Scam letter(s) from Inna to Pinuts (France)

Letter 1
Hello my dear! How are you? I enjoyed reading your letter, thanks for telling me about your points of view on relationship. You have nice picture too, thanks for sending it.
I want to tell you that I am real! ( thats a joke!!)
I can tell you I don’t need young man who is not serious in creating family. I want to find wise, mature and responsible man who realizes what family life is.
I agree with you that after marriage it’s important to save relationship and to work together on them, making them stronger.
I would be glad to know more about your daily life. What do you do besides your job, on weekends, for example?
I am an educated, stylish, feminine woman. I am passionate and romantic! I can be a true friend and a perfect wife! I try to live with only good emotions and I adore sharing them with others! I like to be positive and happy in life. I like to be honest and express my feelings openly. I can combine different qualities in my personality: outstanding beauty and crystal thoughts. I like to enjoy this life and I like to give happiness to other people.
My dear, you can ask me questions. What would you like to know about me? Warmly,
Letter 2
Hello my dear! Thanks for your second letter to me. Thanks for nice picture.
My dear, I do not get so many letters from other men. I do not have any serious correspondence here yet. I am new and men do not write me.
I don’t speak English at all. Russian is one of most difficult languages to learn.
I don’t understand who and what for decided to copy your photos. It is strange. I am not afraid to put here my photos, as I was told this site gives guarantee that nobody can use them, only me.
You seem to have good time with your kid on weekends.
I am interested in numerology, but not professionally.
My job is like a hobby for me, I studied at university where I got this profession. I studied how to create different styles in cloths and appartments.
Now, I don’t have camera to send you photo of my hands, I will try to do it when I get it.
If I imagine that lake it would be big, blue and very clean. The sun is shining, birds are singing, it is calm place, surrounded by tall green trees. I would love to swim in such lake. I am with friends there.
When I find a key they are big and have golden color. I take them with me. The vase is nice, colorful, and not big. I also would take it with me.
I hope you like my answers. Thanks for the game.
If I fall in love with foreigner I will create happy family, it does not scare me. I want to take my daughter with me, as I want her to live with me. I dont know people who moved abroad and got married there. My dear, for me it’s not a problem. I am not afraid of difficulties; I just want to be happy. Warmly,
Letter 3
Hello my dear,
Thanks for this interesting letter. I’m touched with your attention. I think we have much in common with you when you describe your inner state for me.
I should tell you that I don’t pay anything for translation your letters. The interpreter from the agency does it for me. She also translates my letters to you. To my regret I don’t know any foreign language. I’m aware that if I plan to have long lasting relations with a foreigner, I should learn a language. I will do it by all means and will be a diligent pupil. I’m a designer of dresses for women. I haven’t studied at any University. I’m learning this work since my childhood. I attend different classes and seminars. I visit fashion shows, if it is possible for me. I follow the modern trends and study the works and styles of different famous designers and stylists. I should disappoint you – that blue dress is a ready made cloth. But I have chosen it, because it corresponds to my inner spirit, my mood and my style. I have heard about Olga Suvorova. She is a designer from Belarus, if you mean this woman exactly.
I live together with my daughter separately from my parents. We live not in the center of Kiev. But if you want to send me a parcel by your friend I can take it, knowing the day, place and time. Please, if you can, give me your photo in this parcel, too.
My daughter’s name is Anastassia. Her hobby is dancing. Her father died 7 years ago. When he was alive, they communicated and he cared for her. And now again to our game. I think that the forest was light. I met a bear. He was standing on two feet. I was frightened a bit and stood still. The bear scented the air and went away. I went ahead and soon I found my house. It looked like a cathedral. It was high and spacious. There was much light and air inside. I left the vase there. It suited that house. But I continued my way. Soon I found a wall in the middle of the forest. It was not high and made from bamboo. I could stand up and look inside. I had my gold key and I had to use it in any way…
I’m waiting for your new letter. I haven’t found your office, but now I can see the window and house where you live. Best wishes,
Letter 4

Hello my dear,
I have received your photo and letter. Thanks for them. It’s nice to hear that you have felt a certain contact between us.
My daughter is a winter child.
You know I am very sorry that you wasted money for correspondence with me. I dont think about how many money somebody earns on that. I am here to meet my man.( on my costs)
However I haven’t felt this special connection between us. Sorry, but it would be better to stop our correspondence on this stage, I dont want to waste your time and money. Forgive me for my straight words, but I always speak my mind. I feel that we are far from each other in psychological aspect. I’m mordown-to-earth woman.
I think we are not compatible with you. You need the other woman, may be more deep.
I wish you happiness and good luck in finding the right partner for you.
Letter 5
Hello my dear! Thanks for your letter and nice picture. My day was good when I wrote my previous letter to you.
Once again I think you need deeper woman, who can read between the lines and with whom you can find better understanding.
It is difficult for me to understand options which you mentioned in your letter, because I do not combine this communication or correspondence with such things.
I do not call this website a “game”, I don’t think it’s a game. I have serious intensions and I can understand and feel if we match with man or not after some letters.
After I read your letter I need time to think what to respond, sometimes answer come to my mind at once. I am direct woman; I prefer to say, what is on my mind. I receive rather good translations of your letters.
I think it’s my last letter. Thank you for your attention.
I appreciate your letters.
Wish you to find your love soon.
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