Scam letter(s) from Marina Izmailova to Artur (USA)

Letter 1

Hello again my lovely. How are you? How your mood? At me while all goes well. Weather at us good, solar. Yesterday went with parents to swim. We seldom go together on a nature because we work also I much was glad that we send to have a rest. This year I swimming first time. I love water. I dream of that that sometime I shall visit on the sea. To me on a visit yesterday there came my grandmother. She has brought tasty pies. She it is tasty cooking. When I arrive to her she teaches me to the skill, she speaks that I should be able well cooking that it was pleasant to my future husband. We with her spoke about you, you have liked her. I am glad to this. I frequently walk in park with girlfriends on evenings and I see constantly young guys with girls, but I know that it not for me. I know that here I cannot find loved person. Now I think that probably I have already found him. I hope that it you. For me the age of the person is not important. I spoke you it already many times. The main thing that the person was kind, sensual, gentle and frank. I am always completely frank with people and probably in it my weakness. Other people may take advantage of it, but me any more will not change. Probably you will tell that so to live it is impossible. You think probably that it is impossible to trust all people. But so me have brought up. I am always frank and I trust anothers. Now I completely trust you. I think that you that person which combine in yourself all those feelings which I want to see in the person. For this reason I want to meet you personally and to learn you better. I hope that at us with you something will turn out. I hope that you think as. Together with this letter I want to send you the new photo. I have made it only yesterday. I hope that the photo is pleasant to you. If you may that came to me please the photo. It will be very pleasant for me. With hope for a fast reply.
I miss and think about you.
Yours Marina.
Letter 2

Hello my dear and very lovely Arthur! I am very glad that I again can to write to you the letter. You know that for me sometimes very difficultly happens to get in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter. Now still spend more very many time on that to have an opportunity to arrive to you. I already went to find out about registration of all documents for departure your country. Yes, I am sure and I know that can issue all documents for arrival you, but all over again I should find out all precisely. I do not want that there were mistakes and consequently we should wait a little more my dear. In this week-end I went to our garden. At us berries there grow: a strawberry, a raspberry, a cherry and many other things. All spring it is necessary to look after a garden, but in the summer and an autumn it yields the fruits. At us on a table always fresh berries. I like especially our apples. Only pears in our climate do not grow. Grow more truly, but small. They suit only jam. But pear jam too very much is pleasant to me. I think in your country such do not do. As far as I know at you there many semifinished items and tinned products. At us, in the country, almost all ready. Especially in villages. There the majority of citizens live due to the kitchen garden. There almost all grows: a potato, an onions, berries, cabbage and much many other things. But there it is a lot of and works. It is necessary to work and at work and in a kitchen garden. So life in villages is very difficult and at the same time sweet. In our country a lot of different between cities and villages. But I like life in villages. They you see small and all inhabitants sat each other know. They help each other and there almost there is no criminality. May be only because of drunkenness. In villages it is the basic problem: almost all inhabitants of villages, especially men drink much, because they have nothing to do. They suffer from idleness. And all basic work falls to women. But despite of numerous work of the woman there are very beautiful also fragile. Likely you were bothered already with my deviation from you and me. So let's talk about us to you. Now I keep your letters on a disk that them to not lose and when in Internet - cafe there is a free computer I sit for it and reads some your letters. It seems on ours with you to letters it is possible to make the whole novel. Likely I should engage in it and the obtained money to divide with you (LOL, it there was a joke). My lovely I very much miss on you and it would be desirable to see for one instant of you. To touch you. To feel your smell, your embraces, kisses (it is especial kisses). It so is fine to be with the the man to walk with him, to be going him, to fill to him bed and certainly to be with him in the night. I never felt such attraction as to you. Though we also did not see each other, but between us there is any string which connects us and does not give to release from each other. Also it seems with each letter, in the afternoon, minute, this string approaches us the friend to the friend. It is a pity, that is just virtual, but once it will connect us and in a reality and then between us the spark will inflame or the fire, a fire of love will rage. The instant, an instant of our meeting only is necessary to dream of it. So let there will be it an instant faster and it will last eternally. I only am afraid of one: suddenly at a meeting I to you shall not be it is pleasant, I shall suddenly be shown you uninteresting or ****. Suddenly it is not pleasant to you as I talk either as I eat or as I sleep. You see in each person exists lacks (though I do not know what are at me) and suddenly to you will seem, that at me it is a lot of lacks. You see between women of your country and my country there is a huge difference. And I think, I am afraid of more truly that women of your country (after our meeting) will be it is pleasant more. I do not know as it to explain. At us different habits, different images. Different ideals, we even put on differently. And I am afraid of that you will think that I to you not like will not want to be with me. Though I hope will be on the contrary: you will want to be with me always and will not want to release from yourself. I am sincere on it I hope. And now I shall go home and to look at the sky (yes, already 4 o'clock in the morning. I today have risen earlier and in the street it is already bright. As well in the summer. Night has not enough.) And to search for a falling star, to think of desire. And the desire at me only one to be with you. Well all right. I shall go home. I have stayed here the whole hour and 5 mornings. So in well early morning in city. In streets of anybody is not present and there is such silence. I now would like to take a walk with you. I very much like to walk on city in the mornings. Because it happens in the afternoon is very noisy, many automobiles, are a lot of dust, a lot of people. And morning of anybody is not present. As it is a pity, that there is no you. Likely I now shall go to bed and think again of you. Also there may be you to me will dream this morning. I hope it there will be a fine dream about you, about me, about us with you and our future children. Well all my lovely cardinal bye bye. gently whole you in your fine lips also I speak you the most gentle words. I hope the sun or the moon will transfer you my kiss and my words. Always yours Marina i miss you i miss you you my prince also wants to see. bye bye P.S. I have found a photo which seems did not send you. So in this letter as the photo will be usual.
It is a photo it was made still one year ago or one and a half year back. I do not remember. It is a photo my former girlfriend did (I to you did not tell about her. Because we have quarrelled with her very much for a long time) at her at home. Though it is a photo to me not so it is pleasant. I seem to me here am poorly photographed. And how you think?
Letter 3

Hello my dear . I so miss you. How your affairs? How your mood? You know that June, 12 is a Day Independence of Russia. It is our national holiday. We did not work some days and consequently also did not work as Internet - cafe. Sorry me that I might not write to you the letter. I constantly recollected and thought of you. I have well lead days off only to me was lonely without you. Still my aunt has in detail found out all about an opportunity of flight to you. I can receive the visa. It has very much pleased me. But for flight to you very many money is necessary. Now I try to learn(find out) how many money it is necessary for flight, also I shall try to ask money parents, relatives and friends, only I am not sure that can to find all sum. Therefore it afflicts me. I very much want a meeting with you. We are familiar with you already very much for a long time. And I think that the moment of true has come when we should meet. My parents and friends asked to tell you "Hello" and transfer you the best regards from them. Unfortunately while I can not call you because to me yet did not give the salary at work. To me promised to give money soon and then I can call you. It is a pity that I have no the phone of a house and consequently you may not call me. I necessarily shall call you as soon as possible. Yesterday at us in park fireworks was. It was beautiful. I know that in your country too there are fireworks, I saw by the TV set. I like to look fireworks. Bright fires simply bewitch I hope that sometime we can observe fireworks together. And still I yesterday went on various attractions, it is possible to tell that I have recollected the childhood. It was cheerful. But now for me the main thing is arrival you. I already have found out almost full details. The main news to you and to me that at me is an opportunity to receive the visa. I shall know other details within this week. I very much hope that very soon we can meet. I will be sure that all at us well. Now I am compelled to finish my letter to you because my time has approached to the end and I should exempt the computer. I also with this letter send you 2 photos. These photos are made the last summer. Sorry but now I have no new photos. I was photographed about lake when went to have a rest in aa?aai? to the grandmother. I hope that you will are glad to see these photos and they will like you. With hope for a fast reply.
Your Marina from Russia.
Letter 4

Privet moi dorogoi Artur. Ya rada chto ty mne tak skoro napisal otvet. Ya uzhe soskuchilas'. Po tvoemu pis'mu ya ponyala chto ty soglasen chtoby ya priezzhala tebe s turisticheskoi gruppoi. Ochen' horosho chto ty otpisal tak bystro. Ya tebe pisala chto togda mne neobhodimo nachinat' oformlyat' vizu uzhe v nachale nedeli. Eto ochen' vazhno potomu chto ya dolzhna uspet' poluchit' svoi dokumenty vmeste s osnovnoi gruppoi. Ya sama tozhe dumayu chto seichas eto luchshii vyhod, v drugoi raz takogo shansa mozhet ne predostavit'sya. Mne ochen' stydno chto ya samostoyatel'no ne mogu oplatit' vse rashody. Ya samostoyatel'naya devushka i privykla reshat' vse svoi problemy samostoyatel'no, no k sozhaleniyu seichas drugaya situatsiya i s nei mne ne mogut pomoch' dazhe moi roditeli. Ya proshu ponyat' moih roditelei, moi bratishka okonchil shkolu i seichas vse svoi den'gi oni pustili na postuplenie syna v vuz, da oni i ne smogut zarabotat' tak mnogo deneg kotorye neobhodimy dlya poezdki. No vse ravno mne ochen' stydno pered toboi. Esli by mne ne byl ochen' dorog, to ya by tochno ne prinyala by tvoyu pomosch'. Prosto ya ochen' hochu vstretit'sya s toboi. Eto seichas dlya menya ochen' vazhno. Ya vsegda byla s toboi polnost'yu otkrovenna i ya s polnoi uverennost'yu mogu skazat' chto nigde i nikogda yaran'she ne vstrechala takogo cheloveka kak ty. Ya segodnya hodila v bank i uznala vse pro Western Union. Da v nashem banke deistvitel'no est' otdel Western Union. Cherez nego osuschestvlyayut perevod denezhnyh sredstv. Ya sprashivala vse podrobno i mne ob'yasnili tak: Pri perevode deneg ty ukazyvaesh' svoi dannye (polnoe imya, familiya, polnyi adres) a takzhe moi dannye: Russia, Marina Izmailova ( tochnyi adres skazali luchshe ne ukazyvat' potomu chto chasto byvayut oshtbki i nedorazumeniya v napisanii russkih adresov latinskimi bukvami). Takzhe pri perevode deneg tebe soobschat kod iz 10 chisel. To est' dlya polucheniya deneg ya dolzhna znat' tvoi polnye dannye i etot kod iz 10 chisel. Eto vse ty mozhesh' prislat' mne na e-mail. Takzhe ya dolzhna znat' tochnuyu summu. Potom ya srazu zhe edu v Moskvu i oformlyayu dokumenty. So mnoi poedet moya tetya i pomozhet razobrat'sya mne v etom dele. Ya tak ne lyublyu vse eti byurokraticheskie slozhnosti. Eto vse tak slozhno. Nu vot vrode ya vse tebe polnost'yu opisala. Ya tak zhdu momenta nashei vstrechi. Ya navernoe budu stoyat' i plakat' kogda tebya uvizhu. Vse taki ya sentimental'naya, no sil'naya devushka. Po krainei mere tak govoryat moi druz'ya. Oi, administrator internet-kafe mne govorit chtoby ya osvobozhdala mesto dlya drugogo cheloveka. Eto tak trudno, poluchit' mesto za komp'yuterom. Ladno ya budu zhdat' tvoi otvet. Ya budu dumat' o tebe(Ya vsegda o tebe dumayu). Ladnen'ko, tseluyu tebya krepko krepko. Ty navernoe poluchil eto pis'mo dnem ili vecherom. Tak chto priyatno tebe dnya ili vechera. A ya seichas budu krepko spat'. Kstati, moya mama prigotovila tebe podarok, ya nadeyus' on tebe ponravitsya. Poka.
Tvoya Marina.
Letter 5

Privet moi dorogoi Arthur. Ya ochen' skuchala eti dni. Ya chitala tvoi proshlye pis'ma i mne bylo horosho. Ya ochen' rada chto sud'ba nas svela vmeste. Vse tvoi pis'ma ko mne vsegda byli polny lyubov'yu i teplom. Tol'ko ot tebya ya slyshala teplye i nezhnye slova. Ty vsegda byl iskrennii so mnoi. Ya takzhe vsegda otkrovenna s toboi. I eto doverie mezhdu nami vselyaet menya uverennost' v tom chto my sozdany drug dlya druga, no konechno polnost'yu uverennymi my budem tol'ko posle nashei vstrechi. Ya nadeyus' chto etot moment nastupit skoro moi dorogoi. Ya tebe uzhe pisala chto ya uznavala pro oformlenie dokumentov dlya priezda k tebe moi dorogoi. Teper' nastalo vremya kogda my dolzhny vse podrobno obsudit'. Seichas ya imeyu vozmozhnost' chtoby oformit' vse dokumenty dlya priezda k tebe. Ty navernoe znaesh' chto ochen' trudno poluchit' amerikanskuyu vizu. Nekotorye lyudi nikogda ne mogut poluchit' ee. Seichas v osnovnom vizu mogut poluchit' tol'ko krupnye biznesmeny. Ya tebe uzhe pisala chto moya tetya rabotaet v turisticheskom agentstve i ona skazala chto ona mozhet mne pomoch'. No k sozhaleniyu ochen' dorogo stoit poezdka k tebe moi milyi. Ya i moi roditeli mozhei oplatit' tol'ko uslugi agentstva, k sozhaleniyu ya ne imeyu deneg dlya oplaty vizy i drugih dokumentov v posol'stve a tkzhe na bilet k tebe. Ya ne dumala chto poezdka k tebe stoit stol'ko mnogo deneg. Poetomu ya ne znayu chto tebe skazat' moi dorogoi. K sozhaleniyu bez pomoschi ya ne mogu priehat' k tebe. Eto ochen' grusto. Poetomu ya ochen' volnitel'no zhdu tvoi otvet. Ya ne znayu chto ty mne napishesh'. Konechno ya privykla vsegda samostoyatel'no reshat' svoi problemy no v dannom sluchae ya ne mogu. Ya takzhe hochu pozdravit' s prazdnikom. Ya znayu chto 4 iyulya - eto den' nezavisimosti v SShA. Navernoe eto bol'shoi prazdnik dlya vas. V Rossii tozhe est' takoi prazdnik no prazdnuetsya v iyune. U nas v etot den' vsegda byvaet feierverk. Napishi mne kak ty provel etot den'. Mne ochen' interesno. Moi dorogoi Arthur ya chasto dumayu o tebe. I ya hochu chtoby ty znal chto ty dlya menya ochen' dear. Ty ochen' vazhen dlya menya. Nikogda ran'she ya ne vstrechala takogo dobrogo i otzyvchivogo cheloveka kak ty. Ni o kom i nikogda ya tak ne skuchala, ya skuchala tol'ko o tebe. Mne zhal' chto ya ne mogu pisat' tebe chasto pis'ma. Ya ochen' starayus' chto u menya ne vsegda byvaet vozmozhnost'. Ya ochen' nadeyus' chto ty ponimaesh' eto. Dlya menya eto ochen' vazhno. Vozmozhno seichas reshaetsya moya i tvoya buduschaya sud'ba. Ya ochen' ser'ezno otnoshus' k etomu. K sozhaleniyu seichas ya vynuzhdena zakonchit' svoe pis'mo. Ya ne imeyu seichas novoi fotografii, ya nadeyus' chto smogu poslat' tebe fotografiyu so svoim sleduyuschim pis'mom. Pomni chto ya ochen' skuchayu i dumayu o tebe. Tvoya Marina.
Letter 6

Privet moi dorogoi Artur. Kak tvoi dela? Chto delal v eti dni? U nas snova nastupila zhara. Na rabote zharko i dushno. A tak u menya vse horosho. Vot vchera hodila s podrugoi gulyat' vecherom v park. Vstretila staryh znakomyh, poboltali, posmeyalis'. Voobschem ya horosho provela vecher. Ya uznala vse naschet vizy i drugih dokumentov. Na oformlenie vseh dokumentov neobhodimo 480$. Dlya Rossii summa ne malen'kaya. A bilet mne skazali chto budet zakazyvat' posol'stvo. Govoryat chto seichas s etim strogo. Esli edesh' po turisticheskoi vize to vse oformlenie i zakaz bilet vedetsya cherez posol'stvo. Ya uzhe delayu sebe zagranichnyi pasport. Dumayu on budet gotov na sleduyuschei nedele. Vot vchera vecherom sidela u okna i dumala o tebe. Ochen' hochetsya skoree uvidet' tebya. Ochen ochen' hochetsya. Smotrela na tvoe foto dvuhletnei davnosti. Ya uverena chto ty ne izmenilsya. Tebe kstati ochen' idut usy. A esli ne sekret pochemu ty ne imeesh' novyh foto, neuzheli trudno sdelat' fotografiyu? Nu da ladno. Nadeyus' skoro uvidet' tebya vzhivuyu. Ya posylayu tebe pis'mo na russkom yazyke i nadeyus' chto ty smozhesh' prochitat' ego. Kstati naschet bileta k tebe, vozmozhno ya smogu sdelat' ego za poltseny esli povezet. Tut cherez 15 dnei v SShA edet gruppa detei s kakoi-to bogatoi shkoly i moya tetya skazala chto navernoe smozhet zapisat' menya kak pomoshnik rukovoditelya gruppy. Po priezdu v SShA ya otdelyayus' ot gruppy i vse. I togda moi bilet k tebe budet stoit' primerno 600$. Mne skazali chto eto deshevo ya sama ne znayu. Vot teper' sizhu i dumayu. Esli ehat' s etoi gruppoi to nado nachinat' oformlyat' vizu uzhe s ponedel'nika. Trudnaya situatsiya poluchaetsya, no ona pozvolyaet sekonomit' bol'shuyu chast' deneg. Zhal' chto ya samostoyatel'no ne mogu za vse zaplatit'. Ya mogu oplatit' tol'ko uslugi agentstva, eto primerno 300$. A vot na oformlenie dokumentov i bilety ya k sozhaleniyu den'gi naiti ne mogu. Vot takie grustnye dela. Chto ty mne skazhesh'? Oi izvini mne seichas nado bezhat' na rabotu, segodnya nachal'nik kakoi-to nervnyi, vse vremya ko vsem pridiraetsya. Tak-to on u nas dobryi no vot segodnya ne znayu chto na nego nashlo takogo. Nu ladno. Mne skazali chto zavtra budet svobodnyi komp'yuter i ya smogu snova napisat' tebe pis'mo. Hochu skazat' chto ochen' skuchayu i dumayu o tebe. Ladnen'ko, ya takaya sentimental'naya.
Tseluyu tebya v gubki.
Tvoya Marina.
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