Scam letter(s) from Valeria Igorivna Petkova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear John! It is late evening here now, it is 11 pm, I have just finished working 20 minutes ago, and writing to you before going to bed, as usual) How was your day? What are your plans for today?) Have you been thinking of me?) I have been thinking of you and our meeting many times during my day! It feels so nice, so comfortable that we met each other and talking to each other..I do feel great about this everything, and I am happy because of that! I hope I am making you happier also! As for travel cheque, I think we mean different things. What I meant is a paper that states that you are having the amount of money on you that allows you to come to USA according to your type of visa. For Ukrainian citizens it is usually from 3000 to 6000 thousands. As far as I know, touristic and quest visas require to have 4000 in travel cheque. This sum is not to pay for anything, just to bring it to USA, to have it on you, for DHS to make sure that you will be able to survive when you are there. As for the process of obtaining the visa, it starts with me getting all the papers that are necesary,including travel cheque, and going to Kiev then, there I can officially pay for rushing the process, it costs around 500 dollars. So, first I need to get all the documents. How soon it will happen depends mostly on when I will get a travel cheque.As for the embassy, they do not have queues, because, as you can see, it is not so easy. I am writing to you and my eyes are really closing, I got so tired today, that my hands ever ache a bit... So I will better close my letter for now and go to bed, and will read from you and write more tomorrow. That would be so great if I could fall asleep with you holding me in your hands. Many kisses to you, my dear John!! Your Valery.
Letter 2
Hi honey! You are still sleeping (probably :)) and I am already back to Lugansk now) I went to check my mailbox right away, because I miss reading from you always, and that is because I like talking to you so much) =* Yesterday you texted me about an appointment that you have in your bank today, well, I want to say that I hope that everything goes well there and they will help you to find a right solution in our situation. Days are passing by, and I don't want to feel they are passing by in vain. I know, and with every day I am only getting more sure, that I want to be with you. I will answer to your questions now. As for staying in USA - I can not know now when I will want to go back home after I come to you. That is an honest, and the only possible answer, do you agree with me? Remember I told you that I want to spend Christmas and my Birthday, and New Year together with you? So I still want that. But, as we have already discussed, there are many different variants of how everything can be when we meet, and so it is impossible to say something for sure about the future. The thing that I do know for sure is that after we get married, I will automatically get the right to stay in USA permanently. But I will not be a citizen, as I told you first I will get a Green Card and in 7 years I will become a citizen. As for where my parents live, you have already asked for two or more times))) But I understand that you may not remember all of the things, so once again - my parents live in almost 80 km far from Lugansk, and I usually go there by bus, it takes an hour and a half ride. By the way, yesterday when I went to see them, my Mom told me that she is going to Moscow in two days to see the friend of her childhood. This woman lives in Moscow (capital of Russia) for more than 20 years now and my Mom haven't seen her for a very long time. This year they have decided to meet as they miss each other, they were close friends when this woman lived here. It is a pity that your friend will not live close to you anymore, and you are going to miss him. But it is great that he has got a good proposition for his carreer, right?) My roommates' names are Ann and Kolya. Yes, I told them that I am talking to you and that I will probably leave soon. But, as soon as I do not know this for sure now, and I do not know the dates or anything, I didn't tell them to start looking for the flat now. I will tell them they should do that when I know when I am going to you. As for the sushi - yes, there is one sushi place that I like very much,it is called Syshiya) It is situated not far from where I live and so my friends and I go there almost every week to enjoy sushi) Honey I cannot wait to eat sushi together with you, and also to teach you how to make sushi at home!)) I do enjoy outdoors very much! When I studied at school and University then, I used to play basketball outside, and did a lot of jogging. I cannot do jogging now as it is cold outside but I did in summer) And I will do that there)) Here is my home address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, city Lugansk, Demyohina street, building 42, flat 30. Why do you need it honey?) And what is yours?) I will be going to the gym tonight and afterr that my friends and I planned to go to Sushiya)) And so I may not be able to chat today but we can chat tomorrow. I will be looking forward to hearing from you honey. Kiss you and hug you) Your Valery.
Letter 3
Hi again honey,
I still can't get calm after our conversation, I feel really bad after it. The way you talked to me and things about which you were talking sounded like you never really put trust into our relationship...You put guilt on me for that I was wrong assuring you that my chances to get visa are great, but I feel that there is no my guilt in that, as I know from my past experience that when you have all the documents, you will most likely get your visa...I told you that if we did everything like I said from the very start, we wouldn't face this problems at all..But you said that No, if you did everything like I said, than you would lose your money...Don't understand why would that happen, the only reason for you to say that would be - that you do not trust me? Also, it feels really bad after your words that you lost thousands of dollars...It is like you only think of money and do not think about my feelings and about us at all...If I don't get a visa tomorrow, you will just accept this as you have lost your money, and that is all..You will not feel sad about the fact that I will not be able to come in the nearest month. Am I right? And you blame me for that I didn't want you to come to Kiev. But please be honest with YOURSELF and answer this question - would you send me money for bank account after you would meet me in Kiev? Think of that. I understand what you feel when you read of different stories about fraud and all that stuff, but the real thing is not about that...The thing is that when you feel inside your heart that the person is yours, then the trust comes itself. So, honey, if still, after we have been talking for these months, over the phone, texting each other, in Skype - if after all of that I couldn't gain your trust, then I wouldn't be able to do that while meeting.That is it. I am here alone in alien city, I have lost a week of work and when I get home I will barely have no money - but even despite that, I do not blame you for anything. All I want, with all my heart, is to do evertyhing possible to get my visa. I wish you would realize how important that is for us and would do all is needed for that. Yours,
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