know the truth.