Scam letter(s) from Alexandra to Gavin (UK)

Letter 1
Gavin, hello!!! Oh... I was wait for your letter really so much and... I was really so afraid that you''ll not answer to me because I am understand that I am not a great beauty and I am sure that a lot of girls which are much prettier than me write to you but... You answered to me :))) Thank you... But, Gavin, why you said nothing about yourself!!! I am really so interesting in you and... I would be glad to know everything about you!!! ;))) Also, I think you are interesting to know more about me ;)) Well... I am 27 years old and my birthday on July 27. I live in a town Molodogvardeysk with mom and sister... They are so important and close people for me and I love them really so much!!!
Yes, I have no dad... He left us three years ago after...
After mom found out that he cheated on her a few years... It was really terrible and... I am still can''t forgive my dad for this action because I don''t understand how it is possible be with a person most of his life and so meanly to deceive wife... family!!! Do you understand me? And I think you are interesting why I am looking for my soul-mate in Internet... I think we have the same reasons
;))) Gavin, men in Ukraine are not serious and not family oriental!!! But... I wish a serious relationship... I dream create family with a man who will be a word for me and...
for whom I''ll be a world!!! Exactly because of this I asked for help Translation Company which translating our correspondence because I don''t know your language and... you don''t know Russian :((( But... sincerely hope it will be not a problem for us!!! Well, I see I wrote a great letter to you!!! I am sorry ;))) I am finishing my letter and wish to add some my photos ;)) One from them was made near my home and another one ;))) in a summer: Gavin, the weather is really too cold now and... I wish present to you a ray of sunshine - hope I did it!!! ;)) So, I wish you a good day full of smiles!!! And... looking forward for your answer!!! Write me soon - I''ll miss you!!!
Ok!? ;)) Alexandra
Letter 2
Hello ***!!! And at first I want to tell you that I am so sorry that I didn't write a letter to you as soon as you gave to me your e-mail address ) The reason is I was so busy but... I am absolutely free now and writing to you!!! Also... I am sincerely hope you didn't forget me for this little period of time and... soon you'll answer to me!!! I can't write a letters and I don't want write a poem!!! I just want to tell you that I am trying find a man which can make me happy!!! I am looking for a man who is ready for a serious relationship and building a strong and happy family!
If I remember your profile right - you are looking for the same )) Am I right? If yes - answer to me!!! I would be so happy to know you and... I am sure that if the two person have a common goal and wish to reach her very much - they certainly do it!!! Am I right? ) Well )) I am finishing my letter and... looking forward for your an answer!!! ) With my letter today I am sending some my photos and... sincerely hope they'll make a smile on your face )) Alexandra
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