Scam letter(s) from Julia to Terry (England)

Letter 1
Hello again! How are you doing? Sorry for not responding to you on the site again, I decided to delete the profile as too many men were writing at the same time, while I need just one. Sorry for not writing to your earlier,I have spilled some water on my laptop, that is why I've been looking for a place to write from. Anyhow, it is not the end of the world, I hope to get my devices fixed soon. There is nothing to worry about. Well, as you might remember, I am looking for a serious relationship, which can hopefully lead to marriage. I believe, that if you want to have something, that you have never had before, you got to do something, that you have never done before, do you agree? It is not easy to describe myself at once, so I rely on your questions. I might say, that I live alone in a town called Girs'ke, Ukraine. I am single, never married and have no kids. I will be 27 this November, my birthday is on 13th. I work as a hairdresser and am independent since the very university years. I liked your profile and i would like to know you better, so please, tell me some facts about yourself. I hope, that we are looking for the same here. What are the qualities, that you are looking for in a woman? Are you ready for serious relationship? I would gladly tell you more, but do not want to bore you to death with such a letter :) I got to convey, that I was rewriting this letter for four times and I hope not to disappoint you. Waiting for your reply
Julia PS: Sorry my real name is Julia :) pronounced as Yuliya
Letter 2
What a good day :) Hello Terry! How are you doing now? I have read your letter and I am in a really good mood as I find it encouraging. The weather is nice here as well, it is a bit cloudy, but the sun dives here and there, it is bright and pleasant outside. I adore your photos and I get really excited looking at them. Do you have some more of them to send me? You look so mannish and I find you attractive. I can see something in you, that has caught my eye before. I want to figure it out :) as the time flows, I guess, I will know. You have a nice dog, what is its name? I understand and adore the things, that you are looking for and I guess, that we are looking in the same directions with you. I want to learn more about you. I am looking for a serious relationship, which can hopefully lead to a marriage, therefore I highly appreciate your understanding and attention. It takes me a long time to write a letter as I sit here in the office. I wonder what I can add... I would go with the flow. I am an active persona and I love nature, being out, adore riding a bike most of all. I love camping and picnics, though I am not always like that, sometimes I just enjoy a cup of latte at my place, reading a book. I love reading very much and I am about to end reading a book "A Brave New World" today or tomorrow. Do you have any recommendations? Well, I live alone in my apartment on the third floor in a little flat, but it is neat as I have put my soul in it. I love decor and I think, that I could be a nice designer, but anyhow I am pleased with my present work. I am a hairdresser and stylist, I do visage as part time job. I like to spoil myself a bit from time to time, therefore I take ice cream or sweets. I love chocolate a lot. i do not drink or smoke. i have never done drugs and I do not adore it. I am sending you some of my photos, that I have found for you. I have named them in accordance for you to figure out where were they taken. I am done with my work for today and I got to have a good rest as I have many clients tomorrow. I wish you a good day and hope, I didn't make you fall asleep on the half way through my letter. Please, Terry, ask me questions, I'd appreciate it a lot. It is easy for me to communicate with you. Waiting for your reply
Julia PS: good night :) Is it night by your side
Letter 3
Terry, I wish you a good day! The weather is not that good today, but I feel pleased and well :) I am happy to read your letter. I have been thinking of you since I have wrote you my last one and I was thinking of what your answer could be.
I am pleased ;) Your photos are so nice, you look so strong and handsome. i can not keep myself calm. May I print your pic? I want to keep it to be able to take a look at, when I feel sad, so , do you permit me to keep one of your photos with me. Yes, it would be great to learn each other's languages and it might be a lot of fun for us :) You know, I would be glad to talk about one important thing, which is the role of *** in a relationship. Many people today see it as a reason to start a relationship and I hope, that it is not about you.
Intimacy and *** are really important in a relationship, but there got to be something more before it. Something higher and less material or physical. People call it chemistry or love. I want to feel it. I am serious and I hope, that we would meet one day. If we are together in future, I can be ****, I can be hot and I am ready to please my partner by any means appropriate, because the happiness of your beloved is the happiness of yours, do you agree? I can wear **** lingerie for you and I have nothing against other ideas. Do you have any? That will do for now, I just thought, that it is important for us to discuss this matter before we go further. Am I right to talk about it now? Oh, I am sending you some of my photos and one of them is for your eyes only, just for you to see, that I can be hot too ;) One of my favorite places is swimming pool. If I am not biking at the weekend, i go swimming then. The good thing is that an opened swimming pool is opened in summer and in winter it works in the inner zone. I go there with my friends usually :) I attach a photo with my best friends. We are of different age and all of us have met, while studying for the hairdresser. The other girl is Nastya. She is my best friend since that very time ;) I have been having a walk with her yesterday and I was imagining you and me, having a walk together, and you can see an outfit, that I would like to wear on the first photo.
Well I hope, you are not bored. I wish you a good day and a good rest after work,Terry. I want to tell from the very beginning, that meanwhile I can write you once a day as I write you from a translation office, where I am given a translator, who is a lady and whom I pay for her services. Anyhow, I am going to learn your language and what is better, my laptop is going to be fixed in future, so, that we would have an ability to communicate freely and independently. I just rely on your understanding and tolerance regarding my downside in speaking English, ok? I shall work on it! I shall be impatiently waiting for your reply
Letter 4

The day is getting better as I see your letter,Terry ! I wish you to have a good one and hope to make your day brighter. I shall start with telling not to show the photos from this letter to anyone except yourself ok? I just wanted to send you some special ones, that no one accept Nastya has seen in this world. I have read your letter a couple of times ;) You know, I am particularly happy with your attitude to *** in a relationship and I am glad to admit, that we really share the same values with you. Your photos are so gorgeous! I get very excited as I look at them. I wish I could be there right next to you on the pictures and, by the way, if we meet in future, I would be happy to make plenty of photos together. I guess, that we will look great together :) Would you mind posing a bit for me then? :) Still i guess, that you do not know for sure my reasons of being on an international dating site. The case is that I have a girlfriend who has married a man and lives happily with him abroad now. They have started just like us and now they have son and a daughter. You know, I was inspired by their experience so, I decided to take my chances too.
I do not want to scare you away and in fact, I might say, that I am afraid to lose you, but I am eager to settle down in a family. I want to be a good mother to kids and I want to make the house neat. I was imagining me and you being together in future. It was a pleasant dreaming. Please, understand me correctly. I understand, that such things are not made quickly and take time, i am a realist, so I am eager to continue our communication, going each time on a new level until we mutually decide to meet and start being together in real life. I want to hear your opinion for another thing. I want to meet with you in future either here in Ukraine or by your side. I do not need a long term pen friend and I need just a real man to be in a real life together in non distant future. Terry, I do not want to be played with. I feel, that you will not let me down. I am writing to you a little bit later then usually today, so, I got to end my letter for it to get translated and sent to you in time. I wonder what are you doing this very moment, that I write you this words :) I send you kiss and a hug, Terry. Take extra care of yourself. Your Julia PS: May I consider you as my man now?
Letter 5
To my dear, Terry! You know after this message I will not be able to write you another letter as the money which I have saved for the translations are expired already and I have no possibility to pay for the translations right now again:( I was aware of my account being about to expire even yesterday, but I hoped to borrow some funds from my parents and friends. Unfortunately I could not succeed. I thought a lot about what shall we do with our further correspondence, I slept so badly last night because of it:( I thought about all the opportunities and made a conclusion that the only possible and effective way to keep our contact before we will meet in person is to continue using the service of my personal translator. I tried to translate in Google but this kind of communication is not acceptable as 80% of our words will be lost in translations if we will use it. I hear no news from the service, where my devices are and I have been only told, that they were damaged severely and it takes time to find the spare parts from other towns to our province . Second possibility would be if I had a friend who speaks English so she could help us to translate our letters but none of my friends speaks English, people mostly don't speak English here in Ukraine at all.
Thirdly, we can delay our correspondence till the time I will be able to pay for it again but I don't know when it will happen in a month or in a half a year as I earn only 150$ per month and it is hardly enough for food and all the savings I had I used for the letters for you, so if we will decide to stop for an uncertain time it will not keep our relationships on the proper level. To have a good chances for future together we have to correspond properly! Our letters to each other got to be kind of a ladder that would lead to a place and time, when we are together and I sincerely hope, that you want it too. So I believe that having a proper correspondence is very important, that is why I don't know what to do and will be waiting for your decision. Please think about it! I just wonder may be you can help me to pay at least for several letters till the time I will save some money for correspondence?? I really hope to find a proper solution for us, dear. Please share with me your thoughts about it as sooner as possible! And nevertheless I am ready to be patient with you as I find your letters extremely special... Hope you are ready to be patient with me too!!! Terry, remember that I am going to learn English soon!!
I am desperate:(( Don't forget to answer me sooner! Always yours Juli
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