Scam letter(s) from Olga to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
How are you? First of all I want to know how old are you and where do you live.
I am interested to get acquainted with you very much. It is very interesting and important for me.
Of course you want to know who I am and I shall write you some information about myself.
I live in Russia in the nice city which is called Saints Petersburg. My name is Olga.
I am 28years old.
As I've told you before your age is very important for me, because if you are under 32 years old I'll not write you an answer, I am sorry for this.
My height is 5.7' and my weight is 124 lb. I have attached some photos for you where you can see my appearance and figure.
Actually I want to get acquainted with a serious man for strong relations that's why I am writing to you.
I'll be very pleased if you send me your photo in your next mail. Maybe you will tell me something about your life there.
I hope you like me and you'll send a reply soon.
Have a nice day!
Letter 2
Hi, I am sorry that I could not reply you earlier, but it was because I hadn't seen your letter.
I was out of town and just it happened to be in the SPAM. Really, I don't know what the reason to set it there was.
In fact I hope that my letter will be received by you and not placed in the same folder.
Still, I think I will switch off the SPAM filter. My name is Olga. I am 28 years old, I am 170 centimeters High (it will be 5.7 foots),
and I weight 56 kilograms (124 lb)). I am single, and never had a husband, and I have no children, too. If you remember, I am Russian, I live in the second capital of the country, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but not in the very site, in its outskirts. --Olga
Letter 3
what are you doing this week end?
can you tell me more avout you?
Letter 4

we had a very bad weather today...
Letter 5
Do you remember me? I am writing to you from my existing mail where you can write back.
I know that you want to know me better and I'll describe you myself. My name is . My age is 28 years. I am single and I have never had a husband.
I also don't have children. I am 5.5(170cm) height and 110(51kg) is my weight. Look at my picture and you'll understand how I look like.
I am very tender and emotional girl. My life is full of good emotions and spiritual happiness. I am looking for a man who appreciates spiritual more than material.
I wish to spend all my free time with beloved man no matter indoors or outdoors. I would rather spend a lot of time outside on the nature, swimming in the sea or having a picnic or etc.
But I don't want to do this alone now I eager to find my beloved person and to spend time together.
Now I am ready for serious relations with a man who will be my second part and who will love me as I love him.
I work in a shop where we sell women's clothes. My position is a shop-assistant and I like to help women to choose clothes. I like to communicate with people and with my clients.
I am from Russia; my city is called Saint-Petersburg. This is very big city they say it's the second capital of Russia. Once I have made a decision to get a student visa and to visit your country.
It is well-considered decision. Russia is good country but I want changes in my life. I don't feel protected here and I want more stability.
To start a new life in a new country is not very easy of course but I am sure that I will succeed.
I am not afraid of work and I am ready to work hard. I know that your country will give the opportunity to show my worth and I want this. Actually I have already tried to work abroad.
It was in Australia some years ago. Everything was great and my second attempt to find work in a foreign country would be even more successful as I have already had good experience.
I understand that I need to find a reliable person who will support me. Nowadays people work too much and they forget about the most wonderful things in their lives such as love and family.
I had a man in Australia and we had strong relationships. But when my visa was not valid and I had to go back home he told me that he was not going to wait for me anymore.
It was hard to hear this and to realize everything but I got myself together. Now everything is fine in my mind and in my soul and I want to meet a good man who I can love with all my heart.
I have already made some attempts to letter with foreigners but I always see strange reaction.
As they have found out that I am from Russia they've stopped to reply me as they take me for cheater.
I expect that my country of living will not scare you. I am a normal girl who wants to find my love and I am not interested in your money.
I am really sorry for those women who want to find their love and they find such unpleasant reaction.
Nowadays internet has become a comfortable way for acquaintance of people from different countries and a good way to meet love and second part.
You are able to see my attached picture that I am a usual Russian girl with pleasant appearance and it is normal that I want to find my love.
I really want to get your reply and to know you better and maybe soon we have the possibility to meet one another. I write my mails to you from an internet-cafe which I usually visit three times a week and you'll get my mails in a day.
I think I have written you enough about me in this letter and you'll want to send me a reply.
I am looking for you answer very much!
Letter 6
It was very nice from your side to send me an answer and it was very pleasant for me to get it.
If you want you are able to call me Solnce which is translated 'sun' into English. You already know that my name is Olga but my friends like to call me Solnce, it's like a tender nickname.
I want to tell you more about my life here. I live in a small apartment and I've tried to do it comfortable and pleasant for living.
I am living in a rented apartment and as the prices for rent are very high I can take only such small room with a tiny kitchen and I have no phone here.
I use cell phone, my number is 007-987-240-1416 (or +7-987-240-1416) and I guess I can't do calls abroad. Any way you can write messages for me here as it is very convenient.
I started to live alone when I was 19 years old. My parents had left to live in another city and I moved here.
You know it is rather hard to live alone and to take care of myself on my own. Unfortunately I am not on good terms with my parents.
I come to visit them very seldom only when they ask me to come and to help them. You know I am 28 years old now and I want to have more stability in my life.
I am ready for family where I can give myself to my beloved husband. It's not a secret that every person needs home where he or she feel protected and free. I want the same. I am tired of loneliness.
I don't want to be disappointed any more. I know that I will never trust a man here.
It seems to me that you are good and attractive man and I wonder how you are still alone in your life. Why haven't you met your love yet? Women should be very interested in you.
I've already told you that I am going to receive student visa as a way to get to your country. And I think if we like each other while writing letters it will be a nice chance for us to meet.
Life in our country is getting more and more unstable. Our president Putin only speaks about democracy but it's not true. All the laws are unfair and we continue to live like at old times of the Soviet Union.
It is silly and I don't want to live such life. We can see that other countries are developing rather quickly. I don't see any development of our country.
We only have big economic problems after crisis and there is no way out. I saw another life when I lived in Australia. It is very developed country with lots of possibilities for people.
Life in Australia is much better and I lived that life for 1,2 years. My visa ended at 2003 and I came back to Russia. I had good job in Australia and I liked it. I worked with children as a nurse.
I lived in very pleasant family they tried to help me as they understood it was very hard for me for the first time.
I had some problems with a language as I had no practice with foreigners before and that family helped me patiently.
I have learned to speak and to write English there and now I can easily communicate with you.
On my previous mail I shared with you my unhappy love story which had happened to me in Australia. And now I don't want to think about it anymore.
Maybe you are interested in my hobbies! I'll write you more about this next time. I have to finish my letter now. Time which is given to me at the internet-cafe is going to the end.
As I don't have PC at home (many people in Russia don't have PCs too) I should go to internet-cafe to write to you.
Now this is the end of my letter))) P.S.
I have the possibility to write you three times a week. I want to know you better and to tell you more about myself. I am going to send you my photos at every letter if you are not against, of course!
Letter 7
I am so sorry I was sick this days and cant write you...
how are you?
Letter 8
It is so nice from your side to send me an answer to my letter. I am free today and I have a desire to tell you more about myself.
I like your letters to me that is why I want to find out more about you and to share with you my life, my habits and my interests. I want you to know me better.
One of my favorite hobbies is cooking. I had to start cooking for myself very early and I understand that this is a good way for me to change my thought and to forget about worries which are in my life.
I can cook soups, main dishes, meat and fish, I like to cook cakes. I can do different dishes. When my friends invite me to a restraint or a cafe to celebrate their birthday I like to try new dishes and to feel new tastes, unfortunately it happens not very often.
I always try to guess components of a dish that I would try to cook it at home. What do you like to eat most of all?
I also like to spend time at bowling or playing billiard. Do you like any of these plays?
My favorite colors are black and red. What about you?
I like pets very much although I don't have any at home. My favorite TV programs are about animals and nature.
On the weekends when I have enough free time I like to watch films. My favorite genres are comedies and melodramas.
What kind of films do you like? I like to invite a friend of mine to watch a good film and this day I always cook something tasty for us and we always spend wonderful time.
You know we have cold winters here and the best way to spend these cold evenings is to cover with blanket drinking hot cup of tea or coffee.
I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke and drink. I can only drink some red wine or **** for holiday.
I like reading. There is one famous book now written by Vishnevskiy which is called 'Loneliness in the internet?.
I have read it not long ago and I think that this book is about real life in spite of it has a sad end. I also don't forget to read classical literature both Russian and foreign.
I am fond of sports. I go to fitness gym and swimming-pool several times a week. Sports make me feel healthy and fit.
I can't imagine life without music as it makes our lives brighter. I often listen to ballads, sometimes fast music. My favorite singers are Lara Fabian and Darren Hayes.
As I like healthy way of life I try to spend much time outdoors ? walking or riding a bike. Unfortunately I don't have a bike and I rent it from time to time.
I like to find out more about your hobbies. How do you prefer to spend your free time? I would read about your interests with pleasure.
Could you help me with one my question? Could you tell me some colleges or Universities which are not far from your place of living?
If I knew their names I would be able to enter one when I come to your country. It would be great if we could meet one another as often as we could.
I want to come to your country and I am going to get visa next month already as I have been preparing document for a trip for some period of time already.
I have a desire to start my studies in a place next to yours that we will be able to meet. I want to get an education connected with medicine or bookkeeping. I like such professions but I do not restrict myself only with these trades.
It is time for me to finish my letter.
I am expecting for your answer very much!
Letter 9
It was so wonderful to get your reply!
I understand that you want to talk to me on-line but I can't do it as I send you my mails from Internet-cafe. Here time is very restricted. I want to talk to you on-line too but unfortunately we could do it only if I had my personal PC but I haven't any (((
I am going to send you letters as I have told you before and I will attach you my photos.
I want to give you my address in Russia. You know that I live in a rented apartment without fixed line phone. But maybe you would like to send me a real letter or a card for any holiday.
Here's my address: to Olga,
Number apartment: - 356,
Name street - Leninskiy 40,
City - St Petersburg,
Region (state) - St Petersburg,
Zip code - 192016,
Country - Russia,
cell: +7-987-240-1416
I have plans to arrive to your country for study. I think I will be able to come approximately in a month as I have already started to do documents. I want to enter a University or a college which is situated close to you that I will be able to meet you easily.
Do you remember my request to give me names of educational institutions next to you? I think I'll live in dormitory or a campus.
What do you think? Do you mind if I live and study not far from you?
Could you please send me more of your pictures?
I am going for a walk after I send you my mail. I have told you that I lead healthy life-style and walking is one of my favorite ways of spending time. Most of all I like to find a cozy cafe after a long walk and to drink there tasty cup of coffee.
I don't drive a car as I don't have one. I don't even have a driver license. Actually there is no need for me now in car. Cars are expensive things and I can't afford it for myself.
I prefer walking now. The only thing which disappoints me in walking that I have to walk alone. My friends can't make me a company as they spend most of time with their families.
I prefer to go to the cinema very much. But here is the same problem. My friends are married and they usually spend time with family. Of course I don't disturb them and we go to the cinema together only when they have time to spend with me.
I understand that their husbands and children are more important for them than I. But sometimes I feel very lonely because of it.
Actually I live in a very beautiful city. There are a lot of sights-seeing both historical and modern. I am not bored when I am walking along the streets. In spring and in summer when nature wakes up from cold winter my city becomes charming.
There are a lot of trees, green grasses and flowers, parks and squares.
I am Christian by my religion but I am not a fanatic. I believe in the God in my heart and I don't go to a Church very often.
I wish I would have a man who would be my second half that we could spend time together outdoors. I like to go for a picnic or camping somewhere far from noisy city. I think it's a great way of spending time with a family.
I don't want to be sad because I am sure that I'll meet my second part soon and my life will become even better.
I am interested in a city you live in. What kind of city is it? Do you have some beautiful or nice places there?
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