Scam letter(s) from Taisia Tsvetkova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello. I received your letter and I am glad for that much. I'm sorry I was not able to write you sooner. I had a lot of work. I thank you for the story of your life. Sounds good descendant of Rurik. I do not have skype. I like to find new friends. I believe that one of my friends can be my man in the future. I thank you that you have written to me. I understand now that you have the interest to communicate with me. Please tell me about your life in the next letter. I want to know you. I'll talk about my life now. I was born in Russia. Bearish country where people drink a lot of Russian *****. :) But I live and work in Brussels today (about 5 months already). My age 32 year. My zodiac sign Aquarius. I am a woman who is tired of being alone. You know the feeling? I want to create a happy family with the right man.
I have my mother and younger sister who live in Russia now. I miss them very much here. So I'm calling to Russia a lot. I came to Brussels to get a good education here and earn some money. I work as a nurse for a nurse home from Brussels. I am a young girl now.
Therefore, I have a lot of potential power and energy to make real my intended target. But I have yet another target. I want to meet my true love. And I want to give this man all my energy and love. You know the right man in your city? ;) I love children, animals, music and dance.
I respect the true nobility and goodness in men. I am a romantic and honest girl who hates the game with sincere feelings of people. I know the pain of lies. I respect the seriousness, confidence and determination in men. I'm looking for a good and interesting man who will love and care for me. A man who respects the sincere feelings. I want to have a longterm relationship. Therefore, I will build and develop relationships for sincere and serious men who are looking for true love. I hate treason, terrorism, disease, lying, mosquitoes and cockroaches. I hope I was able to talk a little bit about my life. I'm waiting for your new letter soon if you have interest to me. I look forward to continuing our dialogue. I'm waiting for your letter and photos soon.
Letter 2
hello stranger. Sorry for my persistency and this letter. I am a girl who is looking for a serious relationship with a man.
Are you looking for this? So if you are in a search I propose to get to know each other and maybe this acquaintance may lead us to something more than correspondence. I live in Brussels Belgium and work as a medical nurse. I am 32, kind and honest. I again apologise for bothering you, but I just want to try and find my second half. So I couldn't leave this chance to write to you. I look forward to your reply.
My phone numberis +3228084046.
My e-mail is
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