Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Soukena to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
How's it going Allen? Curious what this morning in the horoscope I have read for fun the forecast. There have promised romantic acquaintance to me! Maybe in horoscopes write not only nonsense?)) First impressions remains for a long time. Allen I did read your profile and you do have my interest. I am quite pleased that you review my profile too and then contact me. At my age those days of game playing and false stories have been gone for quite some time now.
I would like to know more about you and what you are seeking. Everyone who is on an dating site is usually there for a specific reason, some may be looking just for ***, some may be looking for e-mail buddies, some may be looking on for a soul mate, etc. Noticed that you are serious in your quest. I'm not looking for someone "perfect". Someone intent on finding perfection is bound to be disappointed. Allen I just wanted to drop you a line and create a spark. If about me - my name is Ekaterina. I work as a teacher in the musical school which can be trying at times, but I love my job and couldn't think of doing anything else. I appreciate the simple things in life and try to remember that you only have one life to live so make every second count!
Allen I am sure you may have questions for me as I do have some for you, and I will give you the floor to ask away.
I really look forward to your response. Sincerely Ekaterina
Letter 2
I'm thinking of you constantly. I printed your letter and read them at night. Last time I wake up with a wonderful mood. Because every day I wait for your letter and I hope that soon it will get. Allen in that short time, when we were acquainted with you, you showed me a lot. You showed what is life and that life is beautiful emotions and beautiful feelings. I would love to go with you in the park, on the beach, enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Allen I would like to ask you when you last looked at the sunset? Sleepy, tired sun, lazily drawing to the horizon and lit up the sky last remnants of his light and heat. Its rays are painted on the clouds of fancy graphics and it's wonderful. You know, I noticed that half the people in the world do not attach any importance sunset, as however, and at dawn. Today in this sunset was something special. And it seemed to me that one of the rays of the sun, painted on a cloud your shape!
I do not know whether you fully understand my letter when I send them to you, and you read them, but I understand you, I understand every word. And it's expensive for me. All that is related to you, for me the most expensive. You're the most wonderful man in the world. I think so, Allen you probably ask why? Because I have never met people like you. I can not even explain a lot, but I know that you're so unique. Yesterday when I returned from the library, I was thinking about us. And I saw a young woman and men who walked and held each other's hand. I thought it would be good if you Allen could now go with me, we could sit on a bench and enjoy our feelings and affection.
I send you a picture, where I in a museum.
I hope you like it.
Your sincerely Ekaterina
Letter 3
Allen I love, I love you and nobody else, only you are necessary for me and I'm ready to do all that you and I would be happy, would be happy forever.
I never heard about Skype. I approached to the worker of library and the worker of library explained to me, that speed the Internet too small in library and similar service is not accessible right now. But the worker of library promised to me, that we with you can soon take advantage of this service.
I do not know how to describe the words now, in my eyes the tears of happiness, I want to cry, cry because now I'm pretty sure you're exactly the man with whom I want to be forever, Allen only with you and with anyone another. I want to be in your arms in your arms forever. Only you and only with you. Without you I can not imagine my life now.
Allen I want to be in your arms, I want to feel your tenderness and affection, love, passion and sweetness of your kisses. I do not know how to describe to you all that is now happening in my heart. It's inexplicable. I love you, love with all my heart and I want to be with you forever. I LOVE AND WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND ONLY WITH YOU!!!!!!!!
I only your, your and nobody's other, my life belongs to you, and I will do everything to be with you. I want to be with you. With you forever. You are my life.
Allen I want to tell you that I started processing my passport. I was told that this design will take several weeks. I gave 60 dollars to obtain a passport and I hope you're not mad at me. I'll be with you.
Allen I will go tomorrow morning and will learn all about what other documents do I need to do and how we can meet with you soon. And as soon as I know, I will tell you when I can come. I'll be with you.
We'll be together.
I'll be with you !!!!!! Our first meeting, which we recently presented, becomes a reality, we can make it. I'll do it. I'll be with you. I'll be in your arms! Allen do you prepared the hands that would catch me?
I'll arrive to you, and we will translate into reality all the dreams that we dream about.
My heart is overflowing with love and passion, and soon I'll be with you we will be able to enjoy the fact that we could meet.
I'll be with you it's truth. I swear, I beg you not to look for anyone, I will come and we'll be happy. Nobody and nothing will be an obstacle for us.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
And our love is the most beautiful in this world !!!!!!
Your and only your loving and adoring hearts Ekaterina
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