Scam Letter(s) from Francesca Lee to Vern (USA)

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Letter 1

i am really excited meeting you yet very nervous!i had a bad experience meeting an online guy before.i wanna make sure that you are a legit first before we meet.not trying to be so mean but i have my rule now honey hope you understand honey..

Letter 2

oh nice age i like that i am only 22 and looking for a long long sex and relations especialy hookups whit you sweetie. i bet your cock taste so sweeeeeeeeet..i wanna sit on your mouth now and squirt on your face can i?

Letter 3

oh cool its same im single how old are you and what are you looking for sweetie i am very sexual..I love giving my guy oral sex..i love to suck and im good at it,do you love to get sucked?how big is your cock honey

Letter 4

hello im franchessca nice to meet yuo how are you and what are you doing right now sweetie and are you married?ive been single for a year now..its been a year since the last time i got fucked!thats sucks right?

Letter 5

hello babe im franchessca im from Jacksonville, NC and looking for meet up or hook up let me know if you are interested to me



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