Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Olsen (Denmark)

Letter 1
Thanks for the letters. i liked to read it, also tell me more of Oksana? I cant understand you, it's pleasure because you have plans what we will do together if i will come to you in this month, and there are many russian people who lives in Italy, i wish you in my life i feel it and live in Italy!! I learned in travel agency about my trip to you and yes i will need visa, to receive visa its no problem and i can receive my visa for 4 days, i think i could start to make my visa on monday and on friday next week to receive my visa, but i must buy tour from travel agency with flights and insurance, but if make visa without agency it will take 3-4 days, the agency the best way. also my visa will be shengen visa valid for 1 year and i can visit you in the next time only to buy tickets. The tour wish visa to fly to you 24 December and return in Russia cost 700 euro, can you help me with my charges in the next week to pay in agency and start to make my visa and pay for tour with flights for around way?
wait your reply, write me soon, i wait our meeting honey, kisses!
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