Letter(s) from Ekaterina Soukena to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Robb how was your day today? I hope well. When I received your letter, then was very happy. I woke up with a bad mood and thought that all will be bad. Because even on the street overcast and cold. I even began to think that you will not write to me. Robb now, I got your letter and feel fine. On my face began to smile and I feel good.
Robb I wish to tell to you my secret. About which nobody knows secret. I wish to tell to you about my first kiss. It was at school with the boy from my class. It was in 14 years. Certainly I feel nothing to it now, and it was only a kiss. But I told to nobody about it. You the first person to whom I have revealed a secret my first kiss. Now it is ours with you a secret!
Thanks for your experiences about mine to the girlfriend. It has a small bruise, but it will not prevent to continue to work or be at home.
Certainly to like me your idea to keep in contact with a family thus.
I only wish to be assured, that you sincerely wish to meet me and you sincerely think of it. It is important for me. You speak about phone.
Certainly I have iPhone or that no that this sort. As far as I know in my city probably to do the international inquiries on what that to cards. I precisely do not know it but as soon as I learn I I will inform you. Well? I never heard about Skype. I approached to the worker of library and the worker of library explained to me, that speed the Internet too small in library and similar service is not accessible right now. But the worker of library promised to me, that we with you can soon take advantage of this service.
You ask my home address. My address:
Republic Komi,
city Emva,
Street Pioneer 20-17
Index: 169200
My birthday on November, 23rd.
Robb how would you like that to begin your day? Since the morning?
Tell me. In my dreams I fall asleep in your arms and wake up from your warm breath. I'm lying wrapped in your arms and watching you. I want to touch your neck and eat your smell, so fresh and warm. Hug you tight and kiss your hair. I want to feel like you sound very close to me, because I'm tired, and all the complexity is easier for us to decide together. I kiss your lips and say: "Good Morning my dear Robb!" I will feed you an orange by hands, cook a light breakfast, brew a cup of morning coffee, with its exquisite aroma. Happiness - it's accompany you to new day and know that the evening we will be together again. If you fall asleep on my lap, I'll be with your fingertips to stroke you on the back and I will cuddle cheek to your cheek. I want to sleep in your t-shirt, that would have to feel your smell, that would know that under your shirt is a secret known only to you and me. But this is only my dreams! Maybe not only mine? Maybe it's your dreams too?
Robb if you can imagine in front of a large Pacific Ocean, it is so much kisses I send you now, that they would surround you and gave you affection. What would they wrapped and protected your day, and helped in every way. Already missing you, I think and hope that soon I received your letter. I send you photos on which I walk in park.
Gentle Ekaterina