Scam letter(s) from Elena Voznesenskaya to Pinuts (France)

Letter 1
We have asked ourselves a question about what we want and look in our life In today's fast moving world with all the many distractions many of us forget easily their true values - waste time on wrong paths of life and suddenly life is over before it really started. The first of the most important values in life is love. I don't mean this in a fairy tale kind of way. That is not the only kind of love. The way, in which I see it is a love when you are ready for everything for lovely person. What I like in relationships is respect. It is very important to have respect for person you love. This not only allows you to get inspired by their positive aspects, but also allows you to notice their negatives. Nobody is perfect, neither you, nor me. A very important fact about respect is that the more you give, the more you earn. I know. that I will do all what I can for my future husband! And I believe, that I also get the same from him. Understanding is the key to a happy mind and a caring heart. Do you agree with me???? I’m honest with you. Ask me everything and I will answer you. Hope you don’t mind. Warmly Elena!
Letter 2
Honey Carsten!
I am really touched withy your letter, my dear, thank you..
Maybe I am this extraordinary woman you are looking for.. I will hope for it)
I will begin with the words that I am glad you paid attention my letter and to my profile, dear, thank you for it. Your compliments even melt my heart.. what I can I add.. I like your profile and photo, and your eyes and smile.
Maybe we really have similar souls and ideas. Values.. because when I was reading your words, I have an impression that I know you for a long time and there is a lot in common we can have.
You are right.. life is an art.. and we should enjoy many moments in our life, maybe soon we will enjoy it together? Dreams.. will you try to understand my dreams and thoughts? ) smile.. One dream of my is quit obvious and want to share my life with a special man.
Your words are wise, dear.. especially when you told “Like a child, that can forgive the whole mistakes in the world, only to receive love” Your imagination and your dreams are unusual.. what I really like.
You have a chance to win my heart, this is the thing I want to confess.
Of course our life is full of situation and in each of it, we can take a lesson for us.
It is nice your have children and their age, 13 and 11 is really interesting. There discover this world. How do you spend weekends with them, what do you do together?
I have a daughter and she is six and goes to school already. She is active and nice child, and of course I love her.
About art of conversation. Yes, you are right, but I think the most important thing. if you tell something let it be truth.
Of course I am real and maybe one day you will come to see me.
Wait for your answer,
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Carsten!
First of all I want to say sorry for my late reply, dear, and hope that you are still waiting for my letter)
To start with, thank you for a letter) How are you doing today?
You know.. we may have a lot in common, because I was studding as a designer too, and this is my education. But now I work as a seamer, as it is very difficult to realize myself as a designer in my country.. maybe this profession is not very popular here. So, this is the way I earn money.
It is so nice that you made a kinder garden for kids.. you have a big and a kind heart I mean! You are right. What a nice feeling to see when kids eyes are sparkling, to watch them playing and so on.
Why did you choose this idea to make a kinder garden? How much time did it take to make it?
You told it was a book store, is it still exist?
It is nice that you were speaking time with kids. I am sure you are a good father, can you write me some more about your children, what do they like?
I like to spend time with my daughter too. Her name is Tanya, and she only started to go to school, and she found some friends already. She needs my help usually with home task and I try to give as much attention for her as I can. But when I find my beloved of course, am ready to spend some with him and give my love, support, care.
As for me I live with parents, they are good people. My mother is a good cooker and is interesting, kind woman. My father is a serious man, responsible, and every time is ready to give his support, understanding.
I understand your feeling, when you were speaking about children, but do not worry, you will be the same good father for them and you will find many other things to do together, some other activities.
As for your questions, I was born in a city Kharkov and live here for all my life. It is an old, but very beautiful place.
I like reading books sometimes, before I go to bed, thus I have no so much time for it.
Psychological books seems interesting too. Your topic is really interesting.. why we know that someone is looking at us… I was thinking about it too. I hope that you can tell me about it more in detail, if we meet in real life, I will listen to you with pleasure.
Do you know the author Dale Carnegie? I admire his works too.
I can not answer you why we are interests in this or others things. I can not explain this.
You should know, that I was really interested in your thoughts and letter.
I it is the date I was born, dear, and my name is Helena, my friends can tell Elena.
As for my previous relations, it is in the past and I am ready to start everything from zero to make a new page in my life. I can tell you about my past when we will be face to face, if you do not mind.
Yes, you are still in my heard, and my thoughts are busy with you.
Wait so much for your next letter, Elena.
Letter 4

Hello, Carsten!
Your words are fantastic and great to me, thank you. Maybe woman usually do not do it, but I must say that I am intrigued with your words, I am charmed by your photo and your nice eyes.
Yes, together we can discover this universe. At least we can try to do it.
Thank you from helping me to read between the lines. It seems to me I understand what you mean, darling. I hope it will be you who can make me the happiest in this universe.
I like your words about truth. I will never give false promises. If I promised to do something, I will do it for sure!
You had really a good dream, I mean the idea of traveling around the world, I am sure when you do it, you learn many new things, you meet new people, learn about their culture and so on. It is really interesting. What pet do you have, you were speaking about? I have a cat at home, Liza. She is a nice. I like animals a lot. So, what is this pet you keep at home?
I did not understand you till the end what do you mean a different person after you traveled? What do you mean?
Thank you for telling me about India, it sounds like a good place. May be I will see it my own eyes.
Dear, yes, I like your words about happiness and I am agree with you. We should open a heard and let it come in. Of course it is much better to see a person in real life and hope one day it will be so, and I will have a chance to talk with you face to face, discuss everything looking into each others eyes.
I think that in relation both as man as woman should give and take.
Yes, there are some things you told me I should think over. Of course I know the signals of my daughter, when she wants something and so on. She is active and a nice girl.
I will be glad to receive this energy from you and of course to give you.
When exactly you are planning to come to Kharkiv! Yes, I see that you are attractive, a good man…and I will open my heart to you. Do you have a key for it?
I do not know, if this is a coincidence or not, but maybe destiny? I like, that we have a nice communication. Maybe our intuition told us to write to each other and we did it. I am lucky to find you here.
Thank you for a compliment about my name.
You have a nice name too, what does it mean?
As for work, I was just studding for a designer of clothes, but now I seamer. My profession helps me to create every time something new.
It was nice to hear about your kids, thank you. I have a lot of stories about my daughter and when we meet I can tell you.
I chose a name for my daughter, I was thinking it is Ukrainian name, we even have a holiday ‘Tatiana’s day”.
How was your day? What news do you have?
Wait for your letter so much,
Letter 5
Hello, honey Carsten! I like that you start your letter with this words, thank you for it.. Your letters are always interesting for me and never boring! I feel that I start to read between the lines and I like what I see, I must confess)
To be honest I do not know exactly how tall I am, because I checked it a long time ago, and maybe it will 1 78, it is a had questions for me. I m not little, so, maybe we will be idea match? )) smile.
Thank you fro explaining to me how you feel after having a trip, and it is good that you realized your dream.. so, what will be the next one you have? ) You are right, we need to do something different, to develop and not to sit at one place.
If we will only work and do something at home, we will have this feeling, that we miss something, you are right..
It is nice that you met different people and faced up with many things, religion and culture.
As for me I am a Christian person, but I am not really ‘fanatic”. It is normal when each person has some believes.. Honey, you can traveling as much as you wish, because I read it with a big interests, to be honest! May I ask you, were you traveling alone?
Speaking about the animals, I am completely agree with you…
I like animals as you know. I have a cat and it is beautiful, and like to sit in my arm and sometimes even sleep with me) I do not also like to see animals in cages, I think they do not feel good in it.. they should be in nature and free.. Usually here in Ukraine people keep cats and dog, I think you know. It they keep in the house, they should have a garden where animals can play and spend time…
Yes, I understand of course your ideas about relations, about closeness between two people..
I like your words when you told that “Simple things make relations work… “. It is true, but maybe sometimes we need to make some efforts , to make everything work well. Maybe relations is like a building a house, brick by brick, step by step, I am sure you understand me as an architect.
It is an interesting thing, numerology, I was not thinking about it so much, it sounds interesting.
Dear, I am glad that you want to come to me, it is nice idea. So, soon we will discuss the date before you will book the tickets and I will have some days off from my work. How are your projects now? As I understand you need four weeks to finish it? I must say that I do not know English well, but I think, we will find a way to understand each other, do not worry about it.
We will decide what we can do, when you come together, dear and the places were we want to go.
I like how you tell me about your day… it sounds good. I want to sit near the fire with you, it would be romantic.
In my spare time I like.. I like to send time as much as I can with my daughter. Usually we cook something together, she likes to help me. I like watching movies and read a book before I go to bed. Sometimes i like to meet with friends.
Ten years from now.. I hope I will have a complete, happy and a nice family, where I will feel myself in harmony and respect. I hope I will wait my husband coming back from work and then we will go for a walk together, how does it sounds for you. How do you imagine your life in future?
Dear, I can write you about everything I wish, and you can ask me questions too, I will be happy to answer. I have also some questions for you, what do you usually like to eat? What can be the most romantic way to spend time for you?
Wait for your answer, soon,
Letter 6
Hello, Carsten,
and of course I received a letter from you, thank you for it.
I am sorry for my late reply, and I hope you are not angry on me.
How are you doing, dear? Yes, energy follow attention. I like your words.
Thank you for finding time to send me such a nice letter.
Yes, I like that we both feel something unusual when we write letters to each other. It is not only letter, but more then that. I agree with you.
Yes, I have some time to write you in the morning because I was thinking about you, so before my work I decided to make a smile on your face with my letter.
Now about your questions.
So, I would like to visit as many questions as I can, and especially if someone dear closer to me, maybe you? smile. To be serious, I would like to visit Italy, Spain, Greece and many others, because I want to feel the culture of other countries and see how other people live, what they do, to see new places, and so on.. what about you, want do you want to visit? Oh, I just forgot, Germany of course)
My favorite season… I like all of them, but my favorite is summer. I like it because it gives a chance to swim in the river or see, to enjoy a warm weather, shushing sun and flowers (I every woman like flowers) and fresh vegetables and fruits that we have this time…What is your favorite one?
My dislike.. okay.. let me think a bit.. I think I do not like to be at the same place and do nothing. I think a real woman should develop herself, so, I dislike laziness. I speak not about me, but in general. I dislike negative too… what about you?
My worst characteristic is.. that I am vulnerable, it is easy to me hurt, as any other woman I think. Maybe you can me about what is yours?
You have interesting questions.. So, about the lake one.. I will see a little lake and the water will be blue and clean. It is a nice place, surrounded by trees.
I am alone and I can look at the bottom of the lake.
The key will be little and golden, yes, I will take it with me.
The vase will be middle size and beautiful, white one. Yes, I will take it too!
Yes, maybe very soon we will meet dear, face to face and talk about what we wish.
I know this proverb about the wind. I like it.
Thank you for telling me your dreams and goals, it was nice to learn. Smile. As for the children, we always want the best for them and we do not want them to miss something important life, and I understand you, as I also try to give my daughter only the best. The color of my eyes will be a little secret and maybe you can guess? Smile.
I like you answer about the romantic way of spending time, thank you. I was smiling reading these lines, because they bring a pleasure to my soul and hope it will come true. I understand that your heard was hurt, it is a pity, but I am sure everything will be good soon.
Dear, I will think about a phone call and will let you know later, if you do not mind.
I like that you think about professions in such a way. I must confess that in Ukraine salaries are not so high as we want it and to have a nice work, you should do so many things for it and so many efforts.
I did not know about the Greek language, thank you for telling me it, my dear. My mother gave me my name. I am surprised to hear such things that you told me, and it helps me to enlarge my scope (Umfang).
Number seven is a good number I think.
It is a pleasure to hear that you are interested on me because I am interested in you, believe me.
Wait for your answer soon, you are on my mind.
Letter 7
Hello, my honey Carsten!
First of all, thank you for a letter very much. How are you?
Dear, to answer your questions.
Let me say that I really work this time and have a lot of this to do, and I dictate my letter for you to the interpreter and she helps me. I do not want you to wait for your letters. That is the answer why you receive the letters in such time when I should work. I do not know English Well, and I use the help of translator as you understand. She translates your letter for me and my letter for you.
Now as you understand that I can not call you on the phone, as I do not know English, dear.
It is a pity that you think I can earn money in a bad way, with the help of appearance and so on.
If you think that I am communicate with you because of money, you are mistaken, I am not looking for many, but for love, understanding and respect! Nothing else, dear.
You can come and meet me in real life, and you will that I am a real and serious one, darling.
I also want to overcome the distance!
In the second letter you can see some more words from me.
Sincerely yours, Helena
Letter 8
Dear, Carsten!
Thank you for calling me your desire, your star and so on it was nice to hear, dear.
I understand about your feeling and maybe I feel the same.
I like your story. It was amazing and interesting like ....................., dear, and the exhibition of paintings. How much I wish I could be with you.
It was nice to hear a bit more about ................aspect, honey, that you touched it. I must confess, I am not very good at this branch, but want to know more and more every day. I believe in your words about soul and I hope that in real life they can meet to, dear. I was reading these lines with wide open eyes, as it seems surprising for me, to hear such things from you, in a positive way of course.
I have never tried ............... dance, did you? I can only imagine know, how we can dance with you, honey.
Your ........... were fantastic and breathetaken, I think. I would like also to go to romantic France, to amazing Germany and other wonderful places around the world. Now I picture in my mind dark blue sea in contrast of white houses and it looks unbelievable, especially if you are by my side.
I have not heard about these flowers you told me, how do they look like?
Mountains. The view from it must be magical, when you are on the top and can see everything on the bottom.
Okay, I will answer you more, dear..
I think I will swim, if the water is clean and blue. I enjoy swimming.
I think that this key belongs to you, is it possible?
The forest, I think that the forest can be light, green, not very huge.
The bear is big and I run away from him, as I am afraid of him.
The house, the house can be in the forest and it is beautiful, not big, with white walls and brown door outside and with nice furniture inside, and a fireplace, a big table with chair and a nice brown bed. I drank tea in it.
The wall.. it can be not too high and I can see a nice river behind it.
My dear, it was important for me to hear such words about ........... and that I am valuable for you, thank you. I can tell you the same, because the same is on my heart.
I do not want to judge about men or women, but lets talk about us, okay?
Waiting for your letter soon, Helena.
Letter 9
Hello, Carsten,
my dear, yes, of course I see that your words belongs to me and I believe you, thank you for a letter. They mean a lot to me.
I am sorry to hear about your past experience, but just believe that not all women are bad, smile.
I make a letter for you with the help of interpreter. I have no computer at home.
Speaking about ............., I hope that in our next letter will be only positive energy, okay? smile.
Sometimes interpreter help me by phone and sometimes I come to the agency. Dear, I like your letters, I like that they are full of interesting things and we have a lot of questions to discuss. So, I will find time for you, do not worry about it.
Dear, I do not see you as ...................................., but I see in you an intelligent and a kind person.
You were asking about making a call for you, no, I can not do it, as I have no your number. Maybe you tried to give it to me, but it is forbidden to do it in the letters, dear.
It is nice that your friends came to see you, it is really good. What are you planning to do this time?
I will be honest with you, I am not good in politics, but as far as I know the president decided to wait and not to be in a hurry, Ukraine joining to European union. I want to say that the political situation maybe not very good, but we will hope for future.
Thank you about the description of the answers to your questions, it was interesting to hear and learn. You really made a pictures with this puzzle.
How you picture could look like?
I like your words about France, but what do you mean .....................?
Yes, I know also Geothe and Kafka, they are great writers I think.
Where do you like to spend time more in nature may be river or mountains?
I like your description they made me think about many things
Now I am going to have a dinner and will have a rest, what time do you usually have a dinner?
Wait for your next letter,
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