Scam letter(s) from Yana Lubov to Ramon (Spain)

Letter 1
Thanks for interest to me. I am glad. You are interesting to me.
Write to me on personal mail
I shall send you new photos and I shall tell about myself.
Yours faithfully Yana
Letter 2
Hello Many thanks for you the letter. It very much to like me. Means, you wish to know me better. I was extremely happy, receive it. I shall try to answer all your questions and probably to ask you the some people also. I am very happy, that you have written to me. I never was married. But if I find the correct person I think, that we with it shall live together long and happily. I promise you will be opened with you and to speak you my ideas, dreams, desires and that that still you wish to know about me. It is necessary, I trust to the first, the firm fund (basis) to attitudes built and to it begins with friendship. From a rate it can conduct to the novel, love and marriage. It is necessary in the some people item (point) to meet and spend to spend time with the person you is interested. I well know English language. I understand that you write. If you do not understand that I have written, please, ask, and I shall write it differently so we can understand everyone another. I understand your letter very well so I really think, that we shall not have a problem. To me to like, that we began to correspond, and I have hope, that you write again soon. In following mail I shall tell about myself in detail. My character, my work, my life, my desires. I shall take pleasure in the answer to your mail. You like me also I think, that we should develop our attitudes. With tenderness, I send my best wishes and warm wishes from Yana
Letter 3
you have no trust to Russian women ? why ? and why then all this to you ?
with tenderness Yana
Letter 4

Hello !!! I am glad, that you have again written. Very much I waited for it, I hope, that you understand me, that I write. I think, that you understand, that the full purpose in my life to find the only thing the man with which I can pass all difficulties of a life, together to meet pleasure, to surround with care of the the man, to present it a happy life. I so dream of it!!! I think, that you will understand me, and your vital purposes are similar mine, and I in hope that there will come time when our hearts will meet and will be a number. I wish to tell to you as I spend the usual working day, I rise early in the morning 6:30, and I put into myself the order, then I go for work. I work till 18:00. In the evening we with girlfriends sometimes are included into cafe, and we have a supper together. My work on the one hand interesting, but difficult. Free day at me on Saturday, on Sunday .? free days I like to read books, I spend a lot of time for homeworks. I like to be prepared for work. I never was outside Russia. But very much I wish to be in other country. Tell, how you spend the day, than, is borrowed, how spend free days? Tell to me about friends, about relatives. I about impatience wait for your letter, your letters for me as a beam of the sun among dark day. Your friend from Russia Yana!!
Letter 5
p/s/ I'm sorry. I was sick. lying all this time in bed. but now I will write every day.with tenderness Yana
Letter 6
thank you for your letter. I am glad to read it. just in Russia according to statistics, 1 man 4 women. with half of the men were already married. some part of drunkards and drug addicts. therefore it is difficult to find a good man in Russia. it is bad. but on the other hand.... we got acquainted with you. I like it. Yes. I am ready to move to live in another country to the beloved man....... Spain...... beautiful country. I like it.
Letter 7
Hello !!! I am happy to receive your letter, again I am very happy, because I saw your letter and my mood it is better. It seems to me, that you that the man which I searched. I the first time get acquainted through the Internet. My girlfriend has married through the Internet. It wrote to the man. Then in a month it has gone to it on a visit. And then they have got married. I consider, that you very sensitive, clever, kind and decent the man! In free days and in holiday I like to pass with the girlfriend to streets or to enter Any cafe to sit behind of a cup of strong coffee to speak about a life. I hope, that it will be pleasant to communicate for you with me. And than you are borrowed in free days? I have understood, that in us much in common though we live in the various countries. I think, it represents the man, should be brave, which is, it should be capable to stand up for itself (himself) and for the beloved. The man it should be clever, cautious, interesting in dialogue, should be always capable to tell and contact the girl so that has passed about all on light. Write to me, that you estimate in the woman whom you search. You like me. You good, kind, tender. You become to me the close person. I wish to divide all the ups and downs. I shall tell to you about the family. I earlier a vein in a place with my parents. But one year ago were lost. My daddy worked in a taxi. It has fetched mum after work, and they have gone home. They have got in accident. The lorry has driven into them. The driver of the lorry was *****. I long cried. It is the big impact for me. Parents at me were remarkable, my parents have made everything, what me to learn and bring up, and I am grateful to them for it for all life. I do not know, that I would do, if I did not have such fine mum. We lived not richly, but is amicable. I not so small, but always asked advice. It is very fine, when in family there is a mutual understanding. I always dream to create such family. I in family one, parents have presented all love to me. I very much love honesty and decency. If I shall create family, I think, that the main thing in attitudes with the husband will be full confidence to each other, I consider, that it is the mortgage of strong family. I trust in love. I consider, that the love is a basis in a life. On it the world keeps. It and love to a life, and love to relatives, love to everything, love to the beloved. If I shall grow fond, I shall be always fair with the the man. I shall always live with it and in sorrow and grief and always to help it during hard times.. I think, that you have closely read through all, write to me again. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Write to me about itself more. I shall wait. With greater respect Yana
Letter 8
Yes. I dream to have a meeting with you. I dream to see your country, and thy house. you know..... I have to see and understand the customs of your home and your country. because, in the future your country can be and my country. you understand ?I would like for Christmas to be with you. it would be romantic. it is exactly.with tenderness Yana
Letter 9
I know about trip to you and I will write later. international airport near you ?
Letter 10
all learned. sorry. it is expensive for me to come to you. in total, about 1100 - 1300 euro. sorry. I won't come.
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