Scam letter(s) from Larisa Lastochka to Juan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi Juan Thanks a lot for your letter. I was impatiently waited for your reply and worried so much because of you and if you would like to continue to write to me. Now it is something like I lose some weight:-) It's always pleasant:-) Don't get me wrong, I have not lack of an attention but a lack of respect, love...all these human feelings!!! Everybody I met didn't want to treat me like a woman but rather like a nurse, house keeper or *** *****...perhaps I stopped all these relationships very fast...I have tired to look for my happiness here as it seems it is hopeless, so that is why I'm on the dating site. My mom told that her friends's daughters were trying to found a man abroad. She told me that one of them was lucky and founded her future husband and relocated to him. Another girl was less happy. I know that she met with man she was writing wish and he had just used as I can see it is like a lottery but I want to try my luck. Besides Juan, do you know anything about Ukraine? I live in its East. Have you ever heard of Roobezshnoe? It is not a big town (just about 850 sq km). There are a lot of factories of a heavy industry and light as well. As for my character, I am creative person. This makes me to be very sensitive, romantic and vulnerable. My job helps me to realize all my inner feelings. I work as a hairdresser. I fond of an arts of Sergey Zverev(who is the famous Russian stylist) but I'm working hard to improve my skills and maybe then I could work with stars...who knows:-) As for now I have not a big salary but it is enough for this small town.
It's interesting have you ever had a big dream? I mean have you ever dreamed about who you are going to be when you were young? As for my hobbies, I fond of sports and I do trainings by myself at home and run outside. The one thing I need to mention is that I don't understand neither English nor any other language except Russian or Ukrainian. that was not very interesting for me and i didn't even attend its lessons when I studied. Yeah, that was a big fault and I sorry for it. I hope you don't mind. Tell me some more about yourself. I would be happy to read your next letter. Can I call you my friend? I think that would be great. Have a good day, Juan!
See you!
Letter 2
Hi Juan Pablo Thank you for your letter! I like the way you do it with all sincerity. It is important for healthy relationships. So you can ask me anything you want and I will try to give you answers to all of your questions. I wand to be open and very sincere with you as this is the key to the door of good relationships. I glad that you don't mind about my job.
Thank you for compared me with a model:-) I'm actually too old to be a model. My friend took these photos. She is almost a professional photographer. She has a good camera and I think she do a wonderful job!!! Do you agree with me? You know Juan Pablo I had a dream last night. That was really good dream. I was hesitated whether to tell you about it or not. I really want it came true but I don't know if I should express it because of different kind of superstitions I heard. I actually don't believe in superstitions as I believe only in God but sometimes you would do anything and believe in anything for something that important for us.
That was a short but very exciting dream. I was sat on the sofa and read a book when I heard someone was knocking in the door. I came to the door and there were you with a bunch of flowers...I didn't see the face but I was sure it is you.
I took flowers and hugged you. You said "I came for you". Do you believe in prophetic dreams? You know what was I thinking about? I know that we know each other not for a long time but I would like to try out if we could create a good relationships as it is the main reason we both are on the dating site. Do you agree with me? What would you say? You are an interesting person for me, we won't bore with each other:-) I will wait for your letter with impatience!!
Wish you have a good day!
see you!
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