Letter(s) from Julia to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Dan. This is Julia. You gave me your email on POF today :) I hope that this is the correct email address and you'll be able to get my letter. I'm sending you some of my photos. I hope you like it and you will write me back.


Letter 2

well, your apology accepted:) but I'm a little old fashioned man and I do not have many simple things for you , for example I am just an old computer without a webcam, it's not even a laptop! I live a humble life, but I respect his real life, so I do not want to become an online-girl. because I do not even have friends in the network, only you. and I like that we communicate through letters, it creates a little secret and mystery to both of us, which adds a romance.
The world has left almost no romance and I am very sad because of this. I watch the news and see how people post their photos and videos to the network each have 10,000 friends on fb but who are these people and what are they for ? I like you and I love to chat with you, but I do not want to be like all the rest for you. we will know each other better and talk on the phone soon. so far I have very little time to sit online and wait for you will be free. do not forget about the time difference, ok? I believe that you are a good person and you will not put pressure on me. I like you and I want to continue our relationship :) until after the letter, but in the future things will change.

Letter 3

Dan I am glad that you write me. Each your letter to make my day better. When I'm at work , I always think about how you will write to me today or not. Dan I like you more and more with your every letter. I never have such feelings. This new feelings for me. I 've never seen you, but I even like that Now we have the opportunity to present to each other and even a little dream ) Dan what you feel when you receive my letters Dan I think we can be good friends, or may even be more than friends. What do you think about this In internet read more about your country. This is very interesting. I I think that our way of life is very different. What do you do in a regular day At what time starts your day Dan how much time do you work I have an intermittent schedule, and sometimes I work seven days a week, but I still love the work, because I like help people. I feel like I'm doing a good deed. If you want it I can write you more about my work. Dan you can ask me about everything that you're interested. I will always be happy to tell you more about myself .
If you do not have 5 minutes to write me a letter, how do you find time to skype I do not want to communicate quickly, I want high-quality communication. otherwise we will communicate when I arrive to your house one day You should be able to tell me about yourself and your life instead of writing sms. These questions are very concerned about me now.
Today, I went to work I met my girlfriend. Her name Olga. We have not seen each other for a long time, because after we finish university she moved to another city. I was pleasantly surprised at this meeting.
She said that she had come only to and fro, to take copies of the documents from the university. she had lost diploma and is now restored. I'm even a little late for work, because we had a long talk with her. She invited me to guests. I said that I would come as soon as I have free time.
Dan did you have a lot of friends Probably every person to have a lot of friends . Dan did you have a lot of friends-girls Sometimes it seems to me that I'm starting to be jealous. Did you write a lot of girls I hope not... Dan write me more about it. Have you had the experience of dating via Internet I told you that for me it's all very new.
Every night I think of what to write to you today.
Dan I'm sending you a photo with my friend Olga, it's an old photo that made a few years ago, when we talked a lot. the second photo is my colleague, Maria, now we are working together.
Dan If you wanted to call me kindly, what word would you I use I am very interested to hear it. I hope that you write me. I 'll wait for your letter tomorrow.

Letter 4

Dan today I have a wonderful mood:) I'm just happy!!!
I can not even explain what with me. Today I have a wonderful day:)
Dan I am happy today, for the happiness of my eyes and I feel fine.
I do not know how and what came over me. Maybe you've been thinking about to me when I sleep. But I saw a beautiful dream, a dream in which we have met!! Imagine!!! And it was fine, and I well seen everything... And I havent desire to wake up, but I woke up this morning, when we went to sleep in the dream.
Dan I was sitting in a large chair, and said where that came and to come out. And I went to the door. I was in a beautiful dress and cloak. And in my hand was a piece of paper. "Dan I'm here for you!!!" And I got somewhere. I do not even know how to describe this place. I have never was in the same field . Perhaps it was the airport. And I felt the warmth the right side. And I turn around. And it was you, Dan imagine? You said you have a car waiting for a surprise . And we go by car, came into the house. We went into it. It was all clean and tidy. I said to go to the bathroom to take a shower.
You gave me a towel. I and went out from there. I do not feel tired .
And you asked me I help you. I said yes. And we went into the kitchen . And together we cooked dinner for us . What we just did in the kitchen. It was fine. And then you turn on the beautiful music , and we enjoyed every second together. And we fell asleep in bed early in the morning only. Can you imagine? Dan do you think this is possible in our lives with you?
Dan tell me. Have you seen these dreams? And what was in them? Tell me. I beg you. I need to know! Dan tell me, would you like that would be this dream come true? Or, what is the you want to change? I do not know why, but I' so good now, I spent all day feeling fine.
Because last night I was with you. Just a dream. But it was so fine!!!
And nothing can spoil my mood. And you?
I also want to tell you that tomorrow I'm off work. I will be go learn about how am I going to see you. I'll tell you tomorrow, when I arrive. I do not know why, but I am sure that we need to meet. I can not continue to live as it is now too long. I wish that it were a reality, and that I could be with you! Because I I love you Dan!
And I'm sure in it. Because I never was so happy, never expecting anyone, as your letter. those words that you write me. All this make me happy. And I I know that until I meet you I will do my best, that we met. Because without you, I will not be happy. I I want to be with you my darling.
I am waiting for your answer.
Dreaming of you, Julia