Scam letter(s) from Olivia Miles to Peter (Germany)

Letter 1
darling but never sent me the ticket money for me to add it to my money to get the ticket to Africa please.. why have you forgotten about it?
Letter 2
Hi Thomas, now tell me why are you not talking to me anymore? have i done anything wrong to you? you sometimes behave so strange and am shocked at your behavior. why you should be doing that...
Letter 3
Hello Thomas, I am deeply sorry not being able to get back to you.. you shouldn't be thinking that have forgotten about you.. I just arrived in Accra, Ghana yesterday.. I had a very good flight and everything was fine.. I am now at a small hotel and about to meet the Lawyer soon then arrange few things and everything that happens will let you know..i will snap some photos to you and hope you will like it very much.. thanks for your support and care for me.. God bless you !
Letter 4

you never told me that.. but please how much did you transfer?
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