Scam letter(s) from Priscilla K. to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Joe dear... sorry for the delay in my emails .. i have been very busy helping mum out doing so much cleaning at home you know .... first of all i must say am happy reading from you and also telling me more about your self and your words of expressions.... the good and the bad to tell you the truth things do happen for a reason and this are ones of those things.. its part of life and ife must move on ..... and also know that there are ups and downs in life ...... however i really can see we both have so much in common you know and i think i will want to spend my life with you to .. i will want to be happy in your arms forever and yes am also hopping this leads to marriage and am sure as time goes on together we both are going to fight for this and trust me ... well am happy we both are having the same understanding and also getting everything working for us both so sorry for all what you have been in your past life. .... well i was i a relationship ones.. i gave my whole life to him thinking we were going to get married but ever since then i also cought him in bed with my friend too . so ever since then i made my mind never to love anymore due to that i have been single for 4years now and i think its now time for me to find happiness ones more in my life.. and i want you to know that in am inlove i give my all i mean everything my whole heart to love and die for my man ...thats why i will never want to be hurt ever again .. and am happy to hear you keep your words and also your promises as well .. and am sure together we are going to make everything possible and work out smoothly .....i will want to know your plans towards our meeting dear and as time goes on i will be telling you more about trust and faith ..... well will love to end here and i do hope to read from you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Letter 2
its nice reading from you ones mroe dear... and thanks alot for your sweet and lovely words ..... sorry for the delay too in my email ...... well i really can see we both are really havivng so much moving and going on now . .and i think together we are going to fight for this together trust me.... well there is a problem i have now and i will want you to give me a helping hand there is nothing at home now i mean food stuffs so i will want you to give me a helping hand with som money to get some food stuffs at the market for me and my mum please try your best and help me out with this ..... hopping and read from you and just cant wait to be in your arms too ...
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