Scam letter(s) from Gulnara to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! The new friend David!
I am grateful to you that you have answered me and show the friendly relation.
With the big desire, the best regards I write you the answer.
I hope that it will be interesting to you to communicate with me, and it is possible to find out me a little bit closer.
I too want to find out what outlooks on life from you. I for a long time wanted to find a new way of dialogue, at myself at work on the working computer I have found Way dialogue through agency I hope that our further correspondence it will not be simple game, It is a little about itself:
I was born in August 24, 1978 in city of Kazan Would like to tell, that my parents together do not live.
When I was small parents began to live separately.
We with mum live separately. She works as the cook in a private school.
To my mum 54 years and she does not look on the age,
recently my mum Has met another the man and probably from she was begun with new life.
We frequently see mum also she lives near me.
I rent an apartment and I live separately.
My daddy too lives with other woman, but I with daddy I support relations. he works as the driver of a taxi and for him the life, to it of 56 years,
The main thing for me that my parents were quiet in the private life.
At present I have no the friend.
Studied at university Now I work on a speciality the agent under the real estate,
I very much like my work, as to me per day It is necessary to communicate with different people much enough.
At leisure I visit a pool, occupations by sports help me to keep the health In the evenings I listen to music or I look TV Like to chatter with friends. We like to walk on city, our city very beautiful and very ancient,
I can write much to you about my city, but I think shall write to you of it little bit later.
If certainly it interests you I very simple person, the first turn want to tell you, that me most of all in the person Interests his private world, instead of appearance and the size of a purse, I like people from which the truth proceeds,
And having a definite purpose in life.
Most of all I do not like, hypocrisy and lie. Certainly in our life there are many bad people,
But I think that is not necessary to pay attention to them, as they of it are not worthy our attention.
But we shall not continue further this theme of conversation, let's continue about good,
What you might inform about yourselves, your qualities,
hobbies? Your vital interests?
I hope to you it will be not difficult to inform about myself?
I with the great pleasure send to you a photo, would like to know your opinion about me?
I wish you all good!
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you With the best regards Gulnara.
Letter 2

Hi David!
I could not adjust the computer. At me now other address.
My new address of a E-Mail: SLADKAYA Write to me please on the new address.
My girlfriend on work has advised to change on gmail.
She has told, that it is very reliable mail.
I hope now problems with mail there will be no also we can continue Our correspondence.
I with impatience shall wait your letter on my new address.
Letter 3

Hi the friend David!
I very much liked your letter, I have read its big pleasure.
For what to you it is grateful.
I very much waited when you will write to me and it was pleasant for me to receive from you the letter.
You know so it has turned out that at the end of a working day, I have found out it,
At me today the difficult working day certainly was, and your letter has improved my mood.
I at once have decided to write to you. Very much it is pleasant to me, that we keep in contact with you,
Also we find out each other closer step by step.
Now I shall go home, I am tired, after the working day.
I had to be wound on city much and to give, variants of habitation to the clients.
You most likely remember, than I am engaged also what work at me. Let even I write you, That I am tired, but my work is pleasant to me, and dream to come in normal is now simply necessary for me Condition. I begin to work with 8. 00 till 17.00 as usually I arrive in office in the morning,
Also I look the planned the program of meetings, I move on city rendering the services.
After I carry out the program, I come back in office and I check the mail.
You know for me not usually to remain after a working day,
but I make it with the great pleasure As to me there is very interesting a dialogue through the Internet and with you it is very pleasant for me To converse I would like to ask you how you concern to the to work?
That you may inform me about the work.
With greetings, respect and the best regards your friend Gulnara.
Letter 4

Hello dear friend David!
Has received your letter, for what to you it is grateful! Would want you to tell today my day began wonderfully, I not so would like To rise since morning, I so was good, slept, pleasant dreams very dreamed me.
My day began unusually, though from street weather not so good, cool.
I have come on work and have found out your mail, now I understand that it is today's Pleasant dream spoke, me about your letter. You see at me always so if to me will dream Pleasant dream this day should take place, that that unusual to me. And still Time confirms your letter!
I want to tell, that I am surprised with your photos. I liked yours Photo. At you the house very beautiful stop.
Would like to tell, that my parents together do not live.
When I was small parents began to live separately.
We with mum live separately. She works as the cook in a private school.
To my mum 54 years and she does not look on the age,
recently my mum Has met another the man and probably from she was begun with new life.
We frequently see mum also she lives near me.
I rent an apartment and I live separately.
My daddy too lives with other woman, but I with daddy I support relations. he works as the driver of a taxi and for him the life, to it of 56 years,
The main thing for me that my parents were quiet in the private life.
I would like will write to you more about myself probably to you interestingly to find out mine Hobbies, I very much like to go to shop when I come in shop to me so,
It would be desirable to get for itself that - or useful,
new, and for itself has decided in the future As - or to buy a beautiful dress, I hope the big pleasure for you I shall be photographed.
And necessarily I shall send a photo! Well.., and you may send me the photo, I would be grateful to you For it and we would find out each other more close.
On it I finish the small letter and I would like to find out about you even more.
I wish you successes and all the best. I shall wait for your answer.
In a picture it I at home behind of me my small domestic garden,
My liked flowers, I like to look after them. And you love flowers?
With best regards Gulnara.
Letter 5
Hello! Dear David!
Has received next your letter, I so am glad, that you To me has written. At me all is good, the truth only is a lot of work.
How your life? How your health? How mood?
I hope at you all well. When I receive from you the letter,
for me it very much The big pleasure, at the first opportunity tries to answer your letter.
Like we are copied slightly, and I already feel what - that attachment To you. From time to time I even reflect on it, but it is not necessary to hurry event.
For me in the person is a honesty and sincerity, and the most important is Mutual trust. I was convinced of it not so for a long time.
At me such case in life was, at that time for me it was tragedy.
At me the young man whom I loved more than life was,
With him it was good me, it seemed without him I shall not live and day.
From his side there were also deceits, but I blinked at it,
because loved him.
And once, he on work has left for business trip, in other city For 6 months. To leave, certainly, it was hard, but we almost each day Called up with him, I remember he even once came to me.
After I began to notice some time, that that - that occurs to him.
By the phone talked a little, found what - that pretexts.
Finally I shall find out, that at him other woman, and he Gathers on her marries. Then I was in despair,
It was very hurt me, it would not be desirable to recollect it at all.
Certainly for me it was a lesson. After that I have understood much in life,
That it is necessary to act, as prompts heart, it is impossible to blink at much.
But all the same I wish this person kindly, happiness,
that in his life There were only light days that all at him was good.
Let's not recollect bad, and thank that read mine Small revelations. And before at me serious relations were not.
Therefore I do not want to hurry event to not be mistaken once again,
I hope you of me you understand.
And you had serious relations earlier? If it is not difficult for you,
Tell to me please more in detail about it? Probably it does not concern me,
But I think, that it is not necessary for us that - or to hide. And it is necessary for us With you to agree upon a mutual consent.
Forgive, if I have slightly told to you about private life,
I sooner or later all the same should you tell about it.
I wish in many much to share with you so I think, that we should know about us better.
I hope you of me you will support and you will understand me correctly.
While shall finish to write the letter and I shall wait from you the answer.
Write to me the letter as soon as you will have time, well.
In total you of the best.
Yours faithfully and with goods in soul your girlfriend Gulnara.
Letter 6

Hello! The my dear friend David!
David, excuse me please, that I did not write to you,
Because there were problems with the computer. I could not receive your letter and To send you the letter. I hope you was not upset, that I did not write To you.
At once want to tell thank you for the letter and as the free time has appeared. i have decided to write to you the answer.
I waited your letter, i hope you too you wait the answer.
How your life? I hope at you all well.
Slightly I want to tell as I has carried out today.
Weather here not so good, in sense from time to time there are rains.
At me all is normal, though at work is not much tired. All the day there was in Movements on city, a dialogue with different people, That is with my clients. I like my work.
For this purpose always it is necessary to be well-groomed and accurate,
That clients had interest. How to you my make-up on a photo?
How to you my hairdress? I hope to you it was pleasant. I not so love a make-up,
But it is necessary me to use cosmetics for dialogue with clients at work.
I use cosmetics of firm " Amway ". Perfumery of this To me very much it is pleasant to the company. After work I go home.
I accept a warm bath which removes to me all weariness. I look after colors.
And you like domestic flowers?
You gave whom - or flowers? If there will be such opportunity,
You will present me a bouquet of colors it is possible when - or?
And still I like to prepare. And after I spend time for kitchen.
When to me there come friends. They pay me compliments,
that at me It turns out it is very tasty. These skills were transferred me by my mum.
If I will have girl,I leave all skills to children.
I think, that the child should resemble parents. I think,
that all Good is in parents, should to be transferred to the child.
And you like to prepare? What dishes like you more?. It is unusual on the one hand to you a question, but it is interesting to me to know.
You snore at night when you sleep?
As it will be interesting to me to know, how you watch the hygiene?
On it I finish the small letter.
If it is possible write about itself more, please.
I wish you all the best and I shall look forward to hearing.
Letter 7

Greetings dear David.
On a habit I have woken up itself, not waiting a bell of an alarm clock.
I hope, that at you frequently there is a beautiful morning which promotes vigorous Mood during the whole day. You would like to ask you have pleasure to rise early in the morning?
From the childhood when I was small, my grandmother spoke
" Who early rises, the GOD gives that! ",
Since I try to adhere to this phrase.
Today in a break at work, I wanted to go in shop to buy a dress, you remember,
What I wrote to you about a dress?
To you like girls which have in the wardrobe a variety of a dress on different cases?
But as the working day was sated, I did not have opportunity to go behind purchase.
In the fast future I necessarily shall take to myself my desired thing Also shall try to send you a photo, I hope to you to like.
Sometimes I want to write to you in the letter on how I spend time at work more And about that as I spend a free time that is when I have rest. In the letter not up to The end it is possible to express the ideas and consequently I have to you small request If it is not difficult for you send please the full address with a post code. I shall try To you to write all the hand, simply I shall sit in the evening after work and I shall write to you,
When at me there is no near at hand computer, and at me frequently there come Emotions with a shade nostalgias in the evening.
You become closer to evening more free, open, from time to time boringly and alone.
There is nobody to talk and consequently I would write to you.
On it shall finish to write, it is time to me to go.
Write to me the answer and the opinion. I shall wait the letter.
With embrace of lady Gulnara.
Letter 8

Hi dear David!
Excuse me please, that so long did not write to you,
Because I was sick of an influenza. I had very high temperature Bodies also there was very strong headache. I 6 days laid on a bed and Might not rise. Now to me I was much better also well myself I feel.
It likely because of weather changing. Now at us it became much more cold.
I very much miss on you
Letter 9

Hi dear David!
At once wanted to ask, how you health? How your work?
Has decided to write to you about fine mum!
Certainly in one letter I wrote to you about the parents.
And now individually about loved, charming mum!
As I already spoke, you, my daddy and mum live separately as Directly understand in necessary time I did not have not enough fatherly attention.
He from most my childhood did not give me not what attention,
I was grown by mine Mum you likely know as one woman to grow the child?
Well all right we shall proceed on a good a theme.
You likely love the relatives? I have sent you to a photo of mum And certainly myself. It - a photo which we have made in an apartment of 7 years back.
Look please at a photo, How you think I are similar to mum?
I shall not hide, You know? my mum at the age has found to itself another the man,
They with him go: at cinema, theatres, restaurants.
My mum is very happy, she has found to herself The partner in life. I too very much for them am happy!
Such home life at us.
On this good note I shall finish the small letter!
With mutual Gulnara.
letters. Write to me please.
I shall wait very much from you for the letter. Gulnara.
Letter 10

From me to you David greetings!
Today I spent the night at mum and I so well slept.
Since morning at me the state of health and mood was excellent.
It was very pleasant for me, that it was pleasant to you to a photo of my mum.
Weather here becomes very cool, from time to time there is a rain.
Yes unfortunately time goes all further and further.
Day for me was very successful. I have concluded very favourable The contract and I was very pleased with myself.
Such bargains are seldom. I plan turns out has exceeded on The whole week. Such successful contract I have concluded 2 times,
Since I work in this agency.
Certainly today works was much and I am even not tired and was not It is tired, probably it is all for pleasure, that I today had successes.
I at all have not noticed, how have passed today.
I think you also it is glad for me.
And what successes were at you recently?
I also wish you of successes,
And that such days was more in life.
On it I finish the small letter.
I hope soon shall receive from you the letter.
With impatience I wait for the answer.
Ledy Gulnara.
Letter 11

Hi long-awaited David!
I was, so am pleased to receive again from you the letter.
Each time received your letter in my letter box, I arrive In admiration, in delight as though I feel you, it so is fine,
it as though is excellent.
When there is a free time, I with the big hope and with big Impatience I wait each time from you for the answer.
Write to me the delight, the feelings when you receive My letter?
You see we openly should argue our themes and common opinions,
All this is assigned for the benefit of our common future,
Understanding each other in all and all relations,
proceeding from Is we shall open our common imagination, not Looking at that we so are far from each other.
At our mutual relation the distance between us does not play The big role if people liking each other are solved in the Serious relations, them should not stop that on The way, they promptly should rise upwards take From life all also will not miss the chance from which To depend all further life. You see people also choose this Happy way for creation of the present strong love.
Thus we should look everyone farth and farther to go to the Object in view to search for real events occurbing between Us. More is more serious to perceive our common desires and ideas,
To aspire without any efforts in hope at last to combine Our mutual life in fine tones and infinite Understanding, giving all the most valuable, that is in our hearts.
I correctly state the idea? You agree with me?
My dear David, you really want, that I to you have arrived?
I want to arrive to you. It is possible to arrive to America under tourist visa B-2.
You know about such visa. If you want, that I have arrived to you,
That I without difficulties can arrive to you. If you want,
I can To find out, for how many days make out such visa. Write to me the answer Please, as I very much want to meet you.
Weather for today very good, than was yesterday.
Yesterday weather was cloudy, At the end of a working day I have decided to go to the best girlfriend on a cup of coffee to talk,
To sit in cosy domestic conditions. She has just got new Film. We have quietly looked film and were very pleased with viewing.
I send you the old photo, made three years back At this time I had a rest on a nature.
How you estimate me? What you think of me?
More I want to write to you, but it is necessary for me to go to make out The new come papers.
See you soon. With impatience should wait Your precious letter.
Your fine Gulnara.
Letter 12

Hi dear David!
I so looked forward to hearing from you and all my expectations were justified.
Today has come from work home earlier because day appeared Not loaded, had time to perform all work before dinner.
I have a pleasant surprise the director have given the premium. It was very pleasant for me,
That us so have thanked. Most of all me has surprised,
That have estimated my works, that I have seriously considered all work and Naturally all my enclosed effort of laborious work.
To the agency I bring doubtless success, I find many clients,
I have good ideas, I add volume of advertising, depend on advertising much,
I arrange purposeful meetings with clients who naturally bring success.
You know I so heard gratitude in the address, probably much if I shall write to you about it,
That will occupy a lot of time, I hope you for me is glad.
I have decided to arrange to myself good rest, we have agreed with the girlfriend to meet at me at home,
For me good rest when I retire an at home from city vanity.
Further, we have fried a potato, on road home I have bought wild strawberry, from which Have prepared for a tasty cocktail. We have pleasantly carried out time, spoke about many any other business.
At this moment I have recollected about you. It was very a pity to me, that near to me there was no you.
If you were near to me, it would be very interesting to me to listen to your opinion,
It would be very pleasant for me to listen to your point of view and conclusions about our conversation. I send you the photo, I hope to you my domestic kind, I is pleasant slightly On the first photo it is confused, and on second I smile for you, I think to you pleasantly to see my smile.
You like my photo?
On it I shall finish the letter, and want to wish you successes in life,
It is a lot of pleasure so it is necessary to be in good mood in our life,
To live and be pleased to each moment.
Sincerley, Gulnara.
Letter 13

Hi my dear David!
I hope, when you will open the mail, my letter will lift to you mood!!!
What you will make to be with me and to be engaged in love with me?
You will arrive to me? You have written the truth to me,
about it?
As unusually, day I began wonderfully.
Has woken up with an idea on you, my good David.
I already plan, that I shall make today for all the day.
Also you know, of what I have thought first of all,
How to appear faster behind the working computer, and it is more to pay you attention in the letter Now at us in the street coldly and it is a lot of snow.
I at all have not noticed, how have passed 2005.
I shall not forget 2005 because this year I have found you.
From time to time I forget daily life, work, because of you, I cherish kind ideas concerning you.
I all wanted to discuss with you the ideas..
Whether there will be at us such opportunity, that we shall discuss that we write each other now in a reality.
Very interestingly of it to think. With what enthusiasm and feelings, you would talk in a reality.
Of what you now think, write to me please..
I even try to represent independently, that I would make.
Probably my excitement, has not much surprised you.
But nevertheless I think all it would be wonderful, I know one, we would be very glad to this case in our life.
That I wanted to write, I with an idea on you,
On it I shall finish the small letter, you know to me it would not be desirable to finish the letter, but I need to work,
I shall wait for your kind messages. As you have carried out time..
I gently shall kiss you. Care of itself.
I send to you a photo which I have made this summer 2005.
I hope my photos To you will like.
Yours Gulnara.
Letter 14

Hi my lovely David!
At me, I as always is good mood excellent, knows I press in a reasoning, it is a pity that you are not present beside, near to me.
As you turn out not fairly that so from me far, we have met each other.
But between us there is a barrier, distance.
When I read your letter, I dream of us with you I have no right plan.
Probably if you were near to me, I have run up to you and have very strongly embraced.
I so would like to feel your man's heat Much would tell, I would share all about what I think,
Only certainly probably I would not tire you, numerous questions,
Of what you think...
I am glad to one that have found you, such lovely careful and very simple person,
Which always you will support kind word, will listen and will understand.
Thank you David, For that that you are and give the boundless attention, with caress and love!
You see agree with me it and there is a happiness.. Which we searched! And at us with you all ahead.
Lovely mine you know about what I think, about that that you to kiss all tenderness.
I am not much timid, but nevertheless I would like you to kiss gently, gently!
I write you this letter and at all do not want to leave from a workplace.
So it is pleasant for me, all sincere ideas to write to you.
My dear David, I want to tell you as soon as I precisely shall find out,
As it is possible to receive the visa, I at once shall write to you, ok.
You really want, that I to you have arrived?
The most important my dear care of itself!
Transfer all close people warm a wish!
I give you a sweet kiss!
With the best regards
Always yours Gulnara!
Letter 15

Hi my dear David!
With gentle kisses and embraces, writes to you Gulnara!
So it is pleasant for me to receive from you the letter.
When I receive your letter,
I wait from you that that new and it is very interesting to me to read your letter.
At once want to find out, how your health? The most important, that in you excites me,
This your health.
How you have carried out today day? How at you mood?
At me all is good, only is slightly sad, as to me is very lonely without you.
Now at us it is cold.
I am very pleased, that have met you and I shall not forget 2005.
I want to tell you, yes, I also want to meet you.
But I yet have not learned, how it is possible to receive the visa. In the near future I shall find out About all and necessarily I shall write to you, ok.
So it is a pity to me, that still I can not write to you,
but I should go home,
As the working day was finished. I shall wait very much from you for the answer.
I with tenderness to a kiss of you in your gentle lips.
Yours Gulnara.
Letter 16

Hi my light David!
You the unique person in all the severe world,
In which I believe also which all heart I like!
You have taken hold of me, my consciousness, are absolute all!
When it is very bad, when any more does not remain forces and to wish to continue a way, I think of you.
Silently, peacefully I think, representing your eyes, your best eyes in the world!
When it will be especially bad and difficult for you,
When the Understanding and Support will be necessary for you,
I shall be with you! I always shall be about you! My breath becomes yours!
I Love you Therefore as without you life I simply is not meaningful.
I only in one case might not love you: if was not born,
But as I am, I shall love you - ETERNALLY! You would like,
that our love was eternally?
Anybody also Will never love you as sincerely,
gently and disinterestedly as I Love you is your David!
I want you to see and embrace my good!
Do not want to finish to write, but probably shall finish to write.
I wait for you and yours the letter.
With love! Yours! Only yours!
Letter 17

hi dear David! Has received your letter, excuse that not at once I write you the answer. At me all is good. On Saturday was in shop and has bought To myself remarkable magazine about a style 2006. It I went in shop when At me the free time from work, what at you now a style was?
How at you puts on youth?
How people in the age of? I to myself wanted to buy a hat.
Soon spring also it will be necessary to dress Hat. While only I looked, was soon necessary to buy. You for a long time went shopping?
What you have bought to yourself from a new thing? Boots? A costume?
Or you bought to itself a shirt?
ok write to me that new at you in your things ok.
So has passed my day On Saturday, and on Sunday I simply had rest At home, Monday at me was all in work, and at you what beginning Weeks was? Now I again at work.
I do not know in the evening that I shall do,
Now I shall answer you your letter. I once again shall write, that am very glad to see your letter,
It is glad that your attention with me, it is very good,
when pays attention.
About money I shall write, that I have small part, but it is not enough. I at You I do not demand money, simply understand me please correctly.
I own the information that I will need to make out all documents in To Moscow. As soon as will legalize papers to me it will be necessary to buy the ticket on The plane and to fly already to you, very much I hope that you understand me.
Now you know, that it is necessary. It also all for me is serious, and it Very important for us, you have correctly written, that this time for ours Decisions. I want to see you.
Probably shall finish to write. Write to me faster the letter, I know that you will write to me Soon, I as always shall open the mail, I shall see your letter, and I shall write to you The answer, and in the letter I with you talk, and I need to divide with you The world. ok my kisses for you. yours with love Gulnara
Letter 18

hi my David!
At me all is good, at you as days?
Today I write you from cafe, I think, that you are glad to see my letter!
At us winter and very coldly happens in the evening, at you?
At me also all is good at work. At you as?
You have written to me about trip and about that you will pay cost The ticket, I shall wait when you will send me money ok.
When you can send me?
As soon as you will send me, I shall gather at once, that To travel to you ok I hope have agreed with you.
While shall finish to write.
Yours girl. my kisses for you.
love Gulnara
Letter 19

hi dear David! I have received from you the letter!
I am glad, that you want to me to help with travel, I have understood so, that to me It is necessary to go to Moscow to legalize papers. Soon I shall go,
Probably on Monday. Also I shall take holiday at my work ok.
When you can send me money? As soon as you will send me money,
I at once shall go to you ok. I shall wait from you the answer. Now I on To work and today I shall work till 20:00 if you will write to me at once The answer I can read and also write to you the answer still.
At me all is good, slightly about weather: at us spring, at you begins?
I think, that at you spring. ok while I shall finish.
love you. yours Gulnara
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