Romance scam letter(s) from Anna to Juan (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi Juan! My name is Anna. I’m from a small Ukrainian town in Rivne Region called Sarny. I'm 27. Don't think it's too little, as some women in my age already have husbands and two children... My goal in these pages to meet a person, a man who is able to give up many things for love , just as I would do, and to invest in love, do not let him die by the routine. Something to take us to the end of the road. I am an honest, sincere, imaginative, creative, sweet, spontaneous, open, innovative... who loves a lot when it comes to love. In relationships between people, the first thing to appreciate is honesty, loyalty, tolerance and respect. I don't want to be alone anymore, it's enough. Will you help me to escape my boring lonely life? Maybe these are the last days we are alo and soon we will change our lives for better? I’m waiting for your letter, Hugs and kisses, Anna
Letter 2
Hi, Juan! How are you? Hope you're fine.
I want you to know that I really appreciate your answer on my letter. It was rather difficult for me to make this step and to write to you, I'm a bit shy, and don't have an experience in seducing. I don't have the opportunity to make video call, only the phone one.
If you want, I can send you my number :) Probably we will find a lot of things in common during the correspondence. The only major difference will be our experiences and the life story. So, I think it's best to start by sharing just a portion of who I am with you. Perhaps you will do the same for me? Please? I was born in Sarny, Ukraine, on December 7, 1985. I have an older sister, but we were separated when we were little. My parents divorced and my mother took Elena with her to Peru. I live with my father and his new wife, my stepmother. I haven't seen my mother and sister since then... I don't want to repeat the destiny of my parents. If they got married, had two daughters, so they loved each other, why has this love gone? I want to choose one person and forever...I want to get married and live all my life with one man, not to quarrel and solve all the problems, but not to divorce. Children suffer form this, as if mother and father can find another husband and wife, children cannot find new parents... Maybe my letter will seem to you as a sad one, it's not so.
I'm here with positive thoughts and sincere wishes... I'm waiting for your reply, Have a nice day, Anna
Letter 3
Hi, Juan! Nice to hear from you today! If you answer my letter, then you are interested in the development of our acquaintance, am I right? This is my phone number, +380933284683. I trust you and hope you will not hurt me... I think your life is much more interesting than mine.
At least you have a work which you like and where people respect you.
I don't work. Of course, I've got an education. I graduated Rivne College of Technologies and Design. I'm a hairdresser.
I don't work for another reasons. My father and my stepmother has a small child, she's 2. They both work hard to raise a child, and it's very expensive to hire a nanny. So, I help them. For me it's like a training before having my own children :-) Well, I wanted to let you know more about me today, if you are interested, of course. Are you interested?:-))) So, about my likes... I love water, I mean sea:-)))I like it any season, even in winter! In Ukraine we have 2 seas, Black and Azov. I wish I lived closer at least to one of them:-)) What concerns my hobbies, well, as any normal woman I like cooking. I am not a professional but I always liked the atmosphere of holidays when mom made nice salads and baked pumpkins... They smelled sooo nice... I wish I could bring such atmosphere into my future family too.... What is the family for you, by the way? For me, it's a big house with children's laugh, it's a supportive husband...It's a round table in the middle of the dining-room, where the whole family gathers in the evening...and so many other things... So, if we marry you will be with a woman who is 100% female and is able to listen to you, understand you, and make you happy. Is there anything else any man could possibly want from a wife? I kiss you,if you do not mind, Anna
Letter 4

Hi, Juan! I don't know how to explain...I have such a strange feeling inside.
With each letter you become more and more interesting to me. Maybe it should be exactly like this... Dear, I want to tell you, well, I don't want to disappoint you at all, but I don't speak English. I use the services of the translational company. There work very nice people. I see there many women and men every day. They also come there to ask interpreters to help them with the correspondence.
I so regret that I haven't learn English at school.
It was much easier than it is now... I hope it will not become a barrier between us, as it's possible for me to start learning our common language. What do you think about it? I appreciate you and everything you share with me...
Do you want to know what turns me excited and gets my engine running? The simplest things really, for example, telling me how much you love me or appreciate me is one of the most enticing and attractive things you can do for me. I don't need sexy clothing or makeup or candles. Sitting next to you in one of your T-Shirts will set off a nuclear explosion in my heart.
Helping with something difficult or listening to me deal with a problem and offering solutions increases my love ten fold. Holding my arm as we walk or shop is so sexy and loving to me. What turns me frustrated and cold? Complaining, laziness, poor hygiene, acting as if I don't exist or it is a problem listening to me describe a problem or something I found fascinating. So, all in all, I am not that complex. I try to take life easy as I know how. I want to be loved and to have that one man whom I can love completely, through good and bad times, and knowing that he will always be beside me. I want him to be the focus of my life here on Earth and for me to be his focus as well. Tell me please, what woman do you want to be next to you? Do you have any demands to her appearance and character? Hugs and kisses, Anna
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