Scam letter(s) from Taisia Tsvetkova to Dee (France)

Letter 1
Hello my Dany!!! :-) :-*
I am thankful that luck has allowed us to find each other!
I am pleased to read your mail, your letters make me happy and joyful at heart! You are to me much more than just a friend!
I want us to every other day a friend found out more!!
Write me more about yourself, your parents, your friends?
I am happy to know that with you, and I'm interested in your life and your interests! I like you and I want to know you better!
I hope you understand me!!!
I dedicated my life a long period of my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future! My personal life!
When I was a little girl my mother could not provide me the necessary things, and she worked 16 hours a day, so I could learn.
And I am very grateful to my mother and I love her very much!
My dad also sometimes asks me: "Ekaterina is why you are so far alone," I do not know what to answer him!
Lawless Heart of love! I live and waiting! I just want a sincere love and forever!
My parents live in the city of Perm. This city, located 70 kilometers from my town where I live!
I can not go on for a long time from my work! I see my parents very rarely, but I use every opportunity to visit my parents!!!
I love my mom and dad, and always happy when I have the opportunity to see them, but my wishes do not coincide with my abilities.
My mother worked all his life at school a teacher of literature. Now my mom is retired, but continues to teach literature.
My dad worked for the Police! My father devoted his life to fighting crime! Now my dad is retired! I love my parents!
Now I will tell you where I live! As you know I live in the city Nytva!
I take on lease a room in an apartment for almost two years! In one room I live! In another room lived a woman!
In my room, only two windows, and they do not even open! :-)
I live with a woman, with whom we work together! We good friends,but we have very different interests! We are united by only a job!
I'm not interested in her, but she also like me, does not have enough money to live in a large apartment.
In the evening this woman goes to a meeting to her man!
When I'm bored I go to my friend Svetlana! Together, we think of as cheerful and fun to spend an evening.
Normally we like to just walk around the city park, and talk.
In my city there is a beautiful park, this park is small, but very cozy. In the park,I always feel very good.
Sometimes we go to the theater or the cinema, twice a year we go to a dance club.
I am very glad that you came along my life, and I am very interested with you! Honestly!
I really like getting a letter from you, so please write more, and I'll be very happy.I am hoping for develop our relationship with you!
I'm sending you a photo of me in the garden at my parents! In the summer I helped my parents in the garden!
I'll wait for your letter!!!
Your Ekaterina.
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