Letter(s) from Vera to Gavin (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Gavin!!

Today I have the excellent happy mood and this day is wonderful for me!! You will ask me why? And I will answer you that the reason of my happy excellent mood is that I met you and I am writing you my letter now!! I met you at the dating site, your profile was interesting for me so now I want to communicate with you, I think that we need to know each other better. Now I want to tell you a little bit about me. Of course, I can't tell you everything about me right now, in only one letter but I need to start from something so I will start. I am the Ukrainian girl and my heart if full of love which I want to give my beloved man. I am single now but I am tired to be single so now I am looking for my second half via Internet!! Please, tell me about your life, your dreams and hobbies, your plans for future. In your letters you can write me everything you want about you and all you would write me will be very interesting for me!! And from my side I promise you that in my future letters I will write you about me in details, everything you want to know about me. Please, don't be shy and ask me whatever questions, I will answer them!! So if you like me - I will wait for your soonest reply. I hope that you will be able to write me soon! Bye bye, have a good day.