Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Anisimova to Carl (USA)

Letter 1
I came to the internet cafe. Today I went to get your help, and I failed. Western Union said that you made a mistake on my behalf. You have to go and send it again. Here is my information again. My first name - Svetlana
My last name - Anisimova
The Russian Federation.
Nizhny Novgorod region.
City - Nizhny Novgorod.
Lenin avenue, 11.
Posatl code - 603140. I'm sure you will correct the error. Will I be able to get your help tomorrow. How do I get your help. I'll write you immediately.
Your Svetlana
Letter 2
I came to the internet cafe now. Karl and I am shocked by your letter.
What could it be? Scam? Seriously? I mean, I did everything for what would deceive you? Is that right? Karl opened my heart to you. Sold all things. Prepared by almost the entire trip. And you say that this can be scam? Karl really?? SCAM? I venture to go to you. To men who did not meet. God knows what country. And you say that I am a liar and a thief?? WOW! Done! Can send you to ****? Right now? And you gather your things and flying back to Russia. And when you apologize, and you will be ashamed of, it may be I will go back to your country? What do you think? Karl travel agency can deceive me? wow! I just do not have the words. NO WORDS!! This travel agency has been working for many years! I personally checked their documents before giving them all the money. Karl is a travel agency even included in the top- 100 Russian travel agency a few years ago! Karl and they just do not cheat!
And you act as a traitor! Is this normal? Where and when I lied to you? Say? WHAT??? Send a copy of your passport? I can do it now. BUT I need to do? Karl I do not see any sense. NO SENSE DOES NOT HAVE THIS!!
I sit and cry. Karl I could not even imagine that you are so otneseshsya me. This is a painful and sad. I wish you'd told me I was **** and ******! Than to say that I cheat!! I NEVER! NEVER!! I never let anyone deceive! Karl and you just spit in my face your words! Is it possible? After all, what have I done, what would be wrong with you?? I gave everything to have. I took a lot of money. I sold a place to live. And I do not regret it. Because for me it does not matter where I live. When I'm with you. Any place I'll be happy.
Karl I run everywhere. Collect different information. Documents.
Prepared all. And I was sure that all turn out. I did not know that I could not find the last part. I have not calculated it. Karl I did not think it would be so. And I do not understand why you are so related. As if it needed only to me? Do not you want that I come?
Karl you yourself know how I try. But I can not find even a dollar now. I 'd love to do it myself. But I do not have that opportunity.
I'm not a super hero and I do not have a super opportunity. I can not do anything by herself and no one can help. Karl, and what will happen now? Just leave me? And what about love? Dream together? I do not fit it in my head. What to say in a travel agency? Karl I also signed a contract with them. The fact that I am obliged to pay any money to them. There have my signature and it notarized. This is not a joke! Karl they would serve me in court in the event of non payment. And that would be? What do I do? And where I live now?
Soon to move out of the room. Sleeping on the street now? Karl or what? Say? How can you do this to me? Just say " I'm sorry I can not, this can be a scam!". And to **** with me?
Karl I do not know what to say. Is our love will destroy the money?
Do you allow this? Think well. This is our life. Not child's play.
Answer me. And know that I will always love you. Even if you leave me.
I believe that you change your mind Karl.
Your hoping to meet Svetlana
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