Scam letter(s) from Marina Izmailova to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Dave! I do not know, that occurs to our family. Recently we have gone through death of the grandmother. I wrote to you earlier that my mum was in hospital. At her was and so a bad condition. Now with death of the grandmother, her health has absolutely deteriorated. Her again yesterday have put in hospital.. At her it is bad now with heart.. She is necessary for performing any operation.. And now we do not know that to us to do. The matter is that our savings completely left on her last treatment, the staying money should be given on funeral of the grandmother. It was very hard for us to transfer her death. Now it became again bad with mum. She is necessary for performing operation. Yesterday I talked to the doctor. It is necessary for us to pay 740 $, my daddy has found only 200 $. It is necessary 540 more $. I do not know, where it to find. My dear, you may help me with treatment of my mum. You may send me this sum. I know, that it is the big sum of money. But I any more do not know, where for it to search. It is very bad to me to ask you about it. I know what to ask money am very bad. But I more than nothing need to do. I ask you to help me with this sum.. Or even a part of her. You can help me? My dear, once again excuse, that I ask you about it, but I any more do not know, that to me to do.
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