Scam letter(s) from Inna Vlasova to Kamal (Egypt)

Letter 1
Hello dear Kamal! I am so happy to know that you want to help me, to stay in touch with me and continue our communication! I was afraid that you wouldn't answer me :)
Thank you for questions you asked! My job takes all my time as there is always something happening in school, some holiday, concert or exhibition, and all this has to be organized. Few days in a month I have not so much work but that is really not often. I believe our letters can be the beginning of something great and they will bring happiness to us so we need continue our communication to see if it is true. Our meeting in reality will be next step for us but to make it we need to know more about each other, we need to talk in letters.
That is why I asked for your help. I was in the bank and asked what you need to know for making transfer. I was told you will need my full name and address, here they are. My full name is Marina Prokhopenco, country is Ukraine, city is Kirovsk and address is Ostrovskogo street, 34. I live with my son, so that means I am not alone :) As for that phrase I said I meant that when we meet for the first time, I am sure you would want to spend some time with me only, not in three, right? So that means that someone has to take care of my son when I meet you. I will be really thankful to get your help as this letter will be the last I can pay for. I paid for the translation service till I had possibility but now I can't do it. The cost of each translated letter is 5 USD and for each printed or scanned photo - 3 USD. The translation agency also has the service of unlimited translation for one month or two months, it costs 230 USD for one month and 380 USD for two. Kamal, our communication is very important. So I will be really glad if you help us to talk more. Marina
Letter 2
Greetings dear Mr. Kamal, We sent you an informational letter with the price-list but still got no reply from you. Will you please tell us if you got it and if you are interested in helping your lady with translation fees. Best wishes,
Manager of "Victory"
Mrs. Angela Vlasova
Letter 3
Hello my dear man Kamal! Dear, two days I was looking for the taxi company which will let me use their service for 100 dollars you sent me.
Kamal. they all name the price for the trip to Donetsk which is more than twice higher. The price for such trip will cost 280 dollars... That is too much! I found few drivers who are ready to drive me for such money, but they look like criminals. I think that better will be to prepay the taxi for 280 dollars than to rent a car for lower price but not so safe. I will be afraid to go to Donetsk with some driver from unknown company or even a private one who works for himself. I heard so many sad stories about such long drives... Have you heard about the lady who was raped by taxi driver an two policemen in Nikolaevsk, Ukraine? They raped her almost to death :(
But she was lucky to survive. That case had a very big resonance all over Ukraine. Dear, tell me about Egypt, I missed last news and do not know what is going on there now. Is it all same violent or maybe some good changes? Wait for new letter form you with impatience! With love,
Your Marina
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