Scam letter(s) from Inna Vlasova to Martin (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hi Martin! Nice to know that you are interested in me because I'm interested in you too! Thank you for giving me your address, for me talking in letter will be better than on the site. To see if you and me can have something serious together, we need to know each other. first of all I think is important to find out what kind of relations we need, agree? ;) What you need to have in your woman and why you are looking for lady on the site? My reason is very simple :) Here, almost every man who finds out I have a son, stops talking to me. Even if I simply want to be friends! Men in Ukraine can't be gentle and caring, they don't know how to treat woman right and I heard that foreign men are real gentlemen who know how to make woman happy! Most of men look for some attractive and young woman. I am not so young - I am 30 years old. Yes, I am nice looking.
But not a super model for sure. What I can offer you? I am true and real and I see positive things in any situation.
I'm easy going person, optimistic and cheerful. I can talk about anything because I am open-minded. I am good listener and I know how to support people in difficult situations.
Like to help people and to see how my help make them happier! I think I am kind woman. What I need from man? I am looking for person with whom I can share my happiness and joy, the one with whom I can live my life fully as I will love him. And I wonder, can you be that man? Let us find it out ;) Marina
Letter 2
Hello Martin. Great to have your reply to my previous letter, to get your attention. Our correspondence will show if the first attraction lasts and if we have a chance for something serious... Being honest from the very beginning is a key to successful communication. So Martin, that is why I told I have son. I also hope you will be honest and open with me. My congratulations to you for quitting smoking hope that 10 days are not your maximum :) I have never been married. My ex did not want to have kids but when I got pregnant, we lived for some time together. I guess he tried to change his attitude. Anyway, on the 7th month of pregnancy he left me saying he couldn't take such responsibility as raising a child. All he wanted was fun and easy life. Thanks God I have parents who helped me at that time.... Now my son Nikita is my small gentleman who cares about me - he opens a door in front of me, he always keeps his room in order and even helps me to cook! :) My son is my sunshine.
He is 6 years old. I love him, he means everything for me.
But I need man to make my life complete. That's why I am here... I do not tend to trust Ukrainian men anymore. From the first impression I have about you I can tell you are not like them. Nice to know you do not mind me having a child and even want to have your own in future. My mind is full of questions I want to ask you, but I will write only main ones. Talking with each other more we will find out what we need, agree? ;) I want to know about your job. Is it important in your life? What does your regular day look like? Martin, since I love children, my job is the one which makes me happy. I work in a primary school as a holiday maker. When there are any celebrations, I always prepare everything for it, I also make excursions for kids.
We see a lot of places and spend a lot of time outdoors if weather permits :) Sorry to know about your parents, hope that you have some other relative who build your family and you are not alone.
My family is not big at all. I am the only child of my parents just as you - have no brothers or sisters. But my parents both have siblings so there are a lot of of aunts, uncles and cousins. Next letter I can send you a photo of the whole family, it was taken few years ago when we gathered all together last time. Thank you for that kind words about me looking like model on photos I sent you :) I like yours very much! Will you please send me some more of them? Well, Martin, I see my letter is getting too long! Hope you are not bored... I will be waiting for your reply! Almost forgot - I cannot always reply you the same day I got your letter. The reason is that I use the professional company which helps me with translation of our letters as I do not know English. I do hope that for you it is ok, as I am happy I found so great way to talk with you till I learn English myself ;) Bye!
Letter 3
Hi dear Martin! Thanks for your letter, you know, it is important for me to get your answer. We exchanged only few letters but reading them I find out that we have a lot of things that can make us closer, and I plan to learn more!
Your words about wings touched my heart deeply! Today I have a very busy day at work so I decided to write you at my lunch break - drinking tea and eating few cookies :) Do you like tea? I adore it! It was pleasant to read that you can eat all I cook :) For me the healthy lifestyle is very important. I believe all that fast food and half ready products are only harmless for our body. I always cook myself. When I have more free time than usually, I like to cook something very tasty. My favourite dish is apple pie and Nikita likes it a lot. it was nice to know that you like pies, Martin! When my son sees that I bought a lot of apples, he knows already what I will cook :D I make it by the recipe of my grand mother.
Everyone who have ever ate my apple pie says it is delicious! Maybe one day you will also try it, I am sure you will say the same :) Martin, how do you spend your free time? Do you prefer outdoors or indoors activities? I like both, but now is too cold for going outside :) So in winter I like to read different kind of books - from psychological and philosophical to usual detectives and romantic novel. I like documental movies, it is always interesting for me to find out something new about our planet, about nature, scientific invasions and so on. My favourite ones are Discovery channel programs and National Geographic too. Someone can say I am boring but I know how to have fun too ;) Going out can be great fun but I do not like doing it alone or with friends. I want to do it with my man. I want to go for dancing, spend great time with my husband and then come home and continue dancing in bed ;) Are you erotic man? As I know, many ladies who have children lose that intimate fire and care about kids only. They even forget to look nice! I am not like that and will never be. I am sexual woman who likes to have hot times with my man. You know, Martin, I noticed that after my son's birth I became even more passionate :) I even was brave enough to make few quality studio erotic pics! Of course the photographer was lady :) I send today to you one of such photos! Oh, sorry, but have to go back to work, my lunch break is over! Marina
Letter 4

Hi my dearest Martin! Thank you very much for your letter! I am very happy each time I receive your mails! You know, something jumps in my body when I get your letter, is it my heart, I wonder? Sometimes I can be hopeless romantic to believe in this magic :D For sure I will be your Valentine!
The photo of the small bear with the heart was great! Martin, I like our communication, I feel that you are responsible and reliable man and that I can trust you without doubts. I can hardly belive I have found the man who may be that hero of my dreams :) I have very special feelings about you, Martin. I don't know how to name this feelings but I suppose that Cupid made his shoot and the arrow hit me right in my heart! It is some kind of strong chemistry between us and I want it to go further. I know we talked not so long time and of course to be sure that it is really love we need to talk more. I just cannot keep my emotions hidden and tell you about them ;) What is more, you became a close person for me, that's why I decided to describe you the situation I have now honestly with no hesitation. I use the help of translation company to write you my letters. I do it because I don't know anything in English, I don't know how to read or write or talk. The service is not free and I paid for it all the time we were corresponding and the trouble is that I don't have any ability to do it now. Martin, I tried to translate letters by myself but it is impossible, I can't understand anything in the dictionary about how to translate words and put them in right order. I was at the Internet cafe but it took me half an hour to understand how to turn it on and no one helped me. I guess to write a letter and translate it I will need the whole day! I do not have so much free time for writing you from computer myself, I need to work. So I came to the conclusion that I cannot communicate with you without the service of translation company. Reading your letters I see you are serious in your intentions to be happy with lady. I am the same and for me it was really great surprise that you replied my first letter. As I told, here in my city men do not like to communicate with me as I have son. And you was glad to know that I am mother, I never expected that to happen! Martin, I know how it is to be alone, to sleep alone in cold bed and to wake up in the lonely flat with no man's presence and care. I don't want to be lonely anymore, I want to be with you and to make you happy! If you are really so serious about us, please, help me with some money for translations.
You will see that it wasn't for nothing. I do not ask a lot, all I need is some amount to let us talk more and learn each other. Please, take it serious! I am waiting for your respond with great impatience! Marina
Letter 5
Greetings dear Mr. Martin, This is the service of translation "Victory" disturbing you.
One of our clients - Ms. Marina, was corresponding with you using our service. She asked us to write you to inform you that she does not have any possibility to pay for our service anymore. Your letter was translated to her but she has no more money to pay for translation of her reply. Ms. Marina asked us to tell you that she is very interested in communication with you and hopes that you will help her with translation fees. Below are prices for our service. Translation of letters:
one letter (10 000 symbols) from Russian to English - 5 USD;
one letter (10 000 symbols) from English to Russian - 5 USD;
translation of phone conversation: per 10 minutes - 7 USD;
scanning/printing of one photo - 3 USD; We have special offer of unlimited correspondence which include 8 phone calls for free, 10 minutes each. The cost of unlimited service per one month is 230 USD, per two months - 380 USD. Ms. Marina also asked us to pass you information about her which you will need for helping her. full name: Marina Prokhopenco
country: Ukraine
city: Kirovsk
address: Ostrovskogo street, 34
zip-code: 93889 Money transfer service available for Ms. Marina to use - MoneyGram, Western Union, Anelik, Unistream. You can also use an on-line service Contact or the bank account of our finance manager. For more details write us a letter. Best wishes,
Manager of "Victory"
Mrs. Angela Vlasova
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