Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to Ralph (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Ralph.I hope, you still have not forgotten me? I have written to you the messageto your ad on Craigs List. You remember? My name Tanya.Sorry for taking so long in getting back to you, my computer has gone downand I just got back online and saw your email. Thanks. But why, you have notsent me your picture? I would like to get to know you and see where it leads us. I'm 35 y.o, height is 5 feet and 5 inches. I have blonde hair. I live in Aksay.I am in great shape. I not when was not married and I have no children.I work as the realtor. I have serious intentions and I do not want to makea wrong choice. Now I have written to you. For me it is a way which will allowme to try to find a man whom I could not find in the standard ways(such as - acquaintance in a bar, in the street or on job).I do not play game and I search real for the man. And I think we can beginto correspond with you. Is it true? We are two people who want to meetsomeone. I think we can try to know better each other. My hobbies: sports,mountain ski, swimming,reading of books. I love children, animals, the nature.I am a good cook. And I will be glad to find out more about you and your interests.I really would like to know you better, your race, languages whichyou can speak, a hobby? Today, I have not enough time to write moreabout myself. But in the next letter, I will write you moredetailed about myself and my life. I will wait for your letterand I very much hope that, you will send me your picture.In attachment to this letter you can see my other pic.I very hope to receive your reply and your picture. With best regards.Tanya. P.S. If you have any questions, let me know, I will be glad to response ASAP!

Letter 2

Hi Ralph, I received your e-mail. The first thing, I want to do, -to say''thanks you'' for your response! I was sincerely glad to receive yourletter, and I am very grateful to you that you have found time for writing to me.Why, you have not reacted in to my request to send meyour picture. Can I hope you will send me your picture?I wish to tell to you more about me and my life.To you it is curious why, I searched for man on Craigs List? To search forthe man on Craigs List, I was advised by my girlfriend Nina. In December,she has met on Craigs List with the man from America and consequently,she has advised me this dating site. I was born 1973 on April, 20th in thecity of Aksay of Rostov area. Aksay is located 1050 km in theSoutheast from Moscow. I never was married and I have no children.I the orphan, I have no parents. My nationality is Russian.My native language Russian. Also, I speak in English, I studied English languageat university and till now English this my hobby. Now I also live in Aksay.Aksay is located not far from the city of Rostov on Don. I have finished theRostov pedagogical university, faculty of foreign language. I the teacher of English.But now, I work as the realtor. In Russia, work of the teacher is a little paid andconsequently, I work as the realtor. What I am looking for in a man especially isfriendship, long term friendship. But, I dislike arguing, bickering and that typeof stuff, someone easy going is good. I want someone who wants to havefun, butunderstands life is not always fun. I search for the man is more senior than me because,young guys are not in earnest by a life. An adult man feels the responsibility better,than young. Therefore, I want that mine the man was more senior than me. I need someonewho is honest and caring, warm and sexy. I believe there needs to be a good attractionbetween the two people too. I want to have a boyfriend for a while who later ifeverything is right could be more. The most important parts of a relationship is love,trust and communication. But, without trust the other two do not matter. You cannotcommunicate with someone, no matter how much you love him or her, without trusting them.Love is important, but you have to trust the other person implicitly to truly love them,because you need to know they love you back for it to be real. You have a question"Why Russian women look for their husbands abroad”. I think there are a lot of reasonsand I will start with an economic level of Russia. Our country is not rich and itsvery difficult to find a good job. Russian men begin to drink alcohol and become angry.It gets on divorce. Even if they get much money, they also begin to waste them onalcohol or other women. In our country a number of women is more than men.In our country a number of women is more than men. So men try to low women, though awoman is stronger physically and psychologically . She manages a household, brings upchildren and has a constant work in the same time. There is an opinion that Russian menin degradation now. I want to get married abroad as I’m concerned about my future.So, my search for that perfect man continues, maybe my searching will end with you.I hadn't time to say about it in my last letter. I have no children but I would liketo have them.I think that I would be a good mother. So I am ready to give my futurehusband and children everything. They won't be lonely, because I will encircle themwith warm and love. I've understood the real values of the life: do kindness topeople and it will come back to you doubled. There are a lot of problems in Russia.People became evil and closed. That's why I decided to find a friend abroad Russia.My hobbies, cooking meal; reading of books, I love various music. All depends on mood.I like Beethoven, Dunaevski And Chajkovsky. I like to listen to simply tool music.Such music allows to relax and have a rest. Under such music it is good to think.I love a saxophone and a guitar. I very much love historical films,comedy and melodrama.I enjoy watching all types of sports on TV and going to games as well. I enjoy thebeach in the summer months and doing water activities like swimming. In the winter monthsI enjoy skiing and skate on ice. I love tourism, a camping, sports. I often walk in theforest I enjoy to go camping. I can list infinitely.To me like to travel but, I did nottravel much. Last summer, I travelled to Turkey. I travelledtravelled across Russia much: to Moscow, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Saint Petersburg, Azov.Once, I would like to visit America. I have many ideas, but I do not want to rush thisprecious moment when two souls are looking towards each other across the continentsfor an everlasting friendship. Ralph, I wish to ask you: What, you search in the woman?What should be the ideal woman? Also, I wish find out more about you.I hope, that you will not be angry for my long letter.I very much hope to receive your response.Tanya. P.S. I send you my new picture from a New Year's holiday.

Letter 3

Hi Ralph, how your day was? I hope you are glad to receive my letterbecause when I have received your letter I really was delighted.I wish to tell to you about my girlfriend Nina. In December, she has meton Craigs List with the man from New York. And recently,he has suggested her has coming to him, Nina has agreed and tomorrow,she flies to him in New York. It is Nina, has advised me to search foracquaintance on the Internet. And now, I am very glad for Nina. Also,I am very glad that, have met you. Earlier, I would not believe that such can happen,on the Internet. But now, I trust. Today my day has begun as usually:I woke up at 6:00,then I have left on jog, after jog, I have taken a showerand have had breakfast. For a breakfast I eat fried eggs and a sandwich withcheese. At 7:30 I have arrived for work.My working day comes to an end at 19:00.I work from on Monday till Friday and sometimes on Saturday.I like to look TV programs about sports and news, about the events that have occurred in the world. After viewing the TV, I go to bed - approximately at 23:00. Ralph probably think that it is too late? Many Russian people speak, that happiness in money, but I donot agree with them. I earn enough completely to satisfy the materialneeds, but I am unhappy in love. My monthly earnings of 16300 roubles,it about 500 American dollars. But this money suffices me and even ispossible save my money. I cannot tell, that I dream of career. I havefew friends. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I have tested man'sroughness and disrespect. It has wounded me. I want to find the partnerin life,together to enjoy life and to go in the future.According to 6 from 10 marriagesin Russia come to an end with divorce. And I do not wish to get in this sevenunhappy. I have no, aunt, brothers and sisters. My parents have divorced, whenI was 2.5 years. My father has found a younger woman for himself and left us.My mom was afraid bring up me in loneliness and has repeatedly married. But hernew husband has told, that the he don't need another's man child, and my motherhas given me on education to her sister - my aunt, She loved me like a daughterand I loved her like my mother. She didn't have her own children and her husbanddied. After his death she didn't married again, because she has loved onlyhim. Masha has bequeathed me everything that she had: this is an apartmentand old-time jewelry which she has got from her great-grandmother. This is a verybeautiful necklace ring set with a stone and bracelet. This is a historical value,and I cherish it very much. A year ago my aunt has died of a cancer of a stomach.And now I live alone. Probably it cruelty but, I do not wish to recollect myparents. I do not recognize them as parents. And consequently, I consider myselfas the orphan. Perhaps, therefore I do not wish to repeat a mistakeof my parents and I search for the husband in America. I am very lonelyand defenceless. I want to find the man, with whom we shall create theworld of love, kindness and honesty. In the guy I want to see honesty andkindness. These are the main things because the lie and a rage spoil any relations.I like cheerful people. I do not love men who do not have self-respect.The heart of the man is most important. I want to be honest and frank with you,that's why I ask you not to deceive me. There is a proverb in Russia: Bitter truthis better than sweet lie. I am sure that you are an honest man and you can't lie.Am I right? For me it is not important where to live, Russia, America or other country.It not the main thing. The main thing that there was a love. But likely to visitAmerica would be interesting to any person. For me does not matter, what nationalitythe person and what he of age. The basic thing his heart and soul.My religion - the Orthodox Christian. I really good cook. I do not brag,but I really know my abilities in cooking of tasty and various meal. I like tocook the complex dishes including a various combinations of snacks, salads andseasonings. I cook during all my life. I know hundreds various recipes of dishesfrom various cuisines. But my favourite dish fried a fish (salmon) in creamysauce with spice. It has surprising taste. I spend much time on kitchen.Ralph, it is pleasant to you, if the woman will make to youa tasty supper? You love fried a salmon?Thank for your picture. It is a fine picture. You such strong andhandsome man. Forgive, that I such immodest. I very much love thispicture. It is wonderful, when a man combines force and charm. It happensso seldom. Forgive me for my frank words. But I always talkwhat I think. I think there is nothing bad in it.Now I want to ask to you some questions: When your Birthday?Is it important for you the nationality of the person ? What foodstuff,you like? It is very interesting to me, what weather at you?We have normal temperature for winter season 10 degrees below than degrees a zero.Last week, I saw on the TV inauguration the new president of America of Obama.You approve a politics of new president Obama?Now I must finish my letter. I wait anxiously for your answer.Tanya. P.S. This picture is made the last spring in Moscow on the Red square.

Letter 4

Hi Ralph, I'm very glad to see your letter. Today, I thought of you, I reallywant to know you, speak with you, take your hand and see your eyes. Maybeit's very frankly now but it's true and I don't want to hide it. The Russianlady does everything for the man but she doesn't get anything from him.All she needs is at least a couple of tender words and touching of hishands. Isn't it so difficult? I think it isn't difficult to present yourlady a romantic evening and a supper with candles, but in Russia as a rulea woman makes such a present but not a man. When a woman carries heavy bagsin the street, no man will help her, he will only turn his look away and gofarther. That's why the Russian lady never feels happy at her heart. You saythat I am beautiful. In Russia I am not considered like a beautiful lady,Russian men usually treat ladies disrespectfully. They consider that womanonly have to work, cook, wash up and entertain the man when he wants. Tooffend a woman is a usual thing for the Russian man.I like to cook and washup but sometimes I would like to get simple caress, love and attention.I don't want to offend all the men, there are good men but there arefew of them. Long time I loved a young man.We had good time together. We were not in a marriage but we we were together for almost 3 years.A year ago, I have decided to stop all relations with this guy.We had good time together. He was kind. But he liked to drink. When he wasdrunk he became an absolutely other person. He talked badly with me. Laterhis love to alcohol became a habit. He became rude and evil. He even beatme several times and next day he smiled and talked with me as if nothinghappened to. I began to be afraid of him and I must leave him. My soul waswounded very much. After this I couldn't make to get acquainted with another man.Now I don't trust Russian men. I am afraid to give my love to somebody and to getrudeness back. I shall close this theme as it is not pleasant to me.I always say the true and don't like when the people are lie. I hate it.I like to dream very much. I do not know well if it is good or bad.But I am a dreamer. In fact dreams don't always come true.It happens thatyou put all forces and all aspiration to achieve the purposes. But oftenit is not enough. Not all in this life depends on us. There is still a Destiny!Its strong and invisible hands easily reshuffle lives and hearts of people.And then the dream stops to be desirable star, when it doesn't come true fora long time. But anyway, I think that it is impossible to live not having thedreams and hopes. When you have a dream, the life is filled with sense. Whenthere is a dream, the life becomes more interesting and more various.You start to think, analyze, choose and to make the decision. And each smallvictory, each defeated obstacle in a way to your dream, each next step toyour dream brings you great pleasure. Your heart is filled with belief and hope.And you are inspired by the fact which waits for you in the end. You rememberthe pleasure of victories and defeated aims better than pain of losses anddisappointments. For this reason I like to dream, though my dreams come truevery seldom. I am surprised, that I am writing you all this. I have never hadthe person with whom I could share the ideas. But now I have found you, Ralph,and I am very glad. I don't judge people by where they are from or what color they are.Ralph, you became very important for me. And being frank, I amafraid to lose you. Forgive me for my frankness. If I have offended yousomehow, or have caused inconveniences forgive me please.Do not cease to write to me. Write to me every day. Even if I cannotanswer every day. Your letters betray to me of forces and my day isfilled with pleasure. I not when had no acquaintance, to men from Americaand other countries. This my first acquaintance on the Internet.And consequently, I apologize if, I have written that not correctly.I hope that you do not become angry.You read attentively my letters? Or you attentively examine my pictures?Ralph, why you do not answer questions which I set to you?You asked me about a possible meeting. I can answer unequivocally. I think that all is possible in our life. If my heart will prompt me that Ishould go in your country, I necessarily will go. Of course all ispossible. And if I will feel that time to meet have come, I will make allto organize this meeting.I will wait for your letter with impatience.And now I want to ask to you some questions:Do you believe in love? Love at first sight?You like mountain skiing?If you have any questions, you can ask me. I will try to answer them. I thank you beforehand.Tanya. P.S. I send you recent my picture before new year. I have asked the woman from our working collective, have made a picture me nearby her car. She has decorated her car for the New Year's holiday. I have no car but when that in the future I very much would like to have the car. Other a picture, I after visiting athletic hall.

Letter 5

Hi my dear Ralph, I am very glad to receive your letter.I waited for this minute with impatience to answer you. I am so sorry that you heard only such bad things about lady from ourcountry. Such women disgrace our country and though I always had pride forRussian people and women, it is a shame to me, that these women are Russian. Actually in Russia many good, fair and kind ladies. I understand what opinion now you have about Russian people. But in Russia really many good girls. I sincerely regret that you heard only such bad things about bad people.Your letters have become so close to my heart that I amglad to them like a baby. you write so beautiful letters, I have neverheard such words in Russia. I think that Russian men don't know suchwords at all. Your words are so pleasant that I feel myself on theheavens. Please do not forget, write me every day at least two words,then I will know that everything is OK. I will be calm for youand won't worry. About love at first sight, if I didn't believe itthen I would not be talking with you. Every ones in a while you see alight peaking through under a door. It acts as an invitation. Your firstemail was a small light, when I opened the door on the other side wasa whole new world that I have never seen with you as the sun.Beautiful, amazing, and full or wonder. This relationship we havestarted via email is the begining of a life long friendship that mightblossom into some thing more? Love is such intoxicating narcotic,which makes do mad, but sometimes funny actions. Only person in love canfill the whole bath with champaign, only person in love can presentthe million of scarlet roses or stand whole night under balcony of theloved woman singing serenades. The dearest I have is you Ralph,I understood it clearly yesterday when I was walking in the park andthinking about you. I was tired and sat down on the bench. I closed myeyes and thought about you. A wind was blowing, it scutched my hairsand enveloped my body by its chilly freshness. I don't know why, but Ithought that you changed in wind, and you tenderly touched my hairswith you invisible hands. It seemed to me that I am situated somewherethere with you. And my heart began beating as never before. I was sopleasant that I was ready to yell from happiness. People who werepassing near me probably thought that I am crazy wnen they saw mesitting on the bench with closed eye and smiling. But I didn't thinkabout their opinion. after work I will go home by foot. I like to walkalong the street and to breath fresh air, especially when the weatheris warm. As a matter of fact I don't want to go home. It is very boringand lonely at home. Sometimes I don't mention it, but sometimes when Icome home with good mood, I want to talk very much, to share thoughtswith anybody, to have fun. But my flat is empty and I have to be infull solitude. And my good mood disappears. I simply sit down in anarm-chair and look at the window. And when the silence deafen me when Ihear as My blood flows in my veins, I hear movement of my eyelashes, atthat moment becomes unbearably and my heart compresses. I don't knowhow to struggle with it. I can listen to music or read a book. But insome moment I understand that I just deceive myself. In fact I want abeloved person to be near me, with whom I could spend evenings, to meetmorning, to speak about yesterday and to dream about tomorrow day. Iwant to walk and to feel a strong man arm holds me. I don't want tocook meals only for myself. I want somebody to appreciate it. Butenough about it. I having not enough time. Ralph, again. Can you imagine?I dreamt in the childhood and I dream now. Of course, the world of dreams is anillusive world. We live in a real life, so we can't to sink into theworld of dreams and phantasies for long. When a dream becomesobsession, it can bring only pain and disappointment. Practicallydreams do not always realize. It happens that you use all power, allaspiration to make the dream come true. But as much you try, not all inthis life depend on us. When the dream for a long time does not cometrue, as though you did not try, dream ceases to be that star, whichwas for you lighthouse in ocean of the life, which illuminated yourway. But anyway, I think that it is impossible to live without dreamsand hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense. Thedreams are those things that do us people that distinguishes us fromthe whole rest alive world. The dreams contribute variety in ordinaryand grey life. The dreams force to think, analyse, choose and come to aconclusion. The Faith and Hope - an eternal satellites of our lifes.And regardless of what waits you at the end, joy of the victories andsubordinated tops we remember better, than disappointment and pain ofthe defeats. You agree with me? I am surprised that I write you allthis. I have never had a person, with whom I could share my thoughts.But now I have found you, and I am very glad. Forgive me for myfrankness. If I said something superfluous forgive me please.Do you like when your friends come to your home? Ralph, I have a very warm feeling inside from all the things you have said about, how you feel when you think of me. My day brightens tremendously whenever I see an e-mailfrom you. I will wait for your letter with impatience.Tanya. P.S. This picture have been made on a beach of the Azov Sea in city Eisk. In the summer of last year.

Letter 6

Hi my dear Ralph! Today, I write to you from my working computer. I wish to inform you awful news. Yesterday, I came home and found thedoor of my flat broken open… I came in - my flat was almost empty.Someone took the TV set, computer, digital camera the stereo and eventhe hair dryer. They didn’t even disdain to take my new shoes! The worstof all is that a computer and digital camera, I have bought on credit andcompletely have not paid cost. I called the police - damn, all they saidto me was that I was the third person who had been robbed duringthe day - looks like a whole gang of thieves is working in our city. I hopethat the police will find them - but I know that there’s hardly any chance.Then, I have gone to my girlfriend Lena and she has calmed me and has givenme her old TV. I have some friends, but only one best friend. Her name Lena. We are friends for 18 years. She a true friend and always helps me, as well as I help her. Today I talked with my boss, I asked him to use Internet at least25-30 minutes a day. And my boss has approved my request and has allowed to use to methe Internet on work. I cant let him deprive me my private live how much it cost me.Now I shall write the letters to you from my work.Ralph, now I wish to tell you about our small city Georgievsk.Our small city Aksay, located in the Rostov on Don area. Distance from Aksayup to Rostov on Don approximately 35 kilometers. Aksay approximately 1050 kilometers on the south from Moscow. Aksay makes about 37 thousandinhabitants. I don't know if you have seen such houses. These are the houseswhich were built before the second world war, in the fortieth years. There are a lot of buildings, but they are not like in your country.The highest has maximum 9 floors. And that is special for all cities inRussia. I have some friends, but only one best friend. Her name Lena.She lives in an old wooden house. Lena the unfortunate woman. Lena hasdaughter her name Faya. Lena had a husband his name was Sergey. Sergey hasbeen killed on the Chechen war and now Lena brings up Faya one. She has told,that the most valuable in her life, is her daughter Faya. I completely agreewith her. I help Lena, to bring up Faya, in weekend we visit park, cinema,and sometimes we go to fish.We always spend our time together. My girlfriendLena says that she wants to live in a quiet town. And I agree with her. A bigcity has a big traffic, a fast rhythm of life, garlands of fires, light shopwindows, high buildings, fountains, cinemas, parks, theatres and attractions.It is wonderful, of course I like it. But we have places a zone of rest,a beach, parks. They are very beautiful. If there were no criminal,the place couldbe considered as a paradise. But alas, the criminal in big cities, as well as inthe small ones is the worst part of our life. Unfortunately criminal in Russia issituated on a very high level. But I don't want to tell about these sad things.I must finish my letter. I don't want but I have to. I want to ask you what makesyou happy Ralph? What was the best gift that you got from a woman?Your country has many criminals? Sincerely yours and with best wishes.I will wait for your letter with impatience.Tanya. P.S. Unfortunately today, I cannot send you my pictures. Because, I have no my pictures in my working computer. But tomorrow, I shall bring my pictures for work and shall ask our programmer to make my pictures in my working computer. Today, I wish to send you a map of Rostov area.On this map, the red strip notes our city of Aksay.

Letter 7

Hi dear Ralph. Many thanks for your letter. I am reallymadly glad to receive your letter. I am really glad that I have found you.Today, I have again visited police. But they have told that they cannot findcriminals who have plundered my apartment. And so-as, my computer and otherstolen things were not insured. They have not given me any certificate for shop.Ralph, if you get your visa for the Russia I would be honored to show youAksay, and you are more than welcome to stay with me anytime you want. InRussia we have a saying "my house is your house" in other words, if you evercome to the Russia, feel at home in my apartment as if it were your own!I should tell to you that I have ocean of emotions and sensationswhich I had no in my heart before. And on this, my reason and my heart sayme that I should answer by sincerity your constant sincerity. My heart andmy reason says me that I should tell what I feel now because it is a partof our friendship and I should share it with you. I should tell that itwas required two days to write and think over this letter, because Iwanted to say just the right things to you. I didn't want to offend orupset you in anyway, and it really bothered me that saying something wrongmay do that. I normally speak directly from my heart, and I am right now,but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen. I feel somewhat lost when Ihave no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, Ifeel contentment and joy when I think of you.I have never done this in my life, (tried to initiate a relationshiphalfway across the world), and I might have much to learn about how toproceed, but I am more than willing to learn whatever it takes to succeedif that is your desire as well. I also believe that couples should be thebest friends possible, which trust and share with each other everythingthat they feel. I do not know if my word and thoughts make sense to you,and I try very hard to put them in typed words that you will feel andunderstand. I believe in God, and I believe that I have been put throughtrials to prepare me for meeting a man with whom I will spend the rest ofmy life loving, to better appreciate him, respect him and cherish thelove, that he would give; only asking that I return the same. I hope thatmy words and letters are not boring to you, but they are much more thanmere words, they are my thoughts and feelings, and I send them out to you.I very much desire that you find it in your heart and are comfortable withsharing your personal feelings with me, I wish to know you on a moreintimate level, I would like you to share your dreams, your hopes, yourfeelings of the heart with me, I truly wish to connect with you on a levelthat goes way beyond mere friendship. Please do not think me foolish forthinking these things, I believe that in order for anything to succeed,you have to be honest, and that is what I am doing with you. Could youclose your eyes for just a minute, and think and dream of what a life wecould share, what it would be like, the fun of learning each other. Ireally believe that dreams do come true for people which dare to believein dreams, because if they believe in them hard enough, dreams couldbecome in reality. I guess that you are shocked that I feel this way, buthere, where I was raised, the gift of true love from a man is somethingthat is more similar to a Mirage or self-deception, rather than mutualfeeling which two enamored people can give each other. I hope that I amnot rambling on with my words. I have so much that I wish to share withyou, and each time I write to you, I feel there is never enough time tosay everything that I want to say, and I always feel that I have forgottensomething important that I wanted to share with you. Ralph, when Ispeak of you and I think of you, it does not matter for me what anyoneelse thinks. I want to tell that you are very beautiful for me. I mean, Ifind that you are not only attractive as a man, I also speak of the beautythat is within you, beauty of your internal world, and alas, thisparticular type of beauty is very special and rare. Most men have onlyappearances, but not have beauty inside, and this is where true beauty is.This, is that for me is the most important and significant in all limitsof my character, my soul and my consciousness. Your words spoken to mewith so much kindness and care, they express the beauty within you. Ithink that you are truly handsome, the essence of what beauty should be,and there is nothing that anyone could say to me that would compel tochange my mind even a little bit. I want to reduce essence of all myletter only to one thought. I do not know if I could clearly explain allmy thoughts and feelings, which overflow me now, or not. I want to tellthat I feel, we become very good friends and I really enjoy ourfriendship. I aspire to learn you more and I dare to hope that you supposea thought that our relations can develop more than it enough for simplefriendship. It is that way which I feel. As always I hope that my letterfinds you in good health and spirits, and I hope that every yours wish youhave comes true one day. I will look forward to your reply as always withanticipation and impatience....Dear Ralph I send you my address:My address:Russia.City, Aksay.Street - Platov, 11-4. ZIP-346720.I do not remember, whether informed, I to you?My full name Tatyana, Tanya the same name only diminutive.Tatyana and Tanya, it too the name. Tanya short. Tatyana full. Tatyana = Tanya.I am shy, but I kiss you hotly, my Ralph.With tenderness Tanya. P.S. I send you a picture, me, Lena and her daughter Faya.This picture has been made the last summer at Lena at home.

Letter 8

Happy Valentine's Day!!!Hi my love Ralph! I have a friend Ralph, and I alwaysthink of him, I want to know all about him. Absolute All!(Smile).Tell to me about your ideas and dreams. And now I shall make it.Today my boss informed me, that in the beginning of March, I shall have 2.5months of a vacation. Building in which our firm is located,very old and is in an emergency condition. The building of our firm,requires major repair. And this spring our firm will be closedfor the period of out of repair work of a building. And allcollective of our firm will be is on a vacation. Approximatelyin the beginning of March, I shall have a vacation. I cannot refuse this vacation.In a building of our firm will be is made, major repair. Repairwill last 2.5 months.I have begun to cry, because it means that I can'twrite to you, I can't use a computer. I was so frightened that I canlose you. I imagined that I should spend this vacation in my apartment,between four walls. I should sit in loneliness and think of you. Ishould aimlessly wander on streets and fall asleep with tears on eyesevery night. I have been waiting for my vacation and now I receive them but they don't bring pleasure to me.Because in the next year, I cannot receive my vacation. I imaginedthat I should spend some months without you and awful emptiness hadappeared in my heart. All world around became uninteresting for me andI told myself:" NO! It is not for me!" I thought of us.About you and about me-about us together. My thoughts were mixed,like inking waves during a storm, and I, like a small ship was sank inthe sea of despair. I calmed and hold on myself.And I have put a hard aim, the aim of all my life-to be with a man wholoves me and I love him by all my heart. I thought what I can do to seeyou. I decided to spend this vacation with you. I thought what I can doto meet you. Simply to meet. That's all what I want now.I have passport, and also I need an visa. Today I haveaddressed in firm where the visas are made. I wondered how much itwould cost for me. They told me that this service would cost 280 USD. Isaid it was big money, and visa couldn't be cost so much. Theytold that I could make all directly in Moscow where an foreign consulate was. But I have considered that if I shall make directly inMoscow, I will squander more money. The way to Moscow and back alsoresiding there will cost much. I shall squander more money than 280 USDif I go there. Besides if my application isn't approved, it will turnout that I squander all money for nothing. I have been explained thatit will be necessary to visit set of various departments, state andmedical institutions in Rostov on Don. I must wait for along time the queue. This firm allows to avoid many problems and tomake all for faster term. I asked how long it would take to make thevisa. I was answered that it would take about a week or may be 2.And in this firm I was told, that they need information about me fromthe police. If I am a law-abiding citizen, I shall get the visa.I have never outraged the law. I shall have preparation forinterview. It will help me to receive the visa. I understand that ourrelations are not long yet, but I trust you. And I very hope so youare, as I love you. Many years I ask myself a question: Why everythingdepends on money? I think that the money is not main thing in life. Themain is when the people can and want to understand each other. I havesome savings. And I think that ?ll be enough to come to you, my sweetheart.Ralph, Russian people have many opinions on American people. Old peopledo not approve American democracy, because they lived in the communistic USSR,Young people on the contrary is approve democracy, because it has given them many opportunities and prospects in their life. And as a whole I like the American nation and its concepts about a normal life.Our love will overcome any distances. Live for LOVE!When you Love, do it with all your might, all your Devotion andfor all eternity! I really think it's better to love and fail and nothaving fallen in love at all. Since I started talking to you, I justcan't stop thinking of you Ralph. This picture is made the last spring at office of our firm in my birthday on April, 20th. The collective of our firm congratulated me happy birthday and many flowers have presented me.I with not patience wait your answer.I KISS YOU. Tanya. P.S. I have absolutely forgotten to tell, today I have receivedthe letter from Nina. You remember, I already wrote to youabout her. I am very grateful to Nina that, she has advised me touse the Internet for acquaintance. And owing to her, we with you havegot acquainted.She has written, that she's fine, she is very glad that,she has met her boyfriend in New York, she is happy with. Nina hasbragged to me, has told that tomorrow, they will go to travel for 1 month.They plan to visit Spain, France and Italy.I am very glad for Nina andI wish Nina good luck.

Letter 9

Hi my heart Ralph! How are you? I'm wonderful!When I see your letter, my heart is similar to a bird in a cage.Wants to depart a breast and to fly to you. I never experiencebefore similar. I have not enough time with official registrationof papers. I spend all my time for this purpose. To begin carry outour meeting I be engaged in the international documents, passageof a medical commission and other things to prepare the document oftravel in your country.Last night after my job I went to the church.I put a candle for ours with you happiness. I think that God will help us.I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about you constantly. At my jobeverybody are surprised why I'm so merry. They don't know that I'mcorresponding with you. Do you believe in love? One love and forevertill the end of life. I believe.I believe in love. There are no thebarriers for love. The age and distance are not important. When thepeople love he doesn't notice it. I believe that the day will come andour hearts will join. And the people will envy our happiness. Because wewill come ourselves to our happiness. Nothing will happen if you sit anddo nothing. And I believe that we will build our happiness. We will buildit of the small bricks as Egyptian the Pharaones built their pyramids.And we will build our pyramid. And we will call it the love pyramid ofRalph and Tanya. I'm thinking about your letters. I think how it'sgood that I have met you in the Internet. If I was told before, thatI will meet my love in the Internet, I would not believe this man.I would think, that this man is crazy or joker. But it has happened.It has happened not to somebody but to me. And I'm glad that the peopleinvented the Internet. I didn't think that it's possible to find myonly love in the Internet. But I have found. Please, don't give me up.It will be a strong pain for me. I won't simply go through it. But Ibelieve that you won't do it. I love you, my prince Ralph. When,I shall have the full information on my visa, I shall inform to youexact date of my arrival to you. I think that when we shallmeet, we together shall decide how many, I can remain with you.Ralph, I very much regret to hear that your doctor have told to you that youhave a cancer. I ask you, calm down and do not think bad ideas. Probably the doctor was mistaken. If, I was near to you, I could take care of you.I have written this letter and recalled.I have forgotten to send youmy kiss. I'm kissing you my love. KISS !!!Your love forever Tanya.God Bless and Protect Us. P.S. I do not remember, whether I sent you this picture?This picture is made the last summer in Eisk on sea of Azov.

Letter 10

Hi, my ocean of love Ralph.Every day I think about you and about our love. Our love resembles me alittle beautiful flower, which is entrenching through dry ground and isstretching to the sun. Our love is watered by a rain of kindness,tenderness and trust. Every day our flower is becoming stronger and harder.Our love takes force from our letters. This is a thin thread which hasconnected us. I am very glad that we build our small world of love together.Our world of love will be strong, because we build it from Devotion, Probity,Respects and Trust. Love - this is world for two persons, to which anystranger can't come in, otherwise everything will be ruined. And then it willbe impossible to collect rebuilt the splinters of the love. In Russia peoplesay that Love is a great force. Love can overcome all the barriers and distances.Two loving hearts are streatching to each other like two magnets. Our hearts are tired from loneliness, that's why they must be together andbeat like one heart. Our hearts are like two great oceans. They are vast andvery deep yet calm an peaceful on the surface. Our feeling run very deep andthey are very strong. Sometimes we get afraid we will be pulled under by thecurrent. I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerfull wave that willshake the very earth. And when all is done there will be one vastbeautiful ocean, beauitful, powerful and forever...(one heart, one ocean).I ask to forgive me if I have told you something wrong, but thesewere my thoughts. May be I haven't answer some your questions.When I get your letter I am so happy that i am forgetting about everything.I write you not with the mind but with the heart.At this moment my mind is situated with you.At this moment I am under your hipnosses.My thoughts are only about you and soon we will be together.My question to you: If we were married. During 10 years. We shall assume in one daythere was an accident. I have lost a hand. (shall assume) you have leftme or continued to live together? (I ask you to present. Actually I am healthy.)Tanya. P.S. I send you a picture from last summer in my apartment. My girlfriend Nina has visited me and we with her drank tea with sweets. Nina, that girl which has left for America and now she travels with her man. I spoke you about it.

Letter 11

Hi my love Ralph!My working day has comes to an end and I am writing you now. My moodis very good. Soon we will be together. Tell me that this is true.I think that you are a honest, understanding and kind person. From my life I have understood, understanding and respect the mostimportant in Relations between the man and the woman. It so is importantfor understanding and respecting not only The opinion, and even opinionof other person. I studied psychology, and the main mistake Married couplesis that everyone proves the correctness and does not want to recede fromThe opinion. Each person can be mistaken. In most cases because ofSuch trifles there are quarrels and scandals. In fact it is much moreconvenient to discuss a problem in To quiet conditions and together tofind the best exit. We in Russia have saying One head well, and two isbetter (smile). I am right? Still I very much appreciate a true friendship.When I shall come you should acquaint me with yours Friends. I do not wantto stand across you and your friends. The man should have The right tocommunicate only the man's company, without women. But not all time (smile).Friends should so to meet, drink in a bar beer and messages man's conversations.I will love you in the future and I love you now. I am waiting for themoment of our meeting very much. It so excites me. Yesterday when I went to bedI was thinking about you so much that I felt a little trembling in my body.I don't know why it happened to me but anyway it is something good.Ralph unfortunately, I have no phone in my apartment and a cell phone.In our city of Aksay, very bad quality of cellular communication therefore, I do not buy a cell phone.My boss forbids to use phone in the personal purposes.If you will write to me your phone number I shall be very glad to you call.I can call only in weekend from a public phone booth.I am finishing writing. I am thinking of you and writing you thesewords. These words are coming from my heart. My heart is beating fasternow because of you. I reread all your letters and love you more andmore. I love you very much, I need you very much and I hope that ourmeeting will be very very soon. I will write you later. I am stillwaiting for you letters!!! I hope very much that our love is forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!The love of Tanya and Ralph is eternal !!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all my love.Hot and passionate kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss for you.Yours Tanya. P.S. Ralph, write the exact, full name of the airportclosest to you. If your airport has a code, write a codeof the airport and whether has your airport flights from Russia?

Letter 12

Hello, my king Ralph! How was your day? I'm wonderful.Every day I wait with impatience for your letters and our meeting.Today, I have received not pleasant news from my girlfriend Lena.Lena has informed me, that her daughter Faya is sick, and now she is in hospital.I have been very grieved, Faya very good girl, and I always loved her, and assisted Lena to bring up her. I shall ask the god, about Faya health, and I hope her health will come in norm. I want to tell you how i spent my last weekend.I went to the children's orphanage.I help these children.Children which live there have no parents. Several times a month I visit this orphanageto give help of various sort. The state allocates very few money for the maintenance andcontents of orphanages. Buildings are very old. But children don't have anybody tohelp them and to give them financial support. That's why some people voluntary renderthe feasible help. We help to repair in a building. Many walls don't have even wall-paper.Stucco has fallen off. The floors and beds are very old. The conditions are terrible.The meal is awful. The children practically have no toys. When I look at allthis there are tears in my eyes . I am very for these children. Mygirl friend and I help to do repair. We glue wall-paper and paint thewindows. We bring children new toys. You cannot imagine how childrenare pleased when we come. And they are glad not only because they waitfor new toys, they wait for us. They require kindness and caress very much. If you saw as they were glad. I was glad doubly. Very much it is pleasant to mewhen these children are happy. It is necessary for them for happiness a little. I am very happy,that I shall soon with the beloved, and I want to divide happiness with somebody else.Ralph why you have not written the name of the airport nearest toyou which has flights from Russia? I should know the name of your airport. Without the name of the airport, I do not know where I should arrive.You attentively read my letters? I already wrote to you, I have no phone.I cannot promise to you that I will call you directly tomorrow but if youwill give me your number, I can promise that I will search for a way tocall you and sooner or later I will call you. I'm sending you a small poem. Tell me if you like it. OK?Bright, eyeslike heaven's stars,Lips so fullI need to know -when will be he minefor all of time? His name is RalphHe is my PrinceI shall take him to the ballto dance in front of all.Midnight will comethough he will not run.He will be mineto the end of time. I've prayed so longfor one as this.With him beside mewe will have bliss. Write back as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your letter.And I'm thinking about you. Kiss you. Your Tanya. P.S. This picture has been made in the past toyear in the city of Rostov on Don.

Letter 13

Hi my love Ralph!My working day has comes to an end and I am writing you now.My mood is very good. Soon we will be together. Tell me that this is true.Ralph you read attentively my letters? Or you attentively examine my pictures?Ralph why you have not written the name of the airport nearest to you which has flights from Russia? I should know the name of your airport. Without the name of the airport, I do not know where I should arrive.Now I have the most intense days in my life. I shall makethe visa for the sake of you. It will be my gift for you Ralph. Ok?As a rule from 11 applicants only by one received the visa. I have paid bigenough sum of money to not stand in long queue and to not wait for considerationduring several months. I never thought that the commission will ask suchunusualquestions. Me asked about my private life, me asked about children,about work, about patriotism, about the attitude to America, about myconversance and awareness of events which happened in the world and inAmerica, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my life indetail. I spoke about everything fairly as is really. To me have told thatmy answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants do not answer sodirectly and openly such questions. They have not got used to hear suchanswers, but they have told what to hear fair and truthful answers it ismuch more pleasant than word which come not from heart and reason.Children from the orphanage also have made the big impression and renderedthe big influence on the commission. To me have told that I the first ladywho have such support from children - orphans. I have given documents onmy donations in children's homes. These are small donations, but very fewpeople do it. From several orphanages I have got support in writing fromtutors and children. They have convinced the commission, that I the worthyperson to visit America, because I have accepted responsibility for childrenwhich I help. I have given characteristics from work. I have shown the document on my apartment which me was left by my aunt. I have told thecommissions directly and openly, that I dreamed to see your country, but Iam sure that everything dream of it, even those who speaks that does notdream.I want to use chance to visit America. They have beensurprised, because nobody spoke so openly. I have shown them all mydocuments testifying that in the childhood I lived with the auntwithout parents. I have told that I all my life lived for other people andgave pleasure and happiness to another's children. What bad in that thatI once will visit other country, once to receive really big pleasure in alife? They did not expect that I will tell such words. And as you canbelieve I could convince them. I simply want to meet you, and tospend some happy time. It only will help us to learn moreeach other. I simply want to spend my vacation with you, and for somehappy time with you I am ready to give much. But the meeting cannot spoilour relations. On the contrary. I want to be your visitor some happy time .I think that you also will be happy as I. All people meet. But thereis no such law what to meet is possible only after you know about theperson all. On the contrary, as far as it is interesting to learn aboutthe each other being face to face. It is much more essential than letters.You will see my eyes, I will see yours. You will touch my hand, I willtouch yours. We will talk and laugh, whisper each other on an ear pleasantwords, we will tell about thoughts and feelings, we will dream togetherand enjoy joint pastime. It so miraculous. It is such big chance to learnmore about the each other. It simply a meeting of two very much closefriends but as far as pleasant and long-awaited this meeting, you onlythink. Now I wait for the messenger and it a to me will tell, that my visa is ready.Please write me what you think, I'll wait for your email. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!On always yours Tanya.



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