Scam letter(s) from Alina to Christian (Denmark)

Letter 1
this is not Alina, Christain. In fact it has never been Alina).
You always kept writing and talking to some other girls) - so-called translators.
In fact, Alina (though exists in reality) gives the agency only her photos and gets money from the agency in the case a man comes to visit her.
She's young, nice-looking and nonchalant.))) She has got a boy-friend in Donest ( right in the center of the city).
For this reason she's afraid to meet with men in that town. Yes, this is all true.
She's in this business only for money and presents.
She has never done those wonderful photos, Christian.
The photos belong to me, Cherub, the one who got into this awful business ( which is in fact a fraud) by a mistake. I had to write about Alina to make money too, the major part of that money were taken be the agency.
I'm sorry, Christian for lying to you all this time. You see, all the feelings, all the minor or major thoghts in those letters were not Alina's. They were mine, Cherub's.
I'm sorry. Really. Playing with other people's feelings is not right. It's bad. and it's a sin.
Now as I left this sin of a job if you know what I mean I can openly tell you the truth.
I'm back to my dear job now again - back to being a teacher and working with kids.)
Now you understand why writing about school and kids was so sincere and sweet and tender and so energetic.
I've known Alina for a year. The only thing she says about kids in school is: Yak! I can't stand them. I will love only my own children.(((
Sorry for telling you the truth. We all make mistakes, but if you want to look for the love of your life, why don;t you try to look for it in your country, Christian? You are a kind-hearted man, full of dignity, full of inner sunshine. You'll find a wonderful lady for yourself.
Believe me, believe in yourself. Please.
I want you to stay aside from all the marriage agencies' fraud in my country. None of men talks to a girl or a woman he likes. He always talks only to a so-called agency's girls who write for women and pretend to be them. In fact, )))) THIS IS FUN!!!!)))) it happens so because women mostly even can't tell about themselves well, don;t have any imagination and any talents except for taking money from men. Yep! Sad but fact, Dear Chris.
For this reason Alina does not reply you on your e-mail. She's not interested. Neither her translator is.
Please, save your money and spend them on travelling around the world, seeing its beauty, but not on our women.
There's no small or big sin. It's about me now. Now I've leant this hard lesson by heart.
I beg you - please forgive me. Please forgive Alina and people from my country.
Take some kind and sun-shining photos from me and my baby Nikon, miss Cherub with an Oasis soul))). and yes, keep your dream alive, Dear Chris.
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