Scam letter(s) from Alena Alehina to Kamal (Egypt)

Letter 1
Dear Kamal!
How were you without me all this hours?I hope you are all right!
But as for me I can say this about me. I understand that I very often think about you. You are always in my head! Tonight i had a very pleasant dream! We were together on the seaside beach. We observed a wonderful sunset,while we were sitting there. I really felt your strong hugs and i was very pleasant that at last I had a real man near myself. We talked to each other and we both enjoy our conversation. And off course,we kissed each other...
I am waiting for our meeting... I am dreaming about our first night ...
about your hands, about your kisses, about your touches... .
Dear, I can't wait our meeting!!! I think it will be great to meet you
You can send the money via Western Union to my name.
My full name is Elena Alehina
My address is Svobody st. 2/15,
Zip code 79008
Now when I write you the letter I feel that I am exciting and I need you... your breath... your kisses... your body... I will make you the happiest man in the world and you will be feel yourself with me happy all day and all night... and morning... I imagine how we shall wake up every morning... and coffee in the bed...It is so wonderful!!!!!!!! Darling, I need you... I am thinking about you all this time...
Your Alena
Letter 2
Dear Kamal!
I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your last e-mail. I did just like you did with mine...kept reading it over and over. I really feel good about this and i am so exciting about our meeting....
Well, Your words make me feel really happy! It is so pleasant to feel that you are ready to our meeting! My darling, I think it would be really nice to meet with you. It would be so romantic! i am very glad that you can help me I'm happy because very soon we can be together and we will spend some beautiful days together. Dear my visa and passport will take me about three weeks that's why I must to begin with it just now. You can send me at first money for my visa and passport. I need to pay for the international passport, it costs 112$. The tourist visa costs 187 $. I want you feel that my heart goes only for you.
I need to tell you that we can use the Western Union system to pay for everything i need... It is safe and convenient for us. You can send the money directly to me and i will have them at the same day and start the process of arrangement my trip to you and we will not waste the time..Do you agree?????????????????????????
I will make you very happy ...and i hope that you will be happy with me..
You are the sunshine that brightens my day with every thought..You are the reason i was born...and the reason that i will continue to live..
I hope to hear from you soon and have the positive news about starting the process to be together
Your Alena
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