Scam letter(s) from Maria Smith to Iain (Scotland)

Letter 1
Travel Itinerary
Trip Summary
Reservation Number 1362891346
Trip Title Edinburgh
Airline Confirmation Number(s) 7UZSXP (KLM)
Status BOOKED Traveler Names(s) SMITH/MARIA MISS
Tuesday, Dec 3
Columbia, SC to Edinburgh, Scotland
KLM #7101
From: Columbia, SC (CAE) 5:55pm
To: Atlanta, GA (ATL) 7:05pm Arrives Terminal: S
Economy Class (Choose Seats)
DC-9 - Flight time: 1:10
Flight operated by Delta Air Lines - Check in with Delta
Connection in Atlanta, GA
KLM #622
From: Atlanta, GA (ATL) 10:45pm Departs Terminal: I
To: Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 1:00pm next day
Economy Class (Choose Seats)
Airbus A330-200 - Flight time: 8:15
Connection in Amsterdam, Netherlands
KLM #1285
From: Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 3:35pm
To: Edinburgh, Scotland (EDI) 4:05pm
Economy Class (Choose Seats)
Boeing 737 - Flight time: 1:30
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Age: 35
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