Letter(s) from Anna to Olaf (Sweden)

Letter 1

nice to meet you here!!!
Big thanks for giving me your email adress!
Let me introduce myself!My name is Anya!!
I am from Ukraine, 28 years old!
Charming, Very energetic, optimistic, positive girl..just ideal))
i am lonley girl and i want to change it!
Want to meet good serious man!
who I can give my heart!and make Him happiest Person!
maybe it is our chance to change something???!
lets try?!!
i will be waiting for your reply !

new friend Anya

Letter 2

Dear, what is going on???
I am thinking about you all day!!!!!!and night!!!
I feel addiction to you!!
You are my special kind of drugs!!!
But I really don’t want to lose this addiction because it is so pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daring you stole my heart and my thoughts and you are all that I can thinking about!!! and I think I must do something with this addiction!
Because it is beginning to be dangerous for me!
Dear I am very sensitive girl!
And if I thinking about something I am all in my thoughts!!!!

Our letters become like some ritual without which i cant live!!!

Honey!!i have not good news..when i came to internet cafe to write you as usual i saw an advertisement that internet cafe will be closed soon for unknown termin!!!!!
i asked a administrator is it the truth He said that they are really will be closed..
but it is only one internet cafe in my city!!!
i have very small city!
i am so sad!!
what to do??
it was only one my way to communicate with you!!!!!my heart broken to million pieces..

Gerardo ,if i had any chance to buy cheap computer or phone it would be easy to communicate for us..
but my salary is too small only 200usd in good month i cant afford to buy a phone or computer because it cost about 300 usd!
what to do Gerardo ??

I am not ready to lose you!!i dona want this!!!!!!!!
what we can do now???

i need you very much!!i am alone and afriad!
Am i really important for you?

Dear…it is very scary