Letter(s) from Marina Izmailova to John (USA)

Letter 1

How are you my lovely John! At me mood not so. I yesterday watched on TV news (though some times promised to itself, that I shall not watch TV more)., that I there saw. In our city there was a failure. It was near Internet - cafe. I wanted to come and write to you the letter. But has suddenly heard squeal of brakes and then impact. I have looked there and there the nightmare was. There has arrived militia, first aid. Automobile BMW has brought down 3 persons: the man, the woman and the small girl. Daddy with mum have died at once. And the girl yesterday has died in reanimation. All over again spoke, that she will survive, she only had bruises, but it was not so. And, yesterday she too has died.( it also spoke by the TV set, and I saw failure itself) I till now can not come to the senses. It was so terribly. And suddenly, on their place there might be I. That driver at once have caught. More truly. He at once has stopped. He shivered all. I can not describe all this at all. I never saw before failure. And now I am afraid to pass roads.. . My dear though I also did not know those people, but I very much regret about their mountain. They some more at home still had one daughter. Now she will be the orphan. So it is a pity to me of her. I can not transfer her tragedy in a word at all. I at all do not know. That she feels. You see, even I do not know her, and that is very hard for me. And how to her??? Such tragedy has happened in our silent city. In 3 days there will be funeral. I shall go there. And today, with my girlfriends we shall go in church and to put a candle for their rest on heavens.
This tragedy has left strong impression in my memory and I still can not overlook about it. I have decided to share with you it. We with girlfriends has decided to find that girl and to speak her words of the condolence. Now I all think, you as live there where many machines go. And I suffer for you. I ask you my lovely, be cautious. Ok? I always think of you and you always are in my opinion.
John, now as to trip to you. I went to travel agency what to find out, whether I can receive the tourist visa. They have told to me about I should prepare for what information what to submit the application on reception of the visa. Me have assured that if I will have these documents I can receive the visa of the bride. I can receive the visa and all necessary documents through travel agency. But unfortunately it costs expensive for me and I can not pay all costs. Cost of registration of all documents and passage of all necessary procedures costs 400$USD. Plus I should buy air tickets, to you and back. This obligatory rule because I visit your country as the tourist. But I already spoke you, that when I shall come to you, we can issue the visa of the bride and I can remain with you. Air tickets will cost about 1000$USD. And plus travel agency asks for the services 300$USD. my lovely everything, that I wanted you to tell. These are very big money for me because I earn about 150$USD per one month. For me it is impossible to save up such money. I hope you understand, that I need your help if I shall plan trip to you. I as hope, that you may understand all that I have written to you in this letter. If you will have any questions ask me and I shall answer them.

Well, on it I shall finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Hugs and Kisses