Scam letter(s) from Marina Izmailova to Keith (USA)

Letter 1

How are my lovely Keith?Again I write you the letter. Have passed week-end, and in my life of anything new has not taken place. We also are far from each other, as well as half-year back. Certainly under letters we became more close to each other. We became closer spiritually. But distance for us the big problem. Between us the whole ocean, it such boundless and even our feeling may not win distance, between our hearts. And I would like to tell you so much, words which cannot be told in the letter. Great words which force to tremble heart and do not leave more ideas in a head, except for these words. I with pleasure would tell you everything, that is turned in my head. But I can not write it in the letter as it is great both fantastic words and the simple letter can not transfer all depth and sense of my words. I want to plunge about the sea of love, tenderness. But you are far also I can not tell all this to you in a reality. Well, all right, will suffice about it. Because to me it becomes again bad from idea, that you are very far. Yes, I wanted how you and have told about it. But we all over again should meet and then to discuss this problem. You do not think? We should find out about each other in a reality and then to think of, whether I shall go with you whether or not. And certainly I liked your ideas about joint travel on America. And as always I liked your jokes, is especial about the sun (about distance). My full name Marina Pavlovna Izmailova (at us the second name changes named the father.) .My dear I wrote to you already that I can not communicate in a mode of real time not only that I do not have this program. Simply it costs in 4 times more expensively, than simply to write letters. For example the business hour costs 3 $ and to speak in a mode of real time costs 12 $. It is very expensive for me. So it will be better if we shall correspond letters.My dear if you want to send me something on my letter box. That to do it better is not necessary, because now such time when many people send the friend the friend gifts and your surprise for me may be lost. You likely know, that our mail not so is modern as yours. But if you strongly wish me to send something you may do on it on the address of my uncle . He works on mail and consequently he will look after, that it has fallen into in my hands. The truth my uncle lives in the other city and consequently I not at once can take away it. But I in case shall give her address.
You may send Mingazutdinov Ramazan Gabdulhakovich an index - 425570 Mari-El, Village Paran'ga, street Novaya, the house 12, apartment 11 .
when my uncle will receive it she will put it to herself home. As I visit the uncle once a month I it can take away not at once. I hope you all have understood, that I here have written. At work at me all is good, the truth I very much there is occupied and I have not time to do much. Today I at last was exempted and have found time to write to you the letter. But I am very tired. By the way, at last the sun has heard your and my prays and it seems at last has decided to visit our city. Today here the sun brightly shines. I have seen the sun.... wow!! It such hot (smile). I today wanted to go on a beach, but I so am tired at work, that I now hardly type words for you. Mine it is expensive, I hope you of me will forgive, if it will be the short letter. ok? I promise to write to you soon, more more in detail. My brother has again left for Kazan on study. Mum and daddy at work and me still it is necessary to go home and to prepare for supper, you see I the good girl and should care of the parents. Unfortunately this time I too can not send a photo. As I have no a new photo and I think you already you have enough my photos. And for a long time already it is time to us to meet, because you and so me saw set of times on a photo. And likely want to see in a reality. I too want it. And besides at me the photo were terminated. If you want to see my photos you should photograph me (smile). You see you wanted to be my photographer whether or not? How you think, our future children will be similar more to you or me? It is not too personal question? And we shall choose what names for them: your country or my country. You see names in our countries are various. Also that it is important for you in life: career, family or something another? Well that's all. As to me yet did not give the salary I long can not sit from Internets - cafes and and the more so I should prepare for houses supper for my parents. Bye Bye my dear!!! Your princess wishes to see the prince Keith Marina, very miss you!!!!!! P.S. I think: whether to send you a kiss whether or not? How you think? Better I shall send more sweet and gentle kiss next time. For now only gentle embraces. P.P.S., it appears there is a photo which I seem to you yet sent. It I prepared for tea for you (smile), but have then recollected, that you are not present about me and to me it became bad.
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