Scam letter(s) from Claire Francisco to John (USA)

Letter 1
you have a very very wonderful pics with a handsome son and cute bunny hehe
wow i fell insecure of my status its ok for u even though im just a healthcare?
Letter 2
hello dear,

Home Country Mailing Address : Blk 16 3A lizarez subd. Taculing bacolod city.Negros Occidental PHILIPPINES
Name*: Ma. Claire Francisco
Street or PO*: Blk 16 3A lizarez subd
City or Town*: Bacolod City
State or Province*: Negros Occidental
Postal Code: 6100
Country*: Philippines
Primary Phone*: +639052629135
Letter 3
hello sweetie, Good morning to you my dear and how are you doing today i hope you are doing great My dear It might seems like a dream to us looking at how things are moving between us. We should follow our hearts. But i strongly believed that we are mean to each other because i can feel it in my life since the very first day we knew each other. We are blessed for knowing each other,no matter how long it may took us. This is a great opportunity and i am glad that we shall meet soon,spend good time together and share our heart desires. I'm here to let you know that my mind and soul are in you and i am thinking of you so much dear. i hope you can understand how my heart felts and i believe i will get a mail from you when i open my computer I can't get you off my mind dear and I pray to God that He help me to stay focus and to wait patiently for that special day when we shall meet to be held by each other... In my mind, I knew that soon,one of us would bring up the desire that each of us have to be husband and wife. I would love very much to be yours forever, but most importantly, I want your happiness. I also believe that our future will be bright. I know that my feelings for you has increased so much because i can noticed all that are going through my mind all these while always,
Letter 4

wow im speechless yeheyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
yes im 100percent and happy should i say bye bye china and hello america? you made night and inspire im so thankful that my prayer has been answered happy.
Letter 5

my name is Ma.claire francisco
bday:september 3 1981
nationality :filipino my dear that is the information you can call them and let me know i cant wait to see u im sorry thankful and excited stay bless
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